Monday, August 1, 2016

The Birth of Civilization, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned made a big splash in the Abudban system. He faced many obstacles: Insults, propaganda, treacherous attempts on his life, and the studied ignorance of the highsec carebear. Through it all, Kalorned never gave up. And he seemed to be winning some support.

Ganked miner Ibsen Lowe continued to rant in local.

Ibsen railed against the Code. For some reason, he imagined that all good gankers must have weight problems. In fact, the available evidence suggests that our Agents are highly disciplined in every aspect of their lives. The same cannot be said of the bots and bot-aspirants.

When Abudban residents sided with Kalorned, Ibsen bristled. He wasn't AFK mining, he insisted; he was busy reading articles and "doing shit for event". If true, every day highsec would be filled with events arranged by the miners.

Kalorned recorded his thoughts: I attempted to talk with him rationally, but I failed. It seems he left in a huff. It's interesting that the miners' base senses, such as sight, completely fail them when they lose a ship. Local was clearly populated with individuals, but Ibsen seems to have thought it was empty. Could he actually be blind?

The next day, Kalorned returned to Abudban once again:

I'm fortunate that today I have time in the morning to enforce a bit; I normally can't be available during this time to connect with the miners. Oh, dear... There are quite a few illegal mining operations going on here.

Kalorned's activities prompted a conversation in local between two Russian miners. Our Agent enlisted the help of Google Translate:

The miners are so confused they continue to turn on themselves. dem dem231 thinks that Drejik is hunting him... I'm glad they were able to resolve the confusion quickly.

As it often does, the presence of the New Order inspired a philosophical debate. As the two argued, Drejk Burn began to sound more French than Russian.

It seems that while they both dislike my actions, Drejk has his head on straight and, based on the translation, it seems he's being the rational voice in the conversation--admitting the game was designed for the sort of activities I engage in. dem dem, on the other hand, is making known his desire for more nerfs.
Svipull > Hopefully, everybody is aware - that the CODE. miner-explosion-team is back in RENS, this local and +
Svipull > this pilot Kalorned is their scout...
Jhani Bralhast > ohnoes
Kai Ornulf > and bumper and blocker
Svipull > Kai Ornulf... sry but yes, you are right.
Svipull > I advise the young miner - don't mine actually, do something else - New Eden has many solar systems
Svipull turned up, poor soul. As with Remyo, though, he seems to be doling out good advice today, advising the miners to do anything else but mine.

As Svipull broadcasted news about Kalorned's every movement, the Russians continued their debate about the nature of EVE.

dem dem231 cursed CONCORD for not providing an umbrella of absolute safety for PvE'ers. Drejk took a more existential view of things.

And so it was that Kalorned witnessed the ideological seeds of the Code being spread across highsec, even in a conversation between two Russian miners. Even more marvelous, self-styled Anti-Gankers like Svipull were encouraging newbies not to mine. The New Order's cultural victory is assured--even our enemies fight on our behalf! Much moved, Kalorned returned to his journal:

I'm going to end my journal here. Drejk displayed an unusual understanding of the underlying concepts of the game, compared to most miners. I can only hope that he is a trendsetter for the other residents of Abudban. Perhaps this sector of space will become great again yet. Unfortunately, even after a week of searching, I have yet to find... whatever it is I was searching for. I know I would feel it when I found it, and for this reason I know it's not here. I will continue what I do, however. One day I will find it.


  1. Don't forget your Ritalin codies. Ritalin is easy.

  2. More examples of hisec miners acting like spoiled children because someone wants to play EvE the proper way. Good job Agent!

    ag fully supports RL threats of violence against people who make the most of the pvp sandbox.

    Do you want to be threatened with life and limb for playing a game? Let CCP know today that you want these ag criminals removed from our glorious EVE.

    1. You are a fucking retard.

    2. 735 thanks for your tears. You sound like a hisec minerbot. We are laughing at you.

  3. 6 parts of antiganking failing to stop the code. Glorious!

    1. 6 parts, 60 parts, ag will fail every time as long as they support evil.

    2. Four catalysts enter the Angymonne system, looking for a victim. They spot a retriever and go in for the kill. The result?:

      Four dead gankers, and one saved retriever miner. And whilst CONCORD may have, indeed, been the agency inflicting the DPS; however, the object here was not to kill the gankers, but to deny them *their* kill. Wolfie like to drone on and on about "antiganking failing to stop the code". That's pretty easy to do, of course, when someone selectively ignores the many occasions when you have your ass kicked up between your ears.

      ~Armand Patrouette

    3. Armandanon, what was the miners name? Surely you remember the name of the pilot you saved. Did he offer you thanks? Did it look like this "1001001100101001100101011010"?

      Why would you admit to protecting RL criminals? All hisec miners can do when pvp'd is make threats of RL violence, or use the most vulgar language.

      Carebears continually petition CCP to ban players that are trying to play the game correctly. They will threaten RL lawsuits and threats of ddos in one breath, and petition the ganker (good guy) with another.

      I know you think you have a point with those concord killmails, but the real point of EvE is lost on you.

      I don't understand why someone would protect hisec miners in EvE, they have been proven time and again to be selfish, murderous, cowardly, foul of language, and otherwise nasty people creating a toxic environment in eve.

      If you want to whore on killmails, i guess thats fine, but bragging about saving a single afk hisec miner is sad, friend.

    4. Arman, the target still died though -

    5. When Loyal started this game he was a starry-eyed pod pilot with dreams of building his legacy as an ace combat pilot, something he learned very fast.

      Over exposure to hisec carebears made him the cold-blooded killer he is today. If that could happen to the great Loyalanon, what will it do to you?

      One retriever "saved"! lulzy! what about these guys?

      Where was ag for those bots?

    6. Lulz, the target still died! XD

      Amand, friend, you are one downsey fool if you think you have proven anything. You actually thought you did something lol.
      Your killboard is lulzy.

      Still dodging wardecs?

  4. 'Armand Patrouette' added to the list of people that support RL violence, rape, and child murder over the loss of shit fit mining barge.

    Anyone else want to make a public proclamation supporting greasy hisec botminers?

    And did i read somewhere that Armand has incestuous sex with his cousin, and bragged about it?

    looks like this Armand is a hypocrite. Failed to get into CODE because he smelled like a rat, now all he can do is whore on npc killmails. And he thinks he stopped a miner from dying. Postponed maybe, but he didn't save anyone.

    GF concord! XD

    This is what a hisec carebear looks like. He should join the hisec failitia.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. I mined for 12+ hours this past weekend, afk in a high sec system. Where oh where was an agent?

    1. I drove over the speed limit on the freeway for over two hours yesterday and didn't get a single ticket! I guess there aren't any police, and I'll never get caught. Or maybe I didn't do anything illegal, because no one caught me.


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