Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bingo Bango

Nullsec alliances are obsessed with "supers". They spend more time thinking about supers than actually using them in combat. Indeed, they rarely make an appearance in combat unless dog-piling a ship that can't shoot back.

Super Perforator is a different kind of super. She is an Agent of the New Order and a devastatingly effective ganker. One of her most finely honed crafts: the art of ganking Ventures. It's a noble practice and a classic example of elite PvP. Thus, Super Perforator is far more relevant than a fleet of nullsec supers.

Super scored a huge victory against Kor Herald's triple Civilian Shield Booster Venture. Impressively, the battle took place in the Amarr system. The busy trade hub was filled with spectators, any one of whom could've tried to intervene. None did.
Super Perforator > Kor Herald Kill: Kor Herald (Venture) no permit! www.minerbumping.com
Kor Herald > dickless griefer
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > you dont need a permit
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > just watch d-scan
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > and be careful
Kor Herald > i know
In such a bustling environment, Super had an excellent opportunity to collect Miner Bingo quotes, along with the minor miner clich├ęs that don't have a place of honour on the official Bingo card. How many can you spot?
Kor Herald > just some random douchebag preying on mining ships
Super Perforator > flying 20km towards the target..... he not being careful
Goat The-Admiral > as soon has those venture gankers go on grid just bounce
Mei-Xing Karn > Why not buy a permit? They're very affordable.
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > because CODE does not control ganking in eve
The Venture pilot claimed he'd been careful, but Super had slow-boated his way over to the Venture long before opening fire. Miners are a lot more likely to tell lies than to use a D-scanner.
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > it would make sense if they were the owners or dictated who ganked
Goat The-Admiral > they think they do
Vorew Vokimdra > Paying CODE is like paying for herpes...
Super Perforator > Permits are better value for money
Amarr public opinion was split. Some felt that mining permits were well worth the 10 million isk fee. Others were wrong.
Mei-Xing Karn > You get herpes through being incautious - the same way you got here. You pay to make up for your lack of caution : )
Kor Herald > why would anyone buy a permit?
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > paying 10m isk is just avoiding what will happen
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > is what they say
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > but if they want you dead they will kill you
Unsurprisingly, highsec miners are an overcautious breed. They always worry, "What if I pay and they gank me anyway?" They should be asking themselves, "What if they don't gank me?"
Kor Herald > what im saying is, what i lost had no value
Kor Herald > it is easily replaced
Kor Herald > why would anyone fund your deluded permit scheme?
Super Perforator > Kor Herald not my scheme.... James 315
The name of James 315 is itself an instrument which may be employed for all sorts of purposes. Drop it in local and watch what happens.
Dereck Inurick > Let's just tell it like it is, guys: CODE sells permits and then immediately kills them. They're a farce at best and banably offensive at the worst.
Kor Herald > James some kind of chief of these privateers?
Kor Herald > go venture out into my main accounts regions and try it lol
Super Perforator > Kor Herald you a big boy outside of high sec?
The "helpless newbie" in a Venture suddenly transformed, bragging about a powerful nullsec alt. Another resident of Amarr suggested that the CODE. alliance ought to be permabanned from EVE. The moment my name was mentioned, everyone's emotions were heightened.
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > if you make it very unprofitable for them, or any ganker. They will more then likely leave you alone
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > unless its for lulz
Super Perforator > or for James
Kor Herald > random group of selfish pricks take over a new player area and force martial law?
Kor Herald > i bet they're Trump supporters too....
Despite of the passage of time, Kor's anger intensified. He was so angry that he forgot he wasn't a "new player". (Of note, for many miners Donald Trump is quickly taking Hitler's place.)
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > well dont let real life pour into this
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > they are people too
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > they are just bored
Kor Herald > they are just pixels on a screen. the are not relevant or important in any way, shape or form
Super Perforator > bored? some of the bet times I have had have been reinforcing the law of high sec
Kor questioned the relevance of the New Order and its Agents. Yet they were all he could think about. Calling us unimportant had become the most important thing to him.
Dereck Inurick > Frankly if your idea of getting not-bored is "be a pain in the ass for someone" you aren't worth the genetic material spent to make you.
Kor Herald > Eve is dying. and these dickless wonders are certainly not helping by forcing new players out of this area
Kor Herald > these guys are a waste of server resources, bandwidth and frankly our oxygen
Mere seconds after saying our Agents were "not relevant or important in any way," Kor accused them of killing EVE Online.
Super Perforator > Kor Herald ganking improves new player retention..... see Fanfest 2015 security presentation (try to ignore the hair)
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > it would be boring if CODE was not around
Daniel Leverquin > code are bunch of kiddos
Super Perforator > Daniel Leverquin as are our grandchildren
Super casually debunked the old carebear myth about gankers scaring away new players. Few things have wounded our enemies so deeply as CCP Rise's Fanfest presentation.
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > just mind your own business and give them no reason to pursue you
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > especially when they hang around GSF
Kor Herald > but the amount of players who must leave straight away thinking the whole game is like this region must be quite vast
Super Perforator > no not vast
Kor couldn't help but be skeptical about CCP's claims that ganking improves new player retention. CCP itself was skeptical, too, hence all of the studies they paid for. They could've saved themselves some much-needed money if they'd simply taken my word for it.
Kor Herald > clearly not, as theres few new registtrations these days
Daniel Leverquin > I killed a few CODE.
Daniel Leverquin > easy peasy
Xiang Tsung > code can kiss my expletive I mine where I want when I want they have a problem with it they can take a long look down the end of my main's battleships guns
One possible explanation for the decline in nullsec PvP satisfaction: All of the most fearsome nullsec combat pilots are busy mining on their highsec alts and threatening our Agents.
Dereck Inurick > Just set 'em to ignore and let them have thier fun. Eventually CCP will put the foot down, as a business, by either pulling the plug or initiating a banwave larger than the last one in Overwatch.
Dereck Inurick > Regardless of which the tears will be glorious
Matrosov Glengoski Razyashchiy > idk if ccp will do that
The people of Amarr indulged in speculation about whether CCP might ban all the gankers in order to save EVE. But as CCP's studies demonstrated, that's not how you save EVE. You save EVE by saving highsec. And I would think that by now, we've all learned the one and only way that can be accomplished.


