Friday, August 5, 2016

Resist the Code by Obeying It, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... When ganked, miners frequently complain that they weren't warned about needing to buy a permit. Agent Bing Bangboom generously delivered such a warning to the miners of Kino. Rather than ponying up the 10 mill they owed, Kino's miners hemmed and hawed. Some even claimed that it's more effective to buy a Procurer than a permit.
Zuul Achura > you choose to kill them
Zuul Achura > I choose to talk them into a procurer
Bing Bangboom > Flying a procurer in highsec means we've already beaten you.
The Code requires miners to buy a permit, tank their mining ships, and meet other basic, reasonable requirements. Buying a permit is a sign of obedience--and so is sacrificing yield in favor of tank. When rebel miners encourage each other to mothball their Hulks and Mackinaws in favor of Procurers, they're unwittingly doing the work of a New Order Agent. In succinct and devastating fashion, Bing made this point. How would the carebears respond?
Bing Bangboom > why else would someone fly one if they weren't afraid of us?
Zuul Achura > take your head out of your ass
Nero Jove > Bing Bangboom you realize this is a video game right?
Zuul Achura > its not afraid of YOU
Zuul Achura > its to avoid ganking from... anyone and everyopne
The miners, stunned, didn't know how to answer him. Zuul Achura lamely argued that miners need to tank up for protection from all the non-Code-related miner ganks. Heh.
Bing Bangboom > Every Skiff and Procurer is someone who is afraid of us.
Zuul Achura > no
Bing Bangboom > These ice fields USED to be full of Hulks, Macks and Retrievers.
Bing Bangboom > Those people fly procurers and skiffs now
Zuul Achura > every skiff and proc is someone who understands there is a balance between security and yield
In truth, the miners couldn't find a counterargument because there wasn't one to find. Bing rhetorically checkmated the entire Kino miner population.
CaCi-A 001Me > Bing Bangboom see, and there it is. it's not about the bullshit you keep preaching with the code, it's about you getting easy kills
FIONA LIA > Really iam not really affraid of a small kid
Nero Jove > Bing Bangboom come into WH space and enforce the CODE
Nero Jove > i DARE YOU
FIONA LIA > U can´t even do the job yourself. u have to let someone els risk it
Unsurprisingly, the miners expressed their anger and frustration.
Bing Bangboom > I have gone to WH space and enforced the Code.
Bing Bangboom > I've destroyed 3 POSes single handed.
FIONA LIA > that did´t happen very well since u are here
Nero Jove > preach to us
Nero Jove > share the word brother
Bing Bangboom > I am sharing it now.
Nero Jove set his fellow carebears up for another fall by challenging Bing to prove that he'd enforced the Code in wormhole space before. Those familiar with Bing's career could only smirk and shake their heads.
FIONA LIA > U mean the bla.bla.bla bla.bla.bla ?
Nero Jove > shhhhhh Fiona - crazy fanatics dont know they are crazy
Nero Jove > dont burst his ganking bubble
Bing Bangboom > You can read about it at in the FORUM.
Bing Bangboom > "Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war"
Bing Bangboom > and "Inferno"
Bing Bangboom > quite gripping adventure and intrigue
Bing Bangboom referred the carebears to his legendary forum threads. The much-celebrated tale of Bing's triumph over liberty involved memorable exploits (not the bad kind) in wormholes; Bing's classic "Cry Havoc" thread has over 25,000 views. Checkmate. Again.
Zuul Achura > you should move to amarr space, Bing Bangboom . people are much more gullible there
Bing Bangboom > I move around a bit... but I'm the Agent for Kino . Other Agents have Amarr space
FIONA LIA > ups my bad
FIONA LIA > Lets all mine And not sell our ore´s for a month. i think people will be happy about it, And this code will be very famos
Nero Jove > see thats exactly what needs to happen
Bing Bangboom > Eve doesn't need your ore.
Unable to defeat Bing in elite PvP or in a debate, the miners considered organizing a highsec-wide miner protest. But the highsec miners have no leverage, as the "services" they perform are completely unnecessary.
Nero Jove > every miner in Eve stops mining. And when the cry goes up we tell them we refuse to mine until CODE is gone. Then watch the war decs fly and Bing log off for a month with James and his followers
FIONA LIA > i like it
Bing Bangboom > Miner, calm down....
Our hero knew it was all bluff and bluster. He encouraged the miners to tone down their rhetoric before they embarrassed themselves any further.
John Dad > miners dont need isis comander in eve
FIONA LIA > True word
FIONA LIA > So the Code is isis ingame hmm, that make sense
CaCi-A 001Me > no, they are role players and ppl looking for easy kills
FIONA LIA > But still they want to be isis in this game
The miners embarrassed themselves further.
Bing Bangboom > you miners all really need to calm down... you will worry yourselves into anemia....
FIONA LIA > yes yes mr isis man
Nero Jove > feeling quite calm this morning
CaCi-A 001Me > same here
FIONA LIA > same here
But the miners all said they were perfectly calm. They needed to say it, because it wouldn't have been apparent otherwise.
Bing Bangboom > anyone who needs a permit can send me the 10 million ISK along with an email and I will send you the permit.
Bing Bangboom > 10 million ISK is cheap
FIONA LIA > what are about a new player, they can´t affort that
FIONA LIA > or a trial
Zuul Achura > 10 million is is VERY expensive. those pay are not paying 1`0 mil ISK they are paying their brain
Bing Bangboom > the rest of you can wait until its your turn and THEN you can buy a permit after you lose your ass(ets)
Zuul whined that 10 million isk is "very expensive"--despite saying all miners should purchase Procurers, which cost more than that. Bing felt he'd made his point well enough, so he gave Kino's miners an open invitation to send him money for permits. In the meantime, Bing docked up and remained in station while he went AFK for the next seven and a half hours. All local chat would be logged during his absence. Would the miners of Kino use that time to come to their senses?

