Saturday, August 6, 2016

Resist the Code by Obeying It, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Bing Bangboom challenged the miners of Kino to do the right thing and buy a mining permit for all their characters. The bot-aspirants refused. Paradoxically, they encouraged each other to buy Procurers, which cost more than permits. And as Bing pointed out, sacrificing yield for tank is required by the Code--making it a strange method of resistance indeed.
Tipard Skaletta > Bing Bangboom I have already told your friend: player loses 10-15kk ISK, and 10 minutes of his time, a sense of fear you or pay you, doing stupid code?
Zuul Achura > or... those who are not aware of the procurer
Zuul Achura > 5x more tank than the ret / cov
FIONA LIA > Dude its only a ship
FIONA LIA > they are targeting new pilots to pay them, since they know older players wont pay isis that 10mill
Agent Bing docked up and went AFK. He didn't plan to return to his keyboard for several hours. Though he was absent, the conversation in Kino still revolved around him.
Zuul Achura > exatly
Zuul Achura > my way of fighting back is to have a 5 min chat with the new miner and tell him how to fit a procurer
Zuul Achura > and we win ^_^
FIONA LIA > hehe
Bing's immortal statement, "Flying a procurer in highsec means we've already beaten you," drifted away from the miners' consciousness like a pleasant dream. They were already back to square one. They'd learned nothing.
FIONA LIA > Did mister isis fall asleep?? Bing Bangboom
CaCi-A 001Me > nah, he is rallying troops to get you
FIONA LIA > ahh well, its part of the game for him. he can´t do the work alone. he need his fellow dogs to assist him
FIONA LIA > In the end the miner´s will win
I've often observed that the local channels of highsec--outside of the major trade hubs--had always been silent before the New Order brought them to life. Our Agents make highsec active and filled with content. Even when an Agent leaves the system, some of that spark can still be felt.
Ardilla Kado > just like M00, code will eventually just fall apart because of big egos
FIONA LIA > Well he will always be rembere as mister isis Bing Bangboom
FIONA LIA > i think he will be fired as a Agent soon Bing Bangboom
FIONA LIA > i allmost feel sad for him. Trying his best to scam miner´s. and use the isk to make his bounty higher. or his corp. No one will put a bounty on a Corp
More than 40 minutes after Bing's departure, he remained the only topic of conversation. Highsec is entirely dependent on us.
FIONA LIA > is he finaly dead.. Oh w8 maby he is stuck in toilet or something.
FIONA LIA > Hey Mr isis should i get a hulk so u can try kill it :O
Maxance > can I have an invite for the ice harvesting boost please? I'll tip
FIONA LIA > what is your cd on Ice Harvester II ? Maxance
CaCi-A 001Me > having lunch, laters
An hour after Bing left, Kino was feeling the effects of having its lifeblood drained away. There was nothing worth discussing or thinking about other than the Code. They really needed an Agent to guide the conversation, though.
Rawdawg83 > hey um dumb question, can a orca mine ice?
Monov > orca cannot fit ice harvester
Rawdawg83 > ah i see
Garry Defer > .¤¤¤ Giving away ISK for every player ¤¤¤¤¤¤ My Wallet API ¤¤¤ Read rules in my BIO ¤¤¤
Kino remained a well-populated system. But over the next several hours, there was barely a flicker of light. The system went dark.
FIONA LIA > Evening lady´s
FIONA LIA > fack wrong fit
Rushin Uponya > Evening lady.
FIONA LIA > well hello
FIONA LIA > I see mr Isis is still hidding in station 13
Seven hours later, conversation in local finally resumed. The topic? The only one available: Agent Bing Bangboom of the New Order.
Liaden Korval > If you mean Bing Bangboom he had been at school all day
Liaden Korval > unless he was home sick or playing hooky
FIONA LIA > really, i gues he did´t learn anything
FIONA LIA > did he try to scam his teacher for not doing any home work
Without a live Agent to speak to, the miners thirsted for content. They could only speculate about Bing and what his amazing life must be like.
Liaden Korval > He'll probably grow up to be a politician or work for the IRS.
FIONA LIA > i dont think he will ever grow up
FIONA LIA > what are u doing Fredrich Urban ?
Fredrich Urban > Trying to make some money on exploration sites
Monov > better luck mining
FIONA LIA > yes dont be scamed by this isis person Bing Bangboom
All roads lead to the Code. Every other conversation, no matter what the initial topic, inevitably found its way back to the New Order. People accuse the New Order of being publicity-hungry, but in reality, the carebears make sure we're at the center of attention regardless of what we do.
Monov > did he scam you Fiona?
FIONA LIA > Haha hell no
FIONA LIA > the funny part is, he only declar war against smaller corp he know´s he can win against
Monov > he doesnt fight them
Monov > he just makes you stop undocking
Monov > so you cant mine
Like all carebears, those who mined in Kino always flipped back and forth between pretending the Code is irrelevant and complaining about its inescapable influence.
Liaden Korval > Hoever, is you see Donkii aka Stealth Knight she/he/it can. They use GankTime and I have seen them use up to 10? 11? bots.
Liaden Korval > They can kill a skiff or poorly fit orca
Monov > the way he ganks is iliegal
Monov > hes using a program to control them all
Monov > noone reports him though
Liaden Korval > Good luck getting CCP to do anything about it
Kino eventually returned to sleep, though not after accusing GankTime (a CODE. corp at the time) of cheating. Upon reviewing the log, Bing Bangboom gained a new appreciation for how much highsec relies upon the New Order for its nourishment. The carebears may not like us, but even they must know that they need us.


