Monday, September 8, 2014

Once You Go Code

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Agents, the New Order is establishing an impressive reputation all across highsec.

Agent Super Perforator was waiting out an aggression timer in the Shuria system. Her scout alt noticed an illegal Hulk piloted by Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle. As the scout slowly approached Tri-Gon's Hulk, Catalyst pilots from 40 Plus corp suddenly landed next to the Hulk and incinerated it!
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > Super Perforator hope you get whats coming to you
Super Perforator > eh what?
Super Perforator > I wasnt involved in that terribly well executed gank
Super Perforator > They beat me to you... I am still docked up waiting for my timer to run out.... but well... as soon as the timer ran out I would have come for you... because you do not have a permit!
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > your diluded code activities will earn you more than you can handle asshole
Although she didn't participate in the gank, and though the gankers were not affiliated with the New Order, Tri-Gon immediately placed all the blame on Super Perforator. The New Order is so well known that we have become synonymous with miner ganking.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > please stop being a delinquent
Super Perforator > but sir, I am not a delinquent. I am a Knight of The New Order, baptised by CONCORD and on a holy mission to rid New Order Territory of anything without a permit... one AFK, ANTI-TANKED mining barge at a time!
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > and this is my main beef im not afk you dweeb I was right there during the combat and my overview was lag fucked... thank you very much
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > AND you fucktard you did attack me then ran so when my drones came out i was in a duel
Super Perforator > no I did not. I was docked up the whole time.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > then how do I not have killrights?
Sometimes I think killrights do more harm to the carebears than good. They only lead to confusion.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > ok my bad
Super Perforator > um did you have a mobile tractor unit?
Brain Less > Kill: Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle (Hulk) Kill: Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Super Perforator > Good work!
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > did this system go CODE? you all make me sick... COLABORATORS
Tri-Gon was disgusted. He accused the whole system of "going CODE".
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > don't let this misanthropes rape your mind
Super Perforator > The New Order claimed all of High Sec two years ago.
Super Perforator > This system has been "CODE" for two years.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > no you cockroaches creep everywhere yo please
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > and you deserve to be exterminated for your illogic let alone your dishonesty...
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you are like an evangelist
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > just because you have a following you think you are right
It was then that Tri-Gon revealed the grudge he'd been nursing against the New Order. He didn't come into highsec with an open mind; he was completely biased against the Code.
Super Perforator > no, i am like an agent of the CODE
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > good well let that once a week loggin piece of excrement James315 know from me that to my dying breath his shit will stack at his door and one day will crush him beneath his own bullshit.
Super Perforator > But the people that ganked you are not affiliated with us.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > i don't care CODE is all that is evil in EVE
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > i respect gankers of a sort but you creeps and your propaganda make me sick
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > move to NULL bitches
From Tri-Gon's perspective, the career of miner ganking has been tainted by the "evil" of CODE. Now all gankers are guilty by association.
Super Perforator > We dont need to move to null. We have our territory.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you are either dishonest or stupid.... highsec is the empires and none own it
Super Perforator > If you do not want to buy a permit, you should leave our territory. go to null!
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > no you ganking pieace of shit go try your luck for real
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > but oh you don't cause you and your ilk are pussy's and bullys
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > and remember James315 only gets on once a week... I have him on checklist so... your leader is raking in shit and laughing while you earn his keep and do his dirty work
As an EVE rock star, I recognize that there will always be a handful of players who disapprove of what I do. Every famous person has to deal with this. But I am constantly lifted up by the love I receive from the masses.
Ltd Cmd Starbuck > Tri-Gon calm down. you don't have a chance. it's like talking to a wall. the wall will not go even you try to yell her down.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you are an honorless colaborator and you rape children with your propaganda... only an ignoramis with Ltd Cmd Starbuck omg thank you
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > at least some get it but your presence here signals to me you either colaborate or play smart
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > any help you need I have a t2 frig out now... but im about to log I only have a covetor left and mining... well I need to solve this little code problem
The Hulk-less carebear interrupted himself mid-rant to request the aid of someone in local.
Super Perforator > calm down, take a deep breather, and buy a permit.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > Super Perforator one more word of illogic and I'll bring my whole corp in
