Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Battle for Aridia, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... The United Systems of Aridia alliance and its feeder corp, U.S.A. - University, attempted to put a stop to Agent Alt 00's Code enforcement activities by launching suicide ganks against her scout alt. They failed. Rather than admitting defeat, the Aridian rebels intensified their saber-rattling in local.

Mirko Vinci Anneto lost his Svipul in one of the failed gank attempts. When Alt 00 put a bounty of 315,315 isk on Mirko and his friends, he reacted badly:

Two hundred million isk was thereby added to Mirko's loss tally.

The Aridian rebels went silent in local for some reason. As the system enjoyed a break from their ranting and raving, a Code supporter struck up a conversation with our Agent.

After a friendly chat, Alt 00 left the highsec island to make the return trip across Aridia's lowsec moat. Back in her staging system, Alt 00 gathered more supplies. What she didn't realize is that the rebels had gone quiet for a reason: They rallied a group of battleships to form a lowsec gatecamp and prevent her from returning!

Mirko and his fellow rebels formed up in the lowsec system of Jasson. Mirko's battleship, a 1.1 billion isk Barghest, suddenly came under attack and was destroyed. We know that the Code always wins (always), but how did the good guys achieve victory this time?

The Aridian rebels' gamecamp was ambushed by a motley crew of random lowsec dwellers. zluq zabaa, one of the Code supporters who had befriended Alt 00 earlier, learned of the camp and convinced a small fleet to put the rebels out of action.

During the battle, another of the rebel battleships was destroyed--a fail-fit Megathron. But Alt 00's new allies weren't done yet.

Posing a different kind of threat to our Agent was tfalcon2b1 Echerie's Rokh, which intended to smartbomb Alt 00's Catalyst or her alt's Buzzard. But he, too, was killed by the pro-Code fleet.

Just moments later, Alt 00 discovered the wreckage while crossing the lowsec moat on her return trip to the highsec island. Our Agent marveled at the sight. Later, zluq zabaa told her all about the battle. But for now, Alt 00 pressed on.

In spite of the Aridian rebels' evil plot, everything had worked out perfectly for Alt 00. It was destiny. Her Catalyst landed next to a rebel miner who tried to surrender. Too late, chum.

Our Agent ganked yet another enemy Retriever without missing a beat.

Our heroine took another well-deserved victory lap in local. Meanwhile, Alt 00 was pleased to learn the part played by her friends in clearing a path for her. Lowsec fights for the Code, too.

The CEO of one of the rebel corps again threatened war. He failed to realize that the war had already been going on. And the New Order was winning.

To be continued...


  1. The stench of bot aspirancy will be removed from Eve, one dumb carebear at a time.

  2. A heartwarming and enthralling gesture from our Lowsec-dwelling comrades.

    There are times when I'm astounded at the power of The Code, you know. It has certainly taken on a life of its own, as it insinuates itself into New Eden's lifeblood...

    Looking forward to part 7.

  3. Praise Zopiclone!

  4. I found this article to be misleading because Code never goes to lowsec!!!!!1 xdddd!1

    1. Don't lie. You can't read anything this long. You had someone tell you about this article.

    2. Wolf Soprano also known as loyalanon is the dumbest bell that has ever rung.

  5. This Aridia arc is quite good. I've been laughing my ass off catching up on the past few posts. Great work. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.


  6. Holy shit yea! Those minerbots are so fail,

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  8. But where oh where is Ming?

  9. Axios now Code/Goon pets, lol!!!!

  10. Those fits though...

    1. That's what happens when carebears don't have the proper supervision.

  11. Loyal anon aka allise soprano aka banned loyalanon still ganking AG. What are you going to do about it? Nothing! Since you fail daily and never follow through on any of your set out goals. Obviously too dumb to see he is still dunking freighters on your faces.

    Praise Zopiclone!


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