Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Stream of Justice, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Zhinso Wang was caught on Twitch broadcasting himself illegally mining in a 1.0 system. Against all odds, a team of Agents executed a perfect gank. Zhinso was amazed--an unexpected plot twist on his own internet show!

You can witness footage of the Twitch stream on YouTube. The gank occurs just before the 20-minute mark.

In local, Zhinso protested that he was "just a simple miner". My friends, that's not an excuse. That's a confession of guilt.
Kav Kraken > We teach thru example so miners do not fall into the spiral of despair
Kav Kraken > James 315 would love to see every miner code complient, and for them to know the only way to be safe is with a permit.
Kav Kraken >
Kav Kraken > It is a list of simple rules.
Kav Kraken > I mean we spent over 150 million isk to shoot teach you.
Zhinso Wang > you could of just said something
At first, it appeared Zhinso was exactly like all the non-streaming carebears. He trotted out the old "I would've bought a permit if you asked" line.
Zhinso Wang > I am a simple man I understand there are bigger forces at work here
Kav Kraken > So then you understand the need to have a permit to mine in James 315's space.
Zhinso Wang > yes yes of course
But it soon became clear that Zhinso was more receptive to the New Order's message than anyone anticipated.
Zhinso Wang > pretty sure I am only talking to you cause i was streaming
Zhinso Wang > but
Zhinso Wang > i think this is all kinda cool
Zhinso Wang > sept for the whole you blew up my ship thing
Kav Kraken > Wouldn't you like to learn how to enforce the code though?
Zhinso Wang > yea
Zhinso Wang > but you blew up my ride
Zhinso had spent almost a month in EVE. During that entire time, all he had ever done was mine ore in a 1.0 system. Now, thanks to the New Order, he'd experienced a taste of what EVE really had to offer. He was intrigued.

In no time at all, Agent Krav Kraken instructed Zhinso on how to successfully obtain a mining permit.

It was official. Zhinso Wang was a legal miner. He had all his papers and everything.

Zhinso wanted to go further. He noticed that his stream was attracting viewers now that he'd stopped mining and started interacting with New Order Agents.

Henceforth, Zhinso would stream in the name of the New Order and spread the teachings of the Code.

Our Agents took a well-deserved victory lap.

This is highsec, and EVE, at its best: The courageous actions taken by our elite PvP warriors showed the whole world what EVE is all about. The Code was enforced, the Order was glorified, and everyone walked away from the experience with a smile. Who could ever object to such things?


  1. The Code Always Wins!
    Betting on the Code winning...
    now that's a sure thing


      Falcon 1 : 0 CODE


      Greifer tears = best tears

      enjoy the perma bans boys

    2. How very unsightly
      I'm not banned; none of us are
      Keep dreaming, carebear

    3. Hmmm.... years later still not banned :p

  2. Welcome to the new Banner!

    Would like to see a little more (how does it go?) pfshhhhhhh!

    Excellent ending to this tale. Come back soon for more - much more - genuinely uplifting content creation. Hats off to the gang!

  3. We are but humble servants spreading the Good Word. The real thanks goes to James 315! I look forward to bringing the Code to many more miners, hopefully they will be as open minded and receptive as Zhinso was!

  4. That was beautiful man... my eye teared up and everything.

    The Code, winning on live stream !! \o/

    1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieSeptember 11, 2014 at 7:39 PM

      He even came out and got popped in low sec with me!

  5. Buy permits, you live
    Don't buy permits, and you die
    "Moron"? He chose life

  6. Confirming that Shitlord permits are now available for all high sec Shitlords and gankbears! Protect yourself from ebil CCP permabans!* Don't delay - purchase your permit now!

    Imma need about treefiddy isk for each permit.

    *James Treefiddy assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss, account ban or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the Shitlord Permit. Shitlord Permits are provided for entertainment purposes only.

    1. If I remember when I get home tonight, I shall send you treefiddy, I would like to buy this 'Shitlord Permit.'

    2. Do all carebears honor Shitlord permits?
      I may have to purchase one just on the premise of it all.

  7. Do we know which players were banned? Is Jerry Rin gone?

  8. Its a scam....duh

  9. Enjoy the bans CODE. More coming...

  10. Okay those are stairs in the background behind him - he is literally in his mother's basement!

    1. heh, I had the same exact thought. Simply classic !!..

  11. Pity Larry Storch
    "A thief thinks everyone steals"
    So does a carebear

  12. How about those bans, CODE?

    Can't wait for your article that talks about the sandbox, emergent gameplay, and creating content that justifies bullying in third party voice clients.

    1. Personally I think the most important part is CCP setting down some standards for decency. Tear collection, bonus rooms, humiliation, and emotional abuse are no longer legitimate gameplay objectives. It's time for CODE to ship up and look for real accomplishments, not just spend it's time trying to hurt and humiliate others.

    2. Reading Comprehension TutorSeptember 11, 2014 at 10:43 PM

      CCP specifically refused to set down any standards for decency. It would be awesome if they would, but they refused. It's time for you to ship up and learn to read.