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > i'd be grateful to see you show some balls actually
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > eve is about primal instinct, knowledge and war
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you lack all three and came up with the excuse of a corp CODE
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you can't even run in the same actual corp cause one wardec would fuck you all
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > only reason i didn't know you were here
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > I assumed the heavy mining here would have brought the code killing corps out
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > yall know many are like me and fit to rage against the machine these "people" become when they work for CODE
Tri-Gon vowed revenge. He threatened to get the rest of his corp involved. Presumably they would send reinforcements in the form of more dead fail-fit Hulks and angry rants in local.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > so you days in illegitimate "owner-ship" of highsec are over and have been you just have been running ahead of the super nova
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > ok thanks your testicles are now forfit to all that is decent in humanity and shall be expelled out in Nullsec where you belong you wanabe ganker
Super Perforator > Our (yours and mine) Saviour, James 315 was voted unanimously as protector of High Sec.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > Super Perforator ever heard of plato?
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > this is classic the 51% making slaves of the 49%
When Agent Super Perforator gently reminded Tri-Gon that I was democratically elected leader of highsec, Tri-Gon cursed the "tyranny of the majority". I don't buy his argument. One hundred percent is more than just a majority.
fiskvik > Thanks CODE for bringing me free entertainment to my local system
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you seem to enjoy what you do, so your perseption means jack shit... omg the people you have fucked with. all those alone in the galaxy and you picked on them
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > pick a fight with a 100 man corp and you'd have my respect.... what little that is worth
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > one corp worth shit bothers you because you are all too chicken
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > nice stratagy but when you fuck with enough of the wrong people...
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you shall have nowhere in your terretory to run
Though his Hulk had been defeated in battle (by independent gankers), Tri-Gon warned that further ganks could result in a widespread, united, anti-Order rebellion. So far, the New Order has ganked tens of thousands of miners and inflicted many trillions of isk worth of damage. I wonder what it would take to get the carebears to unite against us, as has been predicted so many times. A million ganks?
Super Perforator > you were breaking the law. if the others did not get to you, we would have come for you.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > a chicken shit answer from a maggot who mistakes the top of the shit pile as something to aspire to
Super Perforator > please keep local clean. there might be minors out there.
fiskvik > oh please dont! Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB!
Super Perforator > fiskvik no they are not. but consideration for others is not a bad thing.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > That... the only thing we agree upon Super Perforator .... however being tollerant of intollerance is just as bad
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you are a hypocrite
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > with a skull so thick I wanna mine it with a lazer
With no ship to mine in, Tri-Gon suddenly had a lot of free time. He used it to compose more tears in local.
Super Perforator > that is not very friendly.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > it is inconsiderate to blow people up with no pm
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > and in a .5 pretty much a shitty thing to do
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > that is reality
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > you guys are like the first and only ones to get CCP up in your shit cause you fuck with newbs
Tri-Gon repeated the old myth about CCP outlawing the Order. The truth is that after two years, no one can point to a single Agent being permabanned for enforcing the Code. (Erotica 1 was given a "blank reason" ban. No one can say with certainty why she was banned--especially since Bonus Rounds have since been conducted without incident. Therefore, our Agents maintain their immaculate disciplinary record.)
Super Perforator > please keep local clean. there might be miners out there.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > nice implication of immaturity did you stay up all night to come up with that? or do you have a list you copy paste from like all your other insults?
Super Perforator > neither.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > ah well a blind squirrel is bound to find a nut once a day
Super Perforator > I think you are the angriest person I have never ganked. Buying a permit would calm you down.
Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle > oh yes can you please give me *ore of your propaganda?
Super Perforator >
Super Perforator > if your eyes are too tired to read.
Tri-Gon had more tears to shed, but the conversation had to be concluded prematurely; Super Perforator had business elsewhere. It was an extraordinary victory for the New Order. Our Agent didn't perform a gank. She didn't need to. The mere presence of an Agent in local was enough to make a powerful statement about the necessity of the Code. The cause of the New Order draws strength from all gankers in highsec, even if they are not openly affiliated with us. Each gank--no matter who performs it--sends the bot-aspirants a message: A new era has dawned in highsec.