  1. Wow antiganking cant even protect ventures what makes them think they can protect a freighter xdxdxdddd

    1. Catalyst BringtearsAugust 30, 2016 at 6:43 PM

      Because if they are AG they don't think at all :D

  2. Failing daily, failing hard.
    It is the anti-ganking way!

  3. I am 100% certain that Donald Trump would be an Agent of the New Order if he were not too busy Making America Great Again.

    1. Somebody had to say it. I agree. Maybe we could get him recruited after the election.
      He will be looking for something to do.


    2. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundAugust 31, 2016 at 11:21 PM

      I thought the President Trump toon was already a ganker or a scout or pirate or something.

  4. "One possible explanation for the decline in nullsec PvP satisfaction: All of the most fearsome nullsec combat pilots are busy mining on their highsec alts and threatening our Agents."

    That explains everything.

    Thanks for the lulz James. This site is by far the best, most relevant, EvE related site.

  5. He has a main account...no he's a noob. CODE is irrelevant...no, they're killing the game. He's not mad...but, he's ranting and name calling in local. Daniel Leverquin brags about killing a few CODE...he has one CONCORD whoring kill woohoo.

    No wonder AG is failing so far non stop daily...hard to get anything done when you're schizo

    1. Thats downs concentrate.

      Extra stregnth. Like a chimp.


  6. the quote "One possible explanation for the decline in nullsec PvP satisfaction: All of the most fearsome nullsec combat pilots are busy mining on their highsec alts and threatening our Agents."
    inspired this


    1. I accidentally deleted that, here's a new one

    2. Hi Fiddly; nice one! Glad to see you're still beavering away there!

  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundAugust 31, 2016 at 11:10 PM

    Miner hilariously claims powerful nullsec alt lmfao. My nullsec miners had to be bribed with PLEX to mine in hisec to recruit more slaves for building our titans - and they'd be in a fleet while our ganker corp farmed them.

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