Saturday, August 13, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #112

To be fair, U.S. law doesn't allow mining without a permit, either. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Miners tend to make unwise assumptions about the world around them. The assumption of total safety in highsec, for example.

I'm not sure what about our Agents' comportment leads miners to believe they're always intoxicated or smoking crack. But if Agent Aaaarrgg does enforce the Code while drunk, we should find out what he's drinking and send everyone in highsec a case of it.

John Ralar complained that he couldn't even make a cigarette without getting ganked. "Make" a cigarette? Hmmm...

I assume this notification also had something to do with cigarettes.

Over the past several months, our enemies have made a number of complaints about the New Order's IPO thread in Market Discussions. When CCP repeatedly refused to close our thread, Mojo Joo tried her hand at an Anti-Ganking IPO thread--with predictable results.

Micheal Turpentine is a "real life military strategist". I'm sure he's really good at it, too.

Upon losing his prized Mackinaw, Lukas Orion invited our Agents to remain in the system while he prepared to exact his revenge. Our Agents readily agreed.

It looks like Lukas' revenge plot failed. I wonder how our Agents knew that was going to happen?

Leave it to the Russian miners to ruin a perfectly good praisemail with sarcasm.

Arcalyte informed our Agent that the New Order cost CCP "one more subscriber". As if he's the latest in a long line of players we've made quit the game.

To be fair, most people who say they're quitting actually choose not to--once they've calmed down. Telling miners to calm down is a player retention strategy.

Covetors may die, but EVE legends never do.


  1. Hey im starting to get jealous. Wheres my paragraph long toxic tear filled post???

  2. That antiganking ipo. I giggled a little xdddd

  3. Anon 1048, you spelled "Ganking freighters on top of AG's faces while they whine anonymously on the website" incorrectly.
    It is spelled: "Ganking freighters on top of AG's faces while they whine anonymously on the website"

  4. Still enjoying wolf sopranos carebear flavor jizz popcorn seasoning I see. Must be delicious to be his best customer. I bet he gives you direct access to suck him off and skip the fattening popcorn. Some would gag but I won't judge you and your popcorn flavoring choices.

    Oh and being a salty spelling Police officer doesn't make you any less shit at Eve. Keep trying to climb that relevance chart. No one likes to see a quitter. Till then keep sucking. (Pun intended? Probably.)

  5. "Covetors may die, but EVE legends never do." Reality check: Your legend gets robbed, banned and ridiculed on her way out. Triple whammy!

    "Code wins, Always!" Reality check: If this is winning everyday then they take the cake on winning! Fail boating all the way to the finish line in dead last place daily.

    1. I can almost feel your rage through your anonymous post

    2. Code logic brought you to this amazing conclusion? In that case, if writing anything is rage, then you had a mental breakdown and multiple psychotic episodes over the past few years, posting here day in, day out, even after ceasing to matter in the world of Eve. See how code logic works there kid? Amazing.

      Anon winning. Daily.

    3. Lol settle down! Grab a paper bag and breathe into it if wolf upsets you so much!

    4. Eat a banana monkey!

    5. Nothing satisfies me more then the smell of antiganker tears in the morning

  6. Mmmmmm the Jizz... Nitetime spelling it right!

  7. Praise Zopiclone!

  8. I'm sure real-life military strategists play EvE so they can be miners...

  9. You still look like immature impotent trash by posting your hate filled sperg here.

    The CODE always wins! By default against these useless miner carebears.

  10. Hey CCP, no one wants to live in the hisec ghetto systems. The only people that willfully stay there are a bunch of entitled whiney losers. All the reason and evidence you need to remove hisec is right here in one tear filled site.

    What's the hold up? When can we expect CCP to remove these knuckle-dragging savages from our EvE?


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