  1. When you are CODE compliant - CODE wins (and you do too!)
    If I gank you - CODE wins
    If you survive and run off - CODE wins
    If you switch from a retriever or mackinaw to a procurer or skiff - CODE wins
    If you switch from yield to tank - CODE wins
    If you dock up when I come in system - CODE wins
    If you set a trap and try to kill me - CODE wins
    If you are paying attention to EVE - CODE wins
    CODE wins whenever a carebear is forced to adapt to the reality of EVE
    CODE Always Wins

    ~Ilithyia Borgia

    1. These are things that I either don't do or things that I was already doing. How does CODE win exactly?

    2. "How does CODE win exactly?"

      See above.

    3. yes, but if none of those things occur (or were occurring already) then how does CODE win exactly?

    4. If Veers endlessly repeats himself in the MinerBumping comments, asking the same question over and over, the Code wins.

      Also, see above.

    5. So basically the CODE loses?

    6. If the methods of the Code are too complicated for Veers to understand, leading him to conclude that it has lost in contradiction to the facts, the Code wins.

    7. If the methods have failed to accomplish anything, the CODE loses.

    8. Methods don't accomplish anything, ever; methods are tools, not independent beings. Also, you would properly refer to "CODE" or "the Code"; saying "the CODE" is nonsensical. Now try again, and remember, we expect you to be wrong, but we're here to help you be your true confused and incorrect self in a simple and forthright fashion. Aiming any higher for you would be a bit laughable. Just remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step; or in your case, a single headfirst leap into a dank muddy ditch. But at least you'd be moving.

    9. Uh...ya...the methods were meant to cause certain results - they failed to do so. and the CODE can be shorthand for the CODE alliance. Keep trying, doofus.

    10. I realize I'm wrong, so I'm resorting to childish insults and restatements of positions already shown to be in error. That's just how I roll.

    11. DJ, you have James' ear I presume? Any chance you could get him to refer to Ice as Veers Tears in his posts, so that Ice Harvesters are now Veers Tears harvesters, etc?

    12. More false accusations of "tears." Absurd, but amusing. DJ is the vile and despicable individual who gets his rocks off torturing people, so for him to throw around accusations of "tears," is apt, I suppose.

    13. Aaand the trolls are back. Not me at 3:58 PM, but who cares. Only tears I shed are of frustration when attempting to deal with numb-skulls like you DJ. Whereas Erotica 1 offered some incentive, all you offer is absurd lies about "victories" and "success" in hi-sec.

    14. Numbskull is one word, not two. Keep trying trollboy.

    15. Troll boy is two words, not one. Keep trying numbskull.

    16. I wonder if Erotica 1 will blow me if I get her drunk and stroke her ego.

  2. The Code ALWAYS wins. \o/

  3. CODE
    Offical Cowards and Liars of EvE.
    Proven by CODE together with CCP at the AT XII

  4. this is why the code always wins, they win even when not doing anything.

    1. This has happened to me!

      I made 300 mil one time just for checking my skill queue. Respect my gangsta!

      -Galaxy Pig

  5. Veers always wins \o/

    1. Veers is the eternal carebear sitting in the basement of Jita 4-4, shedding endless tears that crystallize into highsec ice to fuel bot-aspirancy.

      Highsec ice should be called Veers' Tears.

    2. Think CCP will call hs ice Veers Tears?

    3. I don't live in Jita - I run incursions. And it's pretty clear that Erotica1 was banned for violating the policy on real life harassment.

    4. Veers seriously? Jita basement, highsec incursions, ice mining, mission running. To paraphrase the Borg Queen (and get my full nerd on) you imply a division where none exists. Revel in your status as the mythical Eternal Carebear. Rejoice that a major feature of highsec botting shall BEAR (see what I did there) your name. After all you do seem to crave the attention.