  1. AG, you now have permission to post.

  2. The relevance of the New Order is astounding. Truly the envy of Eve Online's community!

  3. Once again, code has failed to keep me from mining to my heart's content with a yield fitted hulk and no permit. So once again, today, I have won, and code has lost. Try again harder. LOL

    1. Lol.. you sure showed us.. mining all that ore anonymously without proof :P.

    2. Lol i love it when these sperglords claim to do anything without proof. This site is a repository of proof concerning the hisec carebear ag and how fail they are. And yet they flock here like it was mecca, posting lies and empty claims of 'do what i want'.

      What will they claim after CCP removes highsec and bans their nasty child murdering asses?

      ag is not a movement, it's a disease.

  4. Silly miners, how small their minds are.

    1. It's inbreedng, causes cross-eyed babies with pointy skulls.
      I guess technically it's not even their fault.

  5. Such simpletons that cannot seperate gameplay from RL terrorists. It's a good thing these carebears stay locked up in a room playing mining sims all day, they would never make it out in the real world.

    All BBB had to do was log in and walk away, and he provided them with more content than they would ever be capable of generating as afk miners.

    Good job Agent. Maybe these minerbots will now see how futile it is to resist the CODE!

  6. I read over the chat logs and it strikes me that FIONIA LIA, and Liaden Korval, and Zuul Achura seem very immature, or very very young. They try to make themselves feel better about their impotence by slandering BBB.

    BBB has been nothing but professional, concise, truthful, and helpful. All while playing EvE properly. But the aggrieved players still insist on acting juvenile. (And no i am not counting the obvious non-english speaker, although he is acting rather silly alao)

    Carebears scream and rail and swear that Agents can't tell them how to play, all the while blinded to the fact that if they are playing in hisec and fitting for tank over yeild, the CODE has already effected them.

    If they were truly "do what i want"-ing they would be afk mining in anti-tanked retrievers all day, not hiding in stations bleating about flying procurers.

    Is this really the state of our population today? Is our collective I.Q. this low?

    It seems that due to over population, and a general attitude of "everyone has a right to exist" that we, as a group, are becoming very stupid.

    Remove high sec and save our species!

  7. I always enjoy reading miners who think they are tough in game!!!

  8. You know, even though you have your trolls and followers dominating the chat here, it is quite easy to see who the real troll is...

    I mean, you have some good points, like fit more tank and dont go full yield, but mostly you're just insane like not allowing people to AP or extorting 10M ISK from new players (hint: when you are a new player like me, 10M is a fucking lot).

    I may have gone AP from time to time when travelling systems, but not so I can leave the comp, but so I can read more both ingame and on the internet about this game, so I can become better and know what to choose next for my skill/ship! And guess what, I might mine/fly in highsec like half the time, but as a new player I kinda wanna build up at least some capital that I can stand on later. What's the point in rushing an expensive attack ship and run into nullsec only to be blasted by someone who has played this for years and will easily kill me with superior fittings and skill?

    So yeah, go ahead and kill miners, hell even afk-miners, as they annoy me as well (I've several times thought I would be able to just drone an afk to death who is sitting beside me in an asteroid field) but for the love of god don't hide your reason for it. If you wanna be a cunt, be it, but don't pretend like you're doing it for any other reason than being a cunt.


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