To be continued...


  1. I would like to thank the AG crowd for waiting for proper permission to post in the previous article. As before, I now give you permission but you still need to remain calm.

  2. Those ag bears MUST be troll alts. Again, there is NO way someone can be that stupid! They not only think EvE needs their ore, they think the highsec carebears could ever form an effective 'highsec miner strike'.

    Hey highsec carebears, prove we need you! Gather all highsec carebears and leave EvE for a decade or two, that'll show us! ;)

    CCP should really start screening hisec miners with some sort of I.Q. test. We are all in danger with people like these idiots in our EvE.

    Ban all highsec miners today! Save our beloved EvE from ignorant carebears!

    1. And 939 had demonstrated what an uneducated idiot s/he/it is. It is not your game, it is CCP's game. CCP will not remove hisec, and they will not ban miners, which is a significant portion of the user base. CCP will do no such thing, so get over yourself. But, by all means, you are welcome to take CCP to court to try to force them to comply with your demands, and get laughed out of court.

    2. 1009 who mentioned court? You sir are the idiot, no reading comprehension huh.

      Oh and I never said 'my' game. Just above your post you can clearly see i said "our" EvE. And it is our EvE, as "we" have bought into it wholeheartedly. "We" includes CCP AND anyone not a highsec miner ag. Real players who understand CCP's original vision for EvE.

      You expose yourself as a non-entity by assuming "we" didn't apply to you. As in you never committed fully to EvE, because you are just another nonhuman highsec carebear ag bot. Outside for a reason.

      As an ag botminer, you have no opinion in "our" EvE, and your type is not wanted by the real EvE community or CCP. If CCP wanted your type to thrive in EvE, gankers would already be banned. You are here only because gankers exist.

      So when i call for highsec to be banned and miners to be shot on sight, i am not even really talking to you, just to the EvE community. Not botminers who make death threats, or use the worst language, or happily lie to get real players banned, or wish fireycancerdeathrape on others, or kill children even.

      These players don't count and they are the ones "we" want CCP to deal with. It's your problem if you are part of that group. Not "ours".

      XD but thanks for the lulz!

    3. Angry anon "agent" here is a clear and evident troll, he's not a real agent by any means, but the tears he brings out of the other anons are legit.


    4. 1124 He's not even a legit agent, just a tear generator for me to collect.

      1100 I did. Since you didn't seem to realize that, you are still the idiot. Actually, since I pay my monthly sub to CCP to play the game how I see fit, my opinion does count, whether you want/like it or not. If CCP did not want my type, then they would remove mining from hisec. But since I pay my sub, follow the EULA and the TOS/AUP (unlike those featured on the this blog, I do not participate in real life threats, wishes of death/disease, etc...), and do not cause trouble by petitioning people who gank me, among other things, CCP is happy to have me as a subscriber to their great and awesome game. However, I have used profanity at gankers in the past, and when I give a gf, I give it like this:

      gf - get fucked

      So draw whatever conclusions that you like. Like it or not, us miners are just as a part of the community that you are. We play the game how we like to play it, and you play the game how you like to play it.