    5. Eternal Carebear, defender of bots, father of Veers Tears, first of his name (yeah genre mixing, but who cares) wishes to claim status as PVPer? Why so sensitive on this point that you must call names?

      A whopping 58 kills - some of which have fewer than 20 people on them. One as recently as a month and a half ago! Impressive! Only 36 losses too, but I am sure that was just lag.

      I do give you credit for not bragging about Concord-whoring the way most of Anti-Ganking does. This looks like actual PVP whoring! Way to go!

      For those who are mildly interested:

    6. As I was saying - Elite PvP

    7. How can I refute the Eternal Carebear - you win the day!

    8. Veers always wins.

    9. Veers always comments.

    10. I've actually gotta be with Veers here. A kill is a kill, and distinctions between "elite" and "regular" PeeVeePee are best left to the pubbies to argue over when comparing their most hated nullsec puppeteer alliance.

  6. Saint Veers, patron saint of annoying space lawyers, non-compliant ice miners, and unrepentant incursion runners.

  7. Illegal game mechanics, lawsuit, class action, Veers Belvario esquire - I'm like a lawyer but better (I'm a space lawyer extraordinaire)

  8. Ok Veers, we need to brainstorm the top 5 or 10 reasons you should be on CSM10. Here's a rough draft. We need to have a really good list for all your campaign evemails and buttons and stuff. Maybe DJ or someone will vollunteer a cafepress account for the campaign or something. Soon all of highsec will be wondering why you're in their inbox (and want to vote for you of course.)

    1. Highsec Miner Rebel Leader
    2. Undefeated in the battles I count as legit
    3. Space Lawyer
    4. Real Lawyer
    5. Master Troll
    6. Better than everyone else
    7. Community Crusader against Sociopaths in Videogames
    8. Rich- will buy your vote
    9. Enormous amounts of free time
    10. Name rhymes with lots of stuff.

    1. well -

      1 - I don't mine and think it should be removed from the game
      2 - I suppose
      3 - Definitely
      4 - This is probably a negative
      5- I'd call myself a master anti-troll
      6 - Obviously
      7 - This is not very popular - see the Eve forums
      8 - Meh, not even willing to use my money to pay $15 a month, doubt I would splash it around to become CSM
      9 - I'd call it good time management
      10 - no it doesn't

      How about this for a selling point? from Leto Thule on the Eve Forums - "Veers, your name has been added to the new program "Gank it forward". (Homage to Feyd)

      For every request for a ganking nerf, TWO freighters will be ganked, and YOUR name will provided to the victims for reimbursement. This thread will be cited in the mail they receive, referencing your repeated attempts to destroy EvE.

      By their blood and tears will your comments be repented.

      Burn the Heretic.

      Purge the unclean."

      It turns out that I have a lot of enemies - The Mittani, James 315, Loyalanon, DJ, Tora Bushido, Cannibal Kane, BOB, Waffles, Goons, etc.... All my enemies are the manifestation of pure evil. That is my greatest selling point - Veers Belvar, hated by all the really bad people in Eve.

    2. Link

    3. Ok, well I tried but my laptop isn't handy and Teespring doesn't work well with smartphones. I had to abbreviate the message some:

      Veers Belvar for CSM10

      Hated by all the "bad" guys
      Champion of highsec miners

    4. Well I oppose highsec miners and think their occupation should be bad. And my opponents are evil, not "bad."

      How about-

      Veers Belvar for CSM 10

      Hated by the Nullsec Power Lords and their CODE Stooges
      Champion of all the decent PvE capsuleers in Highsec and throughout Eve

    5. No, it has to fit on a t-shirt, such as:

      Veers Belvar for CSM10

      Because I'm a Lawyer
      And I'm Better than You.

      Let's set the price at breakeven with just 10 the goal for market research. If they all sell, you will need to actively promote it everywhere. No one will make any money, but tens of people may get a unique t-shirt that almost no one else would want, I mean would have.

