Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kills of the Week

When it comes to highsec, who are the criminals and who are the police? Our Agents follow a Code and perform their enforcement actions proudly and openly, in public. The carebears try to remain as inconspicuous as possible (at least until they get caught), hiding themselves in dark corners. From this we can deduce that the New Order polices highsec and punishes the criminal carebears. Their foul crimes are recorded when they get ganked. Let's examine some of what our Agents brought to light during the week of August 7th @ 00:00 EVEtime through August 13th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

The Citadel expansion introduced new toys for the carebears to use--and abuse. The New Order had no choice but to break their toys, sending the carebears crying to CCP.

Custard Cowboys corp lost a Fortizar worth 13.6 billion isk; it was one of a handful of highsec Fortizars destroyed by our Agents this week. Thankfully, wardecs have not been removed from EVE. It seems that the Alpha Sleepers corp and their friends are beginning to use multiboxing in the wardec context as well. Agents Ben Li, Zuzu Aqua, Zahard Ignis, Kendra Katana, ElCholo, Chaos Maid, Viktor Vegas, Lukass Grey, ugly angel, Catherda, Space Miner Specialist, Tau Atreus, Indeep Doodoo, Yinthe Mann, big brutor one, big brutor two, Kayden Hein-Maloney, Kyler Hein-Maloney, Kaiden Hein-Maloney, Kaden Hein-Maloney, Kevin Hein-Maloney, Kyle Hein-Maloney, Keith Hein-Maloney, Kaleb Hein-Maloney, Rico Orlando, Ayla Nekorr, Biological Warfare, Lily Walrus, WitchGhost141, Toban Ray, Seth Annihilation, Krostopher Rocancourt, Velia Canus, Beliar Gray, Bob Painter, Winnie Po0h, Zula Terra, and Midgar brought an impressive array of firepower to the battle.

Reader, look closely at Gelvan Cadelanne's 407 million isk Megathron. I ask you, does suicide ganking need to be nerfed? After contemplating an an answer, read on:

In this instance, the Megathron was the would-be ganker. Agent Kalorned came under attack but managed to survive. The same couldn't be said of Gelvan's Megathron; its thick armor tank couldn't withstand CONCORD. Maybe the anti-Code people should ask for ganking to be buffed?

Recently, the Anti-Gankers celebrated the end of freighter ganking in highsec. But the freighter pilots themselves saw little cause for celebration. In the past week alone, at least 27 freighters and 3 jump freighters were incinerated by the New Order.

Among the casualties was Nathan Buelle, whose 9.2 billion isk jump freighter wilted under incoming fire from two dozen CODE. gankers. The Nomad actually had plenty of fuel for its jump drive, but his Code drive was bone dry. Therefore, he couldn't jump away. He died thanks to Agents Lament von Gankenheim, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Aaaarrgg, Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jayson Kusion, holdmybeer, Jeremiah Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Nitetime Video, GR13Fy, Alt 00, Rick Therapist, Carebears' Nightmare, Alt Proxy, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Marina Gankalot, Allise Soprano, Braggs Seyllin, Winnie Po0h, Jason Kusion, and Brutal Anna.

Het' Mastin had a 699 million isk Skiff. With over 50,000 hitpoints and the arrogance typical of Skiff pilots these days, he considered his ship to be invulnerable. Permit-less, AFK Skiffs have come under increasing scrutiny lately--but that's a story for another day. For now, it's enough to say that this particular blingy Skiff was annihilated by Agents Lawrence Lawton, Yumla Cos, Hulk Poddington, Mack Poddington, James Poddington, and Lisa Tancos.

Ania Varonova flew a combat ship, but she was just another carebear in disguise. Agents Jason Kusion, Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, and Jayson Kusion knew her for the hauler that she was. Only four Kusions on the killmail? They exercised restraint.

The Algos was carrying 3 PLEX for some reason. That's enough to feed three members of the Kusion family for a whole month.

Antal Marius tried some reverse psychology: Instead of trying to hide his blingy pod inside a cheap-looking ship, he put it in another tempting target, a Hulk. Agent Winnie Po0h had no reason to overthink things; our Agent simply killed the Hulk and the pod.

Among the implants was--you guessed it--a Michi's Excavation Augmentor. There's nowhere in highsec you can hide those things without our Agents finding them.


  1. The CODE always wins! Always!

    Praise James for his benevolent stewardship of high security space and the criminals who bot there!

  2. "When it comes to highsec, who are the criminals and who are the police?"

    That is an easy question to answer. The criminals are CODE an their ilk. The police is CONCORD.

  3. ANOTHER week of failure from antiganking? Yep XDxdddd lol!!!!

  4. Anon 836, please wait for proper permission to post. All non-agents are required to wait for permission to post or reply to comments.

    I now give permission for AG and other anons to post but please calm down before doing so.

    1. Nitetime is such a popcorn eater. Favourite popcorn flavor? Jizz from Soprano.

  5. Your anonymous post sounds like you are upset!

  6. Funny guy that lost 40 some billion ISK speaks up. Superhero that is you. Take some Ritalin! Ritalin is easy!

  7. Oh nice, looks like some carebears will soon be frothing at the mouth.

  8. But where oh where is Ming?

  9. CODE kills miners, ag kills minors.

    The classics are never not relevant


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