    3. They said that actions not in line with basic human decency will get a ban. I will repose what I wrote on the Eve forums -

      "If you don't want to get banned you have some very simple solutions. Stop making the focus of your gameplay hurting/angering/humiliating others. Tear collection is not a legitimate objective in Eve. Focus on accomplishing things that help you, not on accomplishing things that hurt others. Now, if in the process of helping yourself and you suicide gank or scam someone, and they get angry, that is fine. Just take your win and move on. Don't look to revel in the moment, collect tears, mock them, try to get them on coms, etc.... Just take your winning, give a GF and go. If the focus of your game is to see how mad you can make other people get, and what kind of reactions you can elicit, then yes, you are doing it wrong, and potentially could get banned. If you just focus on helping yourself, and don't engage with people you are harming, then no, you are not really at risk of a ban. To me that is a clear enough line already."

    4. Reading Comprehension TutorSeptember 12, 2014 at 1:41 AM

      So, you admit that they didn't set down any standards for decency, and then you unloose a bunch of advice on how to play like Veers Belvar. Not really relevant.

  13. And the shades of Erotica 1's past comes back to haunt CODEdot once again. LOL. It's too bad the Dick Job Enthrobber wasn't banned. He needs a break from the game to experience real life for a change. The world will actually be safer if he does. It is well known that when you interact with people in the real world, you actually develop the ability to distinguish between real life and fantasy.

    Let's make a list:

    Real Fantasy
    Making Money Making ISK
    Girlfriend Tentacle Porn
    Driving a Car Driving a Spaceship
    Shooting someone Shooting someone

    Hmm... Seems that last one wasn't such a good example. This is why I can see DJ, Loyalamoron, or some other code agent walking into an office, see bot-aspirancy all over the place (humans in the workplace these days are bots by the least that is what the employers would like to think) and spraying it with bullets putting the so called bots out of their misery.

    The Code = The Qur'an
    CODEdot = Extreme Islamic Terrorist Group.

    Those who participate in new order activities should be placed on several watch lists, in real life. This way, the governments of the world can facilitate the NO agents pillow biting activities.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code is falling. The code is failing. A code free highsec is not too much farther away. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    1. What all of the carebears do not realize is that the Code is based on truth. It is a movement that restores balance to the game and helps reclaim the carebears' souls from the damnation of bot-aspirancy. What do the anti-gankers have except fear, chaos, hatred, and anger? The permaband was not even of their own doing!

      Could this be a minor set back? Perhaps... if you think that a car with it's parking break on can stop a avalanche. This movement is spreading out all over HighSec! It is building up momentum and will not stop! Stand in the way if you dare, it does not matter.

      In all seriousness, and honestly, do you really think the players that get permabanned are going to stop playing! NO! They are going to create a new account and start over because they are believers! The fire is in their hearts! They are the movement, they are the New Order!

      They can start selling permits on day 1, by day 7 they are flying a Tech II cats and enforcing and taking down freighters again. But this time they are going to be enforcing with a vengeance.

      It is only a perceived "victory" carebears, this time next week we will be right where we were yesterday and moving even faster towards victory!

      Code ALWAYS Wins!

    2. The Code is just an excuse to grief people. Now that CCP is cracking down on "tear harvesting" CODE is basically done. It was never about blowing up ships, or permits, or anything to do with Eve. It was always about using Eve to emotionally hurt the hated "carebears," and then to record the anger/humiliation on chat or preferably coms, and then to post on the website to the roaring laughter of the sadists. That game is over, and with it the whole purpose for CODE to exist.

    3. The code is based on bullshit. It's all role playing bullshit in an attempt to legitimize highsec suicide ganking. If what you are doing is so righteous, then why does CONCORD show up to kill your ships when you attack someone in highsec? Why do you guys lose security status when you gank someone? Because what you are doing is illegal. Oh, you can attack and kill someone in highsec, just be prepared to suffer the consequences, which you guys don't seem to care much about.

      And your argument of "content creation" does not hold water. It's player interaction. Us carebears can mine on day one. You can stop some of us some of the time, but you cannot stop all of us all the time. We out number you. Let them enforce the code. They cross the line again, they will be banned again. I have to wonder how much ISK that those players lost when their accounts got banned....


      Butthurt Miner: Rubbing CODEdot's nose in it since Mar 2014.

      Oh, and it's Code Always Whines. Get it right.

      You guys whined when E1 was banned.
      You guys whined when code was banned from the AT.
      And now you guys are whining when a bunch of code agents got banned for the EXACT same thing that E1 was banned for.

      You guys are so stupid that you don't learn from your mistakes.

    4. highsec suicide ganking is not legitimate? I'm still here ganking and they haven't banned me. Concord shows up because they are programmed to do that. It is called consequence - I accept that. Maybe you fail to accept the consequence of your undocking?

    5. "The Code is just an excuse to grief people. Now that CCP is cracking down on "tear harvesting" CODE is basically done."

