Saturday, August 27, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #113

One of Bug 5150's alts lost a 399 million isk pod to Agent Marina Gankalot. How would he respond?

...By inaugurating the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag. Welcome!

Metaphorically speaking, the Code is one big prompt. Still, I can see JF Tanaka's point. CCP should add the Code to the tutorial, or maybe have it broadcasted whenever a player enters highsec--similar to those criminal notifications you see.

Even the rebels expect me to walk on water.

Bug was back at it again. Rick Therapist isn't called a therapist for nothing. With over 4,000 kills to his name, you can just imagine how many miners he's had to counsel.

Bug said he couldn't get any calmer. This raises a disturbing question: What if all the miners we deal with are already on their best behavior?

Regardless, we expect better from the miners. If they're having trouble calming down, they can at least start with a 10 million isk payment.

CEO sammy far received a wardec warning. This time, however, the notification didn't involve a request to expel a corp member...

...The entire corp was ordered to disband due to its inappropriate name. There are children in highsec, you know.

A funny thing about carebears: They all demand the benefits of taxation, but none of them want to pay.

You'd think everybody knew mining isn't fun, but as we'll see, apparently it's a hotly debated issue.

Agent Super Perforator was helping some people learn how to mine properly in highsec. The ISD members in local had other ideas.

(Luckily, some people set a better example.)

Your ISDs, ladies and gentlemen. Ruining the official EVE forums and encouraging new players to think that mining is the most fun EVE has to offer.

Rayne Hamataro was idling in a frigate when he was popped at the gate by Agent Aaaarrgg. Rayne then got an idea. What if he could hunt down the man who ganked him?

Though Rayne was unable to catch Aaaarrgg and exact his revenge, a new world had opened to him: The world of EVE as it is meant to be played. Judging by Rayne's experience, it's more fun than mining.


  1. Yawn boooooooring

    1. If you are bored, you could try reading the hisec militia blog that no one reads. Maybe you could help them reach 100 hits by the end of the year.

    2. Nitetime video trying to stay relevant. Go get yourself some Ritalin! It's easy! Snigie figured it out and he is so much happier now!

    3. It's true, Ritalin is amazin.

  2. Not on Ritalin it's not! Ritalins easy!

  3. Its funny the isds say minings fun because before they were isd's they were carebears or big bad nullsec guys from providence lel

    1. Amarr local went downhill that day. It's like the air got hot and sticky... like fudge.

    2. Like fudge.....

      Welp, that's hisec for ya.

  4. Hisec does rule the carebears, and CODE rules hisec.

    Hail James 315! The premier tear collector in New Eden!
    Need a quik pick-me-up? Just drop James' name in any populated hisec system and soon your cup will overflow on fresh, rich shitterbot tears.

    Just send 19,995,000 isk to James and he will double your fun! That's right, for a limited time, when you use James' name in hisec you will get 2x the tears from butthurt failbots! That's 2x the wailing and gnashing!

    Order now!

  5. is Bug5150´s statement to have smoked a joint a wrong interpretation of High Sec then? would a permit allow for this?

  6. "Even the rebels expect me to walk on water."

    I laughed!

  7. Gawddamm! Why do we even have isds? That one dumb shit was PROMOTING mining in a pvp game.

    So, CCP will just let any retard be an isd huh?

    Remove isds now! Save EvE from the bots!

  8. OMG!!! I'd pay 10M isk for a GENUINE Real Life CODE mining Permit!!


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