    6. How does this fit into isk doubling?

    7. We're talking about fitting "onto", not "into". Don't get left behind here, this train doesn't make stops for the short bus.

    8. You need to have faith in the bonus room process.

    9. "You need to have faith in the bonus room process"

      Faith in the Code is all I've ever needed.

    10. DJ - notice the difference between you and Erotica1. You are frequently agitated, you block me in the game, you try pathetically to attack me, and just babble endlessly about tears. I've made the same accusations against Erotica that I made against you, but he takes it all with good humor. There is a lesson there.

    11. Also, I'm reposting one of DJ's old posts about me. I'll let the reader decide between "hate," "enjoy laughing at," and "butthurt."

      "And you were really polite to him too.

      "I even kept this comment short enough for you to understand, buddy."

      The reality is - you often engage in personal attacks against others, are unable to separate a video game from reality, and even use phrases like "helpless people in high-sec" and "humiliation on websites".

      And no, you did not refute a single point I made. Your simply engage in more personal attacks in a very rude way, and repeated the same few tired catch phrases yet again.

      If you want to discuss things, I am fine with that. I enjoy communicating with other gamers. However, I refuse to bother as long as you are refering to others as "clowns" and "idiots". I'm better then that."

    12. And another post -

      "And again, you go on a tangent and repeat the same tired four things you repeat over and over.

      You don't create content, Veers. Aside from a bunch of low value "who cares" kills in Providence, you literally bring nothing to EVE with the exception of being wrong on the forums to the delight of others who have any clue what they are talking about.

      Quite frankly, it's getting rather boring and old - and if you are unable to have an adult conversation and actually respond to any of the points brought up in my replies.... Then I really don't have any desire to deal with you.

      You lose, sir. Good day."

    13. I vote for hate and butthurt, but definitely no enjoyment there. Erotica1, on the other hand, is pure joy to deal with. I'm starting to understand why he was able to get people to hand him over all their assets right before raping them (shoutout to ponzi schemer James 315 and knows awoxer Psychotic Monk),

    14. Humor? You were pissed off bro. And no incursion runners are dying. I'm even trolling Sabriz on the forums -

      Assuming this contest continues at the spectacular rate of 0 kills, can I get in a shuttle, rename it 'Incursion scout/preloader," go into a site, self destruct, and claim all the prizes?

    15. I don't need to drive wedges. Erotica1 is permabanned from Eve - what benefit is there to driving a wedge. I'm just telling you how easy he is to deal with. Look at his posts, no anger, no snark, no attitude, just a really pleasant and nice guy. No garbage about Code, ganking, buy a permit, threats, etc...Just a friendly guy who wants to help you out.

    16. How about just

      Veers for CSM 10
      Eternal Carebear
      Better than you

      It may be too concise for people to believe it's actually Veers.


    17. How about just

      Veers for CSM 10
      Master Incursion Runner
      Elite Highsec PvP Expert
      Better than you will ever be

    18. If you forget to mention you're a lawyer people won't believe it's you. Mentioning PVP and highsec in the same sentence would alienate your carebear fan base. These two things would seriously hurt your campaign.

      Also why would you want to leave out your demi-god status? We all thought the Eternal Carebear was a myth until you came to us.

      Highsec ice as Veers' Tears. What could be better?

      Veers for CSM 10
      Eternal Carebear
      Highsec Ice Bringer
      Better than You

      This one lacks brevity, so more your style.

      Go with mine or Erotica's. Be in it to win it!


    19. lolz...should I run on James 315's old platform? Nerf all L3 and L4 missions in highsec....50% reduction in isk/hour, massively nerf highsec mining, and force everyone into nullsec?

    20. The same support that got James laughed at as a troll, and forced to end his campaign? The same support he transferred to PsychoticMonk, who also managed to lose? Thanks, but no thanks. And his whole platform was a pure stupid troll. We need to buff highsec, not nerf it. Nerf Code to save highsec!

