Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Endless History of Nerf Demands

Sasha Nyemtsov rocked the mic yet again, this time with a reading of the fourth section of the Manifesto II.

In this section, I spoke about some of the nerfs previously made to highsec PvP, and I predicted more to come. I also predicted that after the carebears had their wishes granted, they would continue to beg for more nerfs. Today's listener needs to keep in mind that the Manifesto II was written before the massive barge buffs, elimination of corp wardecs, near-extinction of can-flipping, and the crimewatch "expansion". The arrival of the predicted nerfs went a long way toward convincing highsec content creators that in order to survive, we all needed to join forces. A timely lesson.


  1. Prophetic - everyone in AG should be required to listen.


  2. What a load of horsecrap.....

  3. CODE Tears are the best Pubbie Tears of all.

  4. I have a flaccid erection for loyalanon.

  5. That privateers thing is of particular interest to me, it sounds like such a worthwhile part of our history, just sad that I wasn't around back then to have been a part of it. Glad that we have James 315 to share his wisdom on all things that were, and will come to be. Glad that we have Sasha to spread the word of James 315 in such a fashion. Best audiobook ever.


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