Friday, September 5, 2014

Pod-Killing Contest for September

Coming on the heels of the highly-successful Venture-ganking contest...

Agent DJentropy Ovaert and company are sponsoring prizes for the top ten most valuable pods killed in the month of September. Note the distinction there: It's about quality, not quantity. Your objective is not to kill the most pods, but to kill the most valuable pod you can. Naturally, your odds increase with more kills, but even someone joining in at the last minute could take a prize if they get lucky.

See the official EVE-O thread for the prize list. DJentropy is also keeping a leaderboard for the submissions already received. As before, membership in CODEdot or the New Order is not a requirement. Anyone can join in the fun!

Want to share the good news with someone? Sasha Nyemtsov has been enlisted to create an audio recording:

Pod Hunting Contest Announced

Because why not?


Also running this month, Sabriz Adoudel is handing out prizes for kills inflicted against incursion runners. Just in case you needed any more incentive to kill bot-aspirants during the month of September.

It's so nice to see the once-dead highsec community finally joining together to celebrate EVE Online. That's the Code at work.


  1. And 10 days into the incursion contest (almost 1/3 over) and ...wait for it.....0 kills. Guess its just easier to blow up ventures and pods, eh?

    1. We'll, to be honest, they don't shoot back...especially when they are AFK...after all the new order is just as risk adverse as everyone else...if they shot back the gank might fail...

    2. After the AT Fiasco you must be absolutly happy to have a scapegout like Veers Belvar. Bad luck, That Fiasco was so outstanding, it wont be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.
      CODE. themself worte in the book of New Eden history what cowards they are.
      And how they are wriggling and try to point and spit at others.
      CODE. won the official price of the createst Cowards and Hipocrits of EvE ever.
      Even taunted by Capsuleers in no more than their caspules.

    3. What I want to know, will CCP ban any other team if they forfeit a match in any ccp related event (in ref to anon 9.06am comment)?
      Or are ccp, retaliating against the idea of code, because there's no other way to stop the idea that James 315 started.

  2. I'd like to donate a prize. 10 x Fitted T1 Catalyst's. Maybe to the youngest ganker?

  3. I despice code monkeys, but that?
    Fair game, since the target are the most expensive pods. It dosnt make sense to shoot newbs.

    1. Nope you are lying again. you try to compensate that life is being mean and cruel to you, by being mean and cruel to other weaker people.
      Be assured, since AT you will gain nothing more than a sardonuic smile from the likes of me.

    2. AnonymousSeptember 6, 2014 at 9:01 AM ... why do you insult other players by assuming they are weaker?

    3. eh niki, you realize how stupid this question is?

  4. Everyone gather up in klir and aim to kill drunk raiders weekend. they're a carebear high sec corp that focuses on pissing all over CODEdot's agenda. Everyone come to klir V 7

  5. EVE high sec communitySeptember 6, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    DJ Entropy, you should have asked ccp if you could have used the "killings just a means" song to advertise the event. ie nothing says I love you more than a kill mail.


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