      To quote GoT:
      You know nothing, Veers Belvar
      CODE is love...and life.

    6. The code is brainwashing. The code robs players of their freedom to play the game how they see fit. Enforcing the code is like a dictatorship: "You can do what you want, as long as it's what I tell you to do" mentality. Inflicting such trauma on highsec is not a good thing.

    7. "The code robs players of their freedom to play the game how they see fit."

      So does CCP
      Do you reject all constraints?
      They're for your own good

    8. Wow, Mr Butthurt compares an internet space game alliance with a rl terror group who murder tens of thousands of innocents in cold blood....

      You need help bro, a LOT of help.

    9. screw GoT...veers just knows nothing.

    10. If my comparison offends you, then you need to be offended. I make the comparison because it's true. And it's the only way that these code agents will get it. The average intelligence of a code agent, as shown on this blog and in game, is about that of a rock.

      Let's review the facts, shall we?

      FACT: The AG community repeatedly thwarts code's freighter ganking attempts in Uedama and Aufy.
      FACT: Code and James 315 blew a gasket when Erotica 1 was banned for using EvE as a platform to perform IRL harassment of another player in a "Bonus Room."
      FACT: Code and James 315 was screaming like a pillow biting bitch getting anally raped when CCP banned code from the current and all future ATs.
      FACT: Code agents are whining about the latest round of the ban hammer for committing the same bonus room violations that got E1 banned.
      FACT: The delusion of code has reached new heights when they claimed they won the AT by ganking a freighter full of AT ships for...A Clockwork Orange I think it was.
      FACT: DJ Entropy (aka Dick Job Enthrobber) suffered a mental breakdown from all the butthurt he was getting from the AT fiasco. I felt sorry for him and gave him a tube of my famous and patented "Butthurt Cream" to soothe his throbbing anus from all the pounding it was getting.

      Go do your own research. It's all fact and all provable. By denying it, you make yourselves look even more stupid. And yes, I'm talking to you colonel Falkenberg.


    11. bla bla bla bla bla.

      Meaningless drivel from an angry carebear. I barely read the response anymore. You need to try harder to make it interesting lad.

      As for the mass ban's and the end of CODE... well, I'm still here. I'm not banned, nor will I as I don't do anything that warrants banning, just like many of those that follow/agree with the CODE.

      This is a game, I treat it as such. Your anger and butt hurt... well, what ever keeps you going, I'll certainly keep coming back here to enjoy your insanity. It does keep things interesting at times.

      I should also note, just so we are clear... all your "FACTS", I don't give a rats ass about it. I really don't care... I don't care if there are CODE members upset about any of the above, I doubt they are, but if so, to bad. HTFU.
      The only thing your comments (to me) provide, is the "LOL"s they give.

      So please, continue! Don't hold back! Share with us how you really feel! Hey... maybe explain to us what your going to do about it? I'm sure it will be well thought out and interesting!

  14. wheres your victory now COCK.? LOL ban them all! burrr that's cold, want a blanket with that? LMAO

  15. "Who was just browsing for cute girls playing LoL when he found Zhinso."

    And that's where I started laughing like an idiot. :D

  16. Hows the ban hammer? LOL Do you need a blanket? LOLOL

  17. Zhinso Wang's conversion is a true Road to Damascus story. I teared up a little when he bought a permit. The whole episode reminded me of one of the finest and first miners to ever buy a permit, Crab Nicholson Supreme. Whatever happened to him?

    1. Don't forget he has since flew gank missions with our Knights

  18. And other player gets duped. At least he didn't cancel his account.

  19. Can someone please confirm if these players have been banned or not:

    Bob Starseeker
    Bao xi
    Sophaya [forget last name]

    1. I did a character search earlier of d400, Bob StarSeeker and Jerry Rin - it returned a negative result. But now they are showing back up... so something is going on in Iceland with these characters.

  20. The pod escaped.. was that because it was 1.0 space?

    1. In all of highsec
      You can escape in your pod
      if you just spam 'warp'

    2. The CODE usually gets the pod in the gank, that's why I was wondering.

    3. To warp your pod out
      you must be at the keyboard
      Guess where miners are

  21. mining is one thing but why on gods green earth would anyone sit and watch a stream of someone mining.

  22. Replies
    1. I'm glad you didn't get banned too :)

  23. I'm glad you didn't get banned too :)

  24. "On my desk there is a sheet of paper. In my desk there is a drawer. Inside this drawer is a Red Pen. If a miner commits an egregious offense or series of offenses, his name will be written on the paper with the Red Pen."

    LOL!! Freaking roleplayers :D

  25. wow...

    Such brainwash
    a shame of highsec
    Much dishonour

  26. The beatings will continue until we reach full compliance.

    We will never give up. We will not be intimidated. The Code will win.

  27. Hey DJ

    Please score a kill to deliever a proof of live. We worry u!

    Miss, love n hug u!

  28. Ok, but where do you find cute girls that play LoL :p


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