Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Funeral for CODE., Part 1

The New Order is constantly victorious. Its winning ways are so undeniable that, on occasion, even CCP has no choice but to admit them. This summer, CODE. reached a milestone when CCP released official data on the killing-est alliances and corporations in EVE.

Though our enemies would prefer to see CODE. ignored, CCP couldn't exclude from their stats the fact that CODE. was the fourth-highest killing alliance in the entire game for June 2016. Twisting the knife even more deeply was the fact that the data release was publicized on Reddit, a place with no shortage of anti-Code carebears.

As we reported earlier, the corporation data was even more striking. The Conference Elite, a CODE. corp with only 139 characters, killed the second most out of every corporation in the entire game. TCE out-killed megacorps with thousands of members. And TCE, like CODE. as a whole, did it all with suicide ganking--despite nerf after nerf after nerf to the practice.

Regardless of where you stand on ganking, the Code, and all the rest of it, you have to admit that these are extremely impressive accomplishments. Even if you're a bot-aspirant who sincerely believes that ganking is bullying and should be against the EULA, you must concede that the sheer magnitude of CODE.'s success is awe-inspiring.

With that context in mind, let's see what the Anti-Gankers have to say about all this.

...You saw that one coming, didn't you?

Anti-Ganking never changes.

In contrast to the Agents of the New Order, who are always adapting and innovating, the residents of the in-game "Anti-Ganking" channel haven't learned much over the years. Nor has the toxic, paranoid environment improved. (They even ban miners for owning permits, if you can believe it!)

The bot-aspirants who dwell in Anti-Ganking still have no idea what motivates the New Order--apparently I haven't written enough on the subject. But the most enduring quality of Anti-Ganking is that they see the world in reverse, as though they live in a parallel universe. So it should come as no surprise that they'd imagine CODE. disappearing at the same time CCP was being forced to trumpet the alliance's astonishing statistics.

The latest declaration of the end of CODE. began when Anti-Ganker woodrow Ormand returned after a long break from the game.

woodrow made a gaffe by admitting that Agent Kalorned rules Gamis. This was ignored by Grant Halliday, who was surprised and delighted to learn that CODE. no longer ganks freighters, but only targets "miners in random systems".

Grant's happiness resulted from two revelations: First, aside from everyone who ganks freighters, no one ganks freighters. Second, "random ganks" of miners don't matter. This second point was particularly revealing. CODE. was originally formed to resurrect the practice of miner ganking, which had largely gone extinct by the end of 2012. The Anti-Ganking movement, in turn, attempted to stop the random ganking of miners. Now the Anti-Gankers apparently don't care about all that stuff.

Grant embraced the notion that it doesn't matter to Anti-Gankers anymore if miners are ganked. He claimed that fleets of gankers who killed freighters "legitimized" the Code--something which I don't recall any Anti-Gankers confessing while loyalanon was leading such gank fleets. Moreover, the imagined death of CODE. was used as a rationale for the lack of groups of Anti-Gankers--another surprising admission.

Even so, as the Anti-Gankers patted each other on the back, some Anti-Gankers questioned whether the gank fleets really had gone away.

In reality, CODE.'s killboard shows 90 freighters were ganked in July alone. It was a terrific slaughter by any standard; by comparison, 53 freighters were killed during the notorious Burn Jita event of 2012 that made international headlines and prompted interviews from CCP developers. But again, to the Anti-Gankers, those freighter ganks didn't matter: It doesn't count if a ganker is in the Ministry of Love but not in the New Order, even if they work together. And it doesn't count if a ganker is in the New Order but not in the CODE. alliance. And it doesn't count if a ganker is in CODE. but is a multi-boxer like the Kusion alts. Each freighter gank was wished away, dismissed for one reason or another. This left nothing for the Anti-Gankers to do but celebrate. After all, there's no reason for Anti-Gankers to try to stop ganks that don't count.

...But the freighter pilots lost their freighters all the same. I wonder why they don't rely on Anti-Gankers to save them? Were they not consoled when told that they were ganked by multi-boxers, or that there were too many Goons on the killmail for it to count as a "CODE. gank"?

The Conference Elite--the #2 corporation in the game, according to CCP--no longer posed a threat. Grant breathed a sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that the freighters had nothing to fear. But with all of the carnage going on around them, would the Anti-Gankers really be content to declare their mission accomplished?

To be continued...


  1. Praise James! In before the guy who doesn't understand what Ritalin actually is or does...!

  2. AG and Failtrolls: I now give you permission to post. Please calm down before doing so. Perhaps with a cup of chamomile tea or a nice mining permit.

