Monday, August 8, 2016

EVE Online Review

There's a pretty decent chance you saw the EVE Online Review by Mandalore Gaming posted on YouTube few months ago. Well-produced and weighing in at 30 minutes, it covers a surprisingly broad scope of EVE topics--an impressive feat.

Saying the EVE review was a hit on Reddit would be an understatement. It was massively upvoted and gifted two Reddit golds.

The comment section was full of praise. Carebears and genuine EVE players alike were mightily impressed. There wasn't any obvious reason to downvote-brigade or bury the video. There was nothing objectionable about the video or its producer, Lord Mandelor.

...Nothing that the carebears on Reddit knew of, anyway.

Faithful readers of MinerBumping knew what others didn't--that Lord Mandelor is actually Agent Lord Mandelor, one of the very first to join the New Order. True to his beliefs, Lord Mandelor filled the video with positive, Code-affirming messages. For example, it offered good advice on how best to mine in highsec:

And the very most important aspects of the EVE community were touched upon:

The video was a smashing success, accumulating nearly 60,000 hits so far. The viewers, not realizing the New Order connection, lowered their defenses and took it all in.

Nevertheless, the anti-bot-aspirant sentiments expressed in the video couldn't escape notice forever.

Commenters expressed some qualms about the anti-miner tone.

And some carebears showed their true colors.

Before long, the outrageous (and debunked) claims of self-important miners began to fill the YouTube comments.

Miners have never been afraid to pat themselves on the back. Nor have they ever shied away from shedding tears outside the EVE client.

The miners, however, only represent a fraction of our fair galaxy. Their baffling and self-important perspective was challenged by those with a more enlightened attitude.

Lord Mandelor brought hundreds of new players into the game and educated tens of thousands more. Another classic example of the CODE always winning, always!


  1. Haha they wouldn't get so mad if they didn't know, on some level, that mining is lame.


    1. In this game, resource harvesting is a requirement. Like it or not, you need us miners. Otherwise, you would have no ships to gank or to gank with.

    2. You can mine whenever you want. It is just dangerous and illegal to do it in New Order sov without a permit.
      You can always go mine somewhere else.
      The main point in the video is that it is the worst possible starting career for a new player.

    3. Miners are entirely replaceable. If the price of minerals is no longer depressed by Highsec botting and multibox operations, nullsec mining will become lucrative again. For the right price, even PL will undock in Procurers.

    4. Actually, there are a few minerals that can only be had in null which is required for ship building...megacyte is one that comes to mind. But us miners need to flood the market with as much minerals as possible to push the new order out of hisec.

  2. yuups, they are mad because deep down they know everything CODE stands for is true and correct gameplay, and mining is just shit. shit gameplay for shit players. bring on the tears baybee!

  3. I now give official permission for AG to provide their comments. Please calm down first.

  4. But Code should leave miners alone because they want to play a multiplayer game their way! who is code to play a multiplayer game with other players!

  5. I like how they always repeat that dogma that hi-sec mining is the backbone of EvE. First off, all the minerals can be mined out of hi-sec, and, if I understand it correctly, even more efficiently. Apart from that, there are rats, salvage from which can be turned into minerals.

    Secondly, the economy is player driven. If for some reason (The New Order, yay) most of the hi-sec miners stopped mining and the supply of minerals plummeted, sure, prices for nearly everything would go up. The thing is, both the cost as well as the reward of fights and ganks would go up. There would be a whole new dynamic in the game, some forms of PvP would become too expensive, while other would start to be viable. Players, corps, whole alliances would have to adapt. Not to mention that other sources of mineral acquisition would become profitable, players would start to populate wormholes, the importance of space and industrial players in null-sec alliances would increase etc.

    That's what the game should be about, constant change, excitement, experiments, stories. Not AFK mining all they to enforce some sick, boring status quo. Go play the X-series (or even E:D) if you want singleplayer mining and industry and let EvE be EvE.

    1. You are right, the economy is player driven. So with that, and your own statement, hisec needs us miners to keep prices low so your ganking activities remain affordable.

    2. No, Highsec miners aren't needed. There is plenty of good ore in nullsec that isn't currently mined because cheap highsec veldspar and scordite flood the market.

      Catalysts cost about 1m worth of minerals. If the cost of the gank ship goes up, the value of the kills goes up too. I think gankers would be willing to pay 10m per cat hull if it meant getting 300m retriever kills.

      Plus, as James 315 pointed out, if somehow everybody stopped mining, CCP would intervene and make adjustments to keep the economy rolling.

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. "Miners have never been afraid to pat themselves on the back."

    Much like Jamey and his CHODE. agent slaves. Talk about PKB.

  8. Real talk: Mandalore's game reviews are pretty awesome. I've watched all of them now. I'd recommend them to anyone.

    Also real talk: Anonymous miners please calm down.



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