    21. More highsec ice creation coming soon.


    22. Veers Belvar. Fighting pure evil one comment at a time....Seriously someone needs to get that guy some salt for that chip on his shoulder.

    23. Yawn, more stupidity from DJ. He keeps babbling about "content creation," as if blowing people up, riling them up in local, and then humiliating them on a website is something valuable. What a vile approach to Eve.

    24. "Content creation"
      Is not about the spaceships
      It's allllll forum posts

    25. Blowing up a bunch of ships that can't shoot back isn't content creation. Notice how the new order wussed out when it came to ganking incursion runners.

    26. Content creation
      only counts if Veers likes it
      and it's pve

    27. I don't approve of content creation at all, actually. I think it should be banned from EVE; player-created content is distributed unequally across the playerbase, which is unfair. I prefer a world in which everyone is equally discontent.

    28. No, you can create content without hurting people. Incursions are great content.

    29. What does hurting people have to do with a computer game on the Interwebz? If anything that happens in EVE online hurts someone, that someone should never play computer games again--they clearly can't separate reality from fiction.

  9. I think this guys response takes the cake for tears of the week. Not only are they tears, but tears couple with hypocracy. Mr tri-gon states in his bio..and I quote..If greed were your only vice, it would still be my greatest ally.
    Honor is a shield, it protects your dignaty.
    Virtue is its own reward, but this is a game tip well.
    Love is its own reward, beauty is truth which is why EVE is the greatest game concieved.
    Time is precious, don't waste it wishing people played the way you wanted them to.
    That said please do stand up against bullies, and mobsters.
    One persons rights trampled impugnes us all.
    Forsake none lest ye be forsaken.
    Direct you attention to this line in particular: Time is precious, don't waste it wishing people played the way you wanted them to.
    Funny, but that's exactly what he was doing..wasting his time because he didn't like the way someone was playing the game. Why is it the anti code players so often show their hypocritical natures. If you don't like something else...who areyou to say the fee you pay to play eve outweighs the fee others pay. Seems selfish and narcissistic to me. The tears only serve to guarantee it will continue...cry on :)

  10. Again DJ attempts to turn shit to gold by feigning victory. The game is played as majority want, not the way CODE wishes it to be played. He denies, that even the tears he harvests, depend on new players to subscribe... and preferably play the game. That means, we need some safe zone for new players.

    1. How new is new though? Dude in this story has been around at least two years, judging by his killboard.

      Plus, the harshness, unforgivingness, and complexity of this game and the sandbox are what makes Eve Unique as a MMO. You start to change the game to make it like every other MMO out there where you can sit around perpetually safe from PvP and mindlessly do things, you're going to kill the soul of the game. Maybe it'll get more subscribers, but it certainly won't be the game I want to play. If I wanted to be spoonfed I'd go over to WoW, and frankly if players can't figure this stuff out after two years maybe their money would be better spent there.

    2. If you want to turn your sandbox into a littlebox, don't be surprised when the other kids don't want to play with you anymore. You really stink and need your diaper changed.

    3. I'm not trying to turn it in to a litterbox; you're trying to take my sand out of the sandbox so you can play with it by yourself and then you're wondering why people are mad at you because "That's how all the other games are!"

      This isn't other games. You want the sand for yourself, go play one of those games. Don't pretend to lecture me on the sandbox when you're unwilling to play in it and would rather cry to CCP about how unfair it is when you're not even willing to put two seconds of thought in to how to avoid CODE. I've written at length on here about how CODE. doesn't really do anything overpowering and how easy it is to avoid them. This isn't "AFK Mining 2014". This isn't "Hand Holding 5 - now with more easy!" This is the one game that has it's roots in treachery and betrayal and the ingenuity of the playerbase. It's always been like that and that's what sets it apart from other games.

      I would rather see CCP close it's doors because the game didn't make them money rather than see it sell it's soul and turn in to a carbon copy of the literally thousands of other MMOs out there. Sure, I'd love to have more new players, but I'm not willing to cater to the lowest common denominator. This is a smart person game for adults. If you don't want to think, If you want to play a kids game, go elsewhere. You've already got 99.999999999999999999999% of the games out there that fit your needs, stop changing the one game that actually fits mine just because you're too lazy or stupid to change.

