Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Battle for Aridia, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00's heroic deeds in Aridia won her great fame and made her public enemy number one for the United Systems of Aridia alliance and its feeder corp, U.S.A. - University. They attempted to camp the lowsec entry point to Aridia's highsec island systems. But the rebel camp was swept away by the New Order's lowsec allies--costing the rebels 1.5 billion isk.

Now that it controlled even the surrounding lowsec areas, the New Order's command of Aridian highsec could no longer be disputed. freaknasty9 frakers, CEO of one of the rebel alliance's corps, found the situation intolerable.

Our Agents are known for being generous with their time. Alt 00 took a moment to help one of the rebels whose Retrievers she'd ganked.

Alt 00 is well versed in both the Code and the day-to-day musings featured on MinerBumping. This makes it all but impossible to win a debate against her.

zluq zabaa, architect of the massive victory against the rebels in lowsec, dropped by to see how everyone was doing.

The former Retriever pilot was a typical carebear. She felt she was entitled to total safety in a PvP game because the New Order didn't host the server she was playing on. But one of EVE's great selling points is that outside of China, it's all on a single shard. Which means every server is a New Order server.

zluq wanted to do a postmortem of the great lowsec battle, but the rebels were preoccupied.

Biven Padecain had a bad case of "new player syndrome". Her whining became so annoying that it started to grate on the nerves of her fellow rebels:

Acura Auroa belonged to freaknasty9's corporation. He grew tired of hearing Biven complain about how bad EVE is for new players. Their alliance supported the feeder corp that Biven had joined. But apparently Biven didn't appreciate any of it--not if they couldn't save her Retriever.

Biven's fellow rebel then encouraged her to quit the game. So much for the anti-Code crowd's alleged concern for new player retention.

Acura's CEO wasn't happy. Looks like he got called to the principal's office.

Thanks to its Code, the New Order enjoys an absolute unity of purpose. Our enemies, by contrast, tend to bicker with each other. This is because bot-aspirancy and carebearism are inherently based around selfishness.

Biven lamented the state of EVE. Her fellow rebels couldn't protect her, not even with the aid of CONCORD. She threatened to quit the game forever. If she did quit, Alt 00 wouldn't need to worry about her breaking the Code anymore. But there was still an entire alliance of rebels to deal with. freaknasty9 demanded to know if Alt 00 intended to declare war.

To be continued...


  1. The CODE always wins! Always!

    Praise James for sacrificing his time in an effort to save a worthwhile game. If not for New Order and independent Agents EVE would surely be dead by now.

    Keep up the good work Agents. Don't give the hisec carebear a moments reprieve. Kill them until they ship up and fight or quit, EVE will reward the ones that fight, and be better off losing the ones that are weak.

    If you truly care about EVE, kill a hisec botminer today!

  2. Replies

    2. Mmmmmmm delicious Zopiclone cake

  3. Highsec islands - sources of rich, compelling content. Well done, Agent Alt 00!

  4. What do we want?
    No More CONCORD!

    When do we want it?
    Before the carebear ag botminers doom us all!

    OK, not the best protest organizer, but i do like killing hisec shitlers! Join me this weekend! Hit up the minerbumping chan in game (if you can somehow manage to hack the gibson and get hold of the secret password)

    psssst it's not 314

  5. These Aridia miners are tedious. In addition to being bad at winning, they're bad at losing. The only skill they seem to have practiced is smack talk. It's rare to see a more wretched crowd of sniveling losers outside of AG.

    1. Lawrence you used to be so innocent. Now you are getting oh so salty.

    2. Miners are mand when you gank them, mad when you don't gank them and just try to chat, mad when you don't respond to their childish whine in local.

      Mad when everyone else is having fun playing EvE properly.

      The only way to make a hisec miner happy is to kill him until he sheds his cloak of aspirancy and learns to EvE properly, or goes back to wow.
      Either way, it's better for EvE.

      Help EvE today! Kill a miner!

      Not a minor, OK ag?

  6. wow antiganking is failing INCREDIBLY hard


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