Thursday, August 4, 2016

Resist the Code by Obeying It, Part 1

When it comes to sportsmanship and fair play, no one else in EVE holds a candle to the New Order.
Bing Bangboom > no permit
Zuul Achura > permit? LOL
Zuul Achura > he was killed because he was profitable to kill
Bing Bangboom > Just wanted to be sure everyone knows they have to have one before they die.
Bing Bangboom > People claim they didn't know a lot
...Not that the carebears show any gratitude for it.

Even when judged by the standard of New Order Agents, Bing Bangboom is known for gentlemanly behavior and good conduct. Anti-Code rebels say we don't really care about the miners, but such cynicism can't easily survive an encounter with Bing. It's obvious he cares.
Zuul Achura > they dont HAVE to have one
Zuul Achura > can can just mine in a procurer and be unprofitable for you
Bing Bangboom > no... they can go without... and lose their ships
Bing Bangboom > we aren't in it for the ISK.
Zuul Achura, one of the skeptics who lived in Kino, revealed a total lack of understanding of the New Order. 'Twas time for Bing to educate him--and anyone else in local who might be listening.
FIONA LIA > what u are not in for the isk why do u sell them for 10mill isk then?
Zuul Achura > its not profitable for you to kill procudeds
Zuul Achura > so... you dont do it
Zuul Achura > its as safe (or more) than paying for a silly permit
Bing Bangboom > besides.... Kill: Dmac TM (Procurer)
Zuul argued that buying a Procurer was better than buying a permit. Although a Procurer is more expensive than a permit, Zuul was confident it would provide absolute safety. Bing debunked the claim, pulling an old Procurer kill at random from his killboard. The New Order has slaughtered countless Procurers and Skiffs over the years.
Nailah Yrisa > that means he was yellow and afk
Bing Bangboom > no, he wasn't
Zuul Achura > not profitablek if you lose the ishtar
Nailah Yrisa > afkers desrve to get ganked anyway
Bing Bangboom > he was at keyboard but without a permit.
hiporiko > Actually it was during a war dec
Bing Bangboom > tattletale.
hiporiko > :P
One way or another, justice is always served. The Code requires miners to tank their ships, but that's only one of the requirements. Yes, buying a Procurer is a good start. Still, it's no better than, for example, buying a permit while disobeying the rest of the Code.
Bing Bangboom > Still, no permit = dead
Bing Bangboom > If I chose it anyway
Zuul Achura > if thinking like that makes you happy, sure!
Bing Bangboom > It makes me very happy....
Bing Bangboom > Being the controlling authority in highsec is demanding but VERY rewarding in the end.
Zuul Achura > authority? really?
Few miners will ever be remembered in EVE, and even those who do gain fame must give all the credit to the New Order. Our Agents, on the other hand, instantly become rock stars.
Bing Bangboom > yes.
Bing Bangboom > You've read the Code, right?
Zuul Achura > no,k I dont care enough to.
Bing Bangboom > its at
Zuul Achura > as I said... I dont care enough to go read that
Bing Bangboom > You should read it... then you will know whats expected of you.
It's funny, isn't it? Gank a miner and he'll complain he wasn't warned about the Code. But when you tell a miner about the Code, he won't read it. This suggests that all of the allegedly un-warned miners deserve to be ganked. As I said, justice is always served in highsec.
Zuul Achura > I won't read. thanks
Bing Bangboom > so you won't say "Nobody told me" when we come for you.
Zuul Achura > you are welcomt to try to get me without a wardec
Zuul Achura > you can do it, but im not profitable
Bing Bangboom > I see you think I have the same mindset as you. I'm not a miner... I don't think in terms of ISK about everything.
At a moment like this, a New Order Agent's empathy always shines through. Bing truly felt sorry for the miner.
Zuul Achura > anyone in a procurer is safe
Zuul Achura > no need to pay silly permits
FIONA LIA > no he doesent he is just the campane leader, he doesent fight, he make his dogs do that for him
FIONA LIA > If all the miner´s stop mining Eve Will die
Zuul pitifully clung to the idea that Procurers provide total safety, despite having seen otherwise with his own eyes. Meanwhile, FIONA LIA, lacking faith in Procurers, embraced nihilism instead.
Zuul Achura > Bing Bangboom your alliance (CODE.) has many billionaire kills
Bing Bangboom > I am not in CODE.
FIONA LIA > ohh i have thing i read about this
Zuul Achura > you are just a poor lad who targets easy target newbies in 10k tank barges
Bing Bangboom > I am an Agent of the New Order.
CaCi-A 001Me > why are you guys even paying attention to that nerd?
Bing Bangboom > because I am talking is why
Every once in a long while, someone will suggest that everyone just ignore the New Order, as if that would make us "go away". It wouldn't work even if attempted--and it can't be attempted. We're too darn relevant.
FIONA LIA > U only declar war against low people corp that are doing mining. And then ccp wont kill u, since u are in war. Isent that it?
Nailah Yrisa > FIONA LIA nicely done
FIONA LIA > And u can´t do it against Deep Core Mining Inc. , if u could u will be hunte every wher u go,
Bing Bangboom > I wardec non-compliant corps and alliances
Bing Bangboom > but its true... I can't wardec people who hide in NPC corps
FIONA LIA > but u are doing the same thing, useing your dogs do your so called work, Sorry your scam
FIONA cursed Bing for using the wardec mechanic. Fellow misguided miner Nailah Yrisa cheered FIONA for her deductive skills.
Bing Bangboom > It just makes sense that if someone is so "low" they can't defend themselves they should do what someone higher up tells them.
Bing Bangboom > and you can't get higher up than the New Order.
Zuul Achura > you choose to kill them
Zuul Achura > I choose to talk them into a procurer
Zuul Achura > your choice makes you pretty low on my measure
Bing Bangboom > Flying a procurer in highsec means we've already beaten you.
Bing quickly checked his privilege and found that as an Agent he was privileged indeed. Then he dropped a logic bomb: Whenever an isk-crazy carebear switches from yield to tank, it's a defeat for bot-aspirancy and a victory for the Code. And Zuul was advocating it! How would the rebels and skeptics respond to this revelation?

To be continued...


  1. Bing bangboom one of my favourite agents!

  2. "Flying a procurer in highsec means we've already beaten you."

    Factual and easy to quantify, and yet the hatred in the carebear will blind him to this very simple and obvious fact.

    They should be thanking CODE, instead ag are nasty, bitter little people who lie about and try to belittle those better than themselves.

    Know thy station carebear scum!

    Remove hisec today, send this carebear trash back to wow!

  3. I ganked one miner yesterday and the tears we awesome. He put a 500 mill bounty on my corp and hired mercs to come after us. It was great.

    1. Looks like the Code has defeated you. Watch the addiction to the tear collection son. Its a slippery slope that will lead you to a insatiable thirst to troll everyone you meet at an increasing frequency. Good luck but I probably think you are lost.

    2. I have a slight feeling that you are not really Zopic

  4. Enough time has passed. I now give my official permission for AG and their ilk to post. Please calm down before doing so.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

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