      So, once again, Anon 1100, gf - get fucked.

      Anon 1009

    5. @345 Did CCP give you a cookie?
      If you support high sec mining in any form you are part of the problem and lumped in with the other high sec minerbot problems. And they are a nasty bunch, and by they i mean you.

      You opinion still doesn't count, even though you feel your monthly sub buys you something in a game you just said didn't belong to anyone but CCP.

      Your "get fucked" comment voids anything else you said, hisec miners using that language are null and void in our community. And this time by "our" I mean "not you", or your kind.
      You don't get to play the game how you want, you cannot solo EVE friend. Even CCP admitted to that. You and your bottom feeders are subject to our rules as long as you hide in high sec.

      You almost had a valid response until the gf part, then you reverted back to subhuman bot miner. Bottom of the foodchain, friend.

      Again, lulzy. And thanks.

    6. @ Oink

      No. I am not an Agent. I dont RP. But I do vehemently detest high sec and everyone who mines there, or rats or any PVE.

      The current incarnation of high sec has no place in the EvE I bought into. Neither does it's inhabitants.

      I agree 100% with the EvE community in wishing high sec and the risk adverse carebears that pollute it were long gone. I will continue to promote this agenda, and if you are smart and truly care about the game, you will too Agent.


    7. 407 I do play the game how I want, and I do solo it to your chagrin. Too bad for you that I do not recognize your authority over how I play the game. As a consequence, I am not subject to your rules while I am in hisec.

      You can't make me obey your rules, so there.

    8. 532
      You do not play how you want, you post tears here to every good idea that makes you scared. That means you worry about your preferred playstyle.

      Prove me wrong friend, link your hisec mining character, let me watch helplessly as you play "your way". Can't huh? That's what i thought, you are just another useless hisec minerbot. Part of the problem.

      You said "when" you are in hisec, as if you ever leave. What exactly are you scared of? Losing ships in a spaceship pvp game?


    10. 154 Actually, I do play how I want, which means I don't have to prove anything to you. I do leave hisec, to play in lowsec faction warfare. I am still mining in hisec and playing how I want regardless of what you say or do. That means I win, you lose. Try again. LOL

  3. EvE don't need hisec carebears, their toxicity, or their risk adverse inflation causing afk mining fleets. EvE does not need CONCORD, or any type of npc.

    EvE is supposed to be a sandbox for people to pvp in, not a safe haven for nasty carebear minerbots. Who is this game for, CCP? The players or the npc's?

    Remove CONCORD and save the EvE's economy! Better yet, remove hisec miners and save EvE's soul!

  4. High sec miners are trash. Time to call in the the collectors CCP! Time to clean up EvE!

    Make it great again!

    Time to build a wall around Tranquility, make the hisec minerbots pay for it, then send them back to wow, or whatever bot infested third world theme park they escaped from.

    EvE needs you gankers! She needs your catalyst and talos fleets! She needs to be cleansed of these parasitic hisec miners before they destroy the last great pvp sandbox.

    Hisec is a disease, a cancer in EvE. If you could save EvE just by cutting out the offending tumor, thereby protecting the healthy parts, why would you not?

    Remove hisec, challenge the notion that "this is as good as it gets"! It can be better! But we have to be the ones to make the effort!

    Real EvE players have nothing to lose from the removal of hisec. They would in fact benefit if the hisec carebears had to live and work without CONCORD.

    Any carebear worth saving would have a great opportunity to join the rest of the community, while the nasty botminers and ag poison would die off. EvE would be so much healthier, and better for real players.


    1. Hahaha

      Thank you for feeding the troll. The salt from your tears and the incoherent ramblings that you pounded out from your keyboard made a good laugh for me...all 6 of your text wall posts.


    2. 529
      I dont think you comprehend how "tears" work, miner.

      You however do seem the need to cry about every "remove hisec" comment.

      Try again and try harder, it's all you can do while watching your oncoming ingame demise.

      Remove hisec now and save EvE from subhuman hisec mining bots like 529anon!

    3. A weak response from a weak minded individual. Nice try though, but try harder next time. My mining activities are not going to stop any time soon.


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