  3. For the AG crowd... so they know what to expect when their emotions start to bubble up.


  4. I will admit, that is impressive. So, let us look at the other stats then.

    Most kills by region (Minus nullsec):
    2 Lonetrek 21326
    4 The Citadel 19281
    6 The Forge 17308
    8 The Bleak Lands 13283

    I'm not entirely sure why The Bleak Lands are on the list, but I can say that the regions where CODE. operates have experienced an elevated number of kills...some even more than nullsec regions.

    Let's take a look at the systems involved:

    Jita, The Forge, has 9855 kills. So, if we take that out from the total kills in the Forge, we have 7453 kills that are not in the trade hub.

    The other really big number comes from Saranen, Lonetrek. That one system alone has 12321 kills. It is also lowsec, and since CODE. does not operate in lowsec, we can safely conclude that none of those kills are CODE. kills. So adjusting the numbers, we have 9005 kills total.

    28 Uedama 1561
    56 Madirmilire 977
    72 Niarga 802
    203 Kaaputenen 274

    Although a more in-depth analysis may provide interesting results, when throwing out lowsec, nullsec, and trade hub numbers, I find it interesting that the areas that CODE. is most active in has the highest numbers of kills.


    1. Additionally, we can look at something else: Most losses per alliance.

      So, CODE. overall for the month of July has 4151 kills which is 8th place...but, they also have 1651 losses which is 20th place. Just from sheer kills, we can calculate a ratio. CODE.s' kill ratio (efficiency) is 60.23%. I find this surprising considering they do large scale suicide ganking, many times with multiple ships per target. This anomaly is probably due to the fact that not all participants in a gank are in the CODE. alliance.

      We can also look at the ISK lost/destroyed per alliance as well. Using the data provided, we have CODE. destroying 737,564,784,252.83 ISK (Rank 4) and losing 4,885,620,879.51 ISK (Rank 500). Calculating this ratio, we have an ISK efficiency of 99.34%, which is near perfect.

      Additional analysis may yield other results.

      The formula that I used to calculate ratios is as follows:

      ((kill value - loss value) / kill value) * 100 = % efficiency


    2. Nobody's gonna read that wall of lies. Whats the tldr?

    3. How is it lies? The data was taken directly off the reddit post.


  5. These carebears are willfully ignorant.

    1. At least for carebears it is a choice...all new order people (if you can call them that) are naturally ignorant...they new order people can't avoid being ignorant if they wanted to...

    2. Anon 1116: Thank you for waiting for the proper permission to post. However, if you are going to make a comment about someone being ignorant, please form coherent thoughts.

    3. Thank you for proving my point about new order people being naturally ignorant...

    4. Anon1116.

      The point was lost on you friend. You focused on 'ignorant' when the key word was 'willfully'.

      Looks like you are the only ignorant one here.

  6. "But the most enduring quality of Anti-Ganking is that they see the world in reverse, as though they live in a parallel universe."

    Enduring, yes. Endearing, no.
    The live within a bizarro EvE, where incompetence and ignorance are celebrated.

  7. If AG want to declare victory and do something else, more power to them. I think they were spoiled by the predictable and target-rich freighter gank fleets.

    That means they've lost their edge with miner anti-ganking. They usually have no way of predicting which target a given ganker is heading for until it's far too late. They can either find a likely target and cloak beside it for hours hoping to jam a prospective ganker, or camp a gate and hope to point a ship en-route to a gank. At the end of the day they have only a handful of low-value kills for a lot of time invested.

    I have a feeling that without the attention that Loyal used to heap upon them, they're starting to feel more unappreciated than ever.

  8. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Ming is still crying into his coffee cup as he realizes the failure he is.

  9. Woop woop. And the Code marches on!!!!

  10. Jamey said: "In reality, CODE.'s killboard shows 90 freighters were ganked in July alone. It was a terrific slaughter by any standard; by comparison, 53 freighters were killed during the notorious Burn Jita event of 2012 that made international headlines and prompted interviews from CCP developers."

    So Burn Jita 2012 lasted for 31 days? Talk about comparing apples to oranges......

    1. Anon216
      Burn Jita was planned for months and involved thousands of players from many coalitions killing everything in sight for 3 days, as a community event.

      You are right, apples to oranges, only you are thinking in reverse, friend. CODE's monthly freighter killings are where the bar starts.

      And i will add:
      CODE kills miners, ag kills the mood like 2 day old tampon.

  11. Except the major war in null is over and has been dying since early June, if only null sec alliances could go around in systems full of people and do what they want unnoticed to stack kills, I mean logistics in null sec takes way more skill thancloaking and waiting for a freighter in high lol. Main reason people don't like code is due to the amount of bull shit propaganda/koolaid y'all spew all major outlets on the internet such as eve news and Reddit lol. Yet we never hear stories about null up freighters and their daily activity lol, because yes it's technically PvP but who gives a flying fuck haha

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  13. Hi, I find reading this article a joy. It is extremely helpful and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work..

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