  11. The industrial players of Eve will continue to pressure CCP to make mining barges tougher and create higher penalties for griefers.

    Thats called emergent gameplay.

    suck it

    1. "The carebear filth of Eve will whine like old women and beg CCP..."

      FTFY, you can thank me later.

      Have a nice day.

  12. Whining to CCP to change the rules isn't emergent game play. Emergent game play is using the existing rules creatively. And yes, industrial players do suck.

  13. Veers, Veers, and more Veers
    He is The Eternal Carebear
    His tears form your ice

    1. no no he's fighting pure evil. He's like batman but instead of punching criminals he petitions them and clogs up their comment boards.

    2. so many new order trolls posting

    3. ...said Veers, in the comment thread where everyone gave their names.

    4. Sorry about that, every time I make an error I reflexively lash out with childish insults when I later realize it. Thanks for pointing out my foolishness, I try to be civil but I can't seem to manage it.

    5. No worries Veers, nice to see you're starting to become as aware of your shortcomings as we all are.

    6. Was an impostor, moron.

  14. Haha, think what u want, but Tri-Gon-Jin Aristotle just tore apart your agent! He may use some foul language, but his well executed rants have an intellectual drive, that makes the agent look like a hillybiily pulling out some plattitudes someone told him.

    1. I'm afraid you might be a hillybiily yourself, good sir.

  15. Veers, let's try to get together with DJ and some others for a friendly fireside chat to answer some questions about what you stand for and why you'd make a great CSM, representing rebel highsec miners (and incursion bears.)

    I think it would be fun to also schedule a duel for the same timeslot between your blingiest ship and a New Order gank fleet. It'll be like that Revenant event, but better. Something to the effect of:

    "I'm sacrificing this officer fit Bhaalgorn to make a statement. I'm Veers Belvar, and I'm running for CSM. As you can see, my gankers (see video) required 30 minutes of bumping to kill me in multiple waves. I don't like that. I don't like sociopaths either. They are crazy. Vote for me."

    1. DJ is a fool....I'd rather not deal with him. I think we need to run our agenda by Cannibal Kane - he is a major social presence in highsec, and is deeply concerned about any potential changes to then wardecc mechanics. I think everyone should start Evemailing him to get him on board. And I oppose mining. As far as losing an expensive ship,

    2. Veers, sir, I love you and have an idea, let's see what you think:

      Dear Mr. Kane,

      I am sending this form letter today regarding a very important matter. I hope it lands on your desk along with hundreds of identical evemails. I have copied in your best friend, Psychotic Monk. Please tell him to support us or you will hit him with a (in game) broom.

      Veers Belvar needs your support for the upcoming CSM election. As part of the highsec incursion community, I implore you to join us and swiftly put Veers into office so we can accomplish the following:

      1. Ban all scammers, awoxxers, corp thieves, and other psychopaths.
      2. End pvp in highsec via eliminating the wardec mechanic and having Concord spawn instantly in 0.5 and above systems.
      3. Change mechanics so shooting corpmates brings Concord.
      4. Ban all Goons, including their New Order puppets.
      5. Buff mtu hitpoints and call Concord if shot or attempt by nonowner to loot.
      6. Free 100% ship insurance to include entire fit.
      7. Make mining more accessible. Bring back unlimited ice. Give us huge rocks for asteroids so 1 player can mine all day afk.
      8. Give freighters more cargo, ehp, and weapon slots.
      9. Introduce Cannibal Kane tradeable hair products.
      10. Focus all other effort on walking in stations.

      I think you can agree that these are all super awesome ideas. Every incursion corp supports them, so we want you support. Be on our side so we don't have to ban you once Veers wins.

      Yours truly,

      #1 Veers Supporter

    3. I love it! Can we get 30 people to Evemail him this all at the same time?

    4. I'll post it in local in about 20 mins when I get back to my afk skiff in Kino.


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