Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Funeral for CODE., Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... New Order spies infiltrated the toxic Anti-Ganking channel. Among other surprising revelations contained in the leaked logs: Anti-Gankers declared the end of CODE.!

Grant Halliday lamented the departure of the CODE. alliance. Though he'd always opposed the practice of freighter ganking, he was almost sad to see it go.

Waxing nostalgic, some Anti-Gankers shared stories about CODE.'s big win at the Alliance Tournament in 2014. As usual, they were uncertain about the details, despite having access to the excellent resource that is MinerBumping.

Days later, Abudban carebear Svipull wandered into the Anti-Ganking channel. He was concerned that anti-Code forces lacked the organization needed to combat ganking. Other Anti-Gankers readily agreed: They were having great difficulty stopping any ganks.

Other Anti-Gankers complained bitterly about the game mechanics involved. Despite years of endless nerfs to ganking, the anti-Code crowd genuinely believes the deck is stacked against them. It might even take more than One More Nerf™ to restore balance!

No one involved in the conversation suggested that CODE. had already been defeated or had even diminished in power. Quite the opposite: They took for granted that the New Order dominates highsec and is driving people away from EVE in droves.

Then they accused the New Order of cherry-picking CCP's data and spinning the results. Like so much else that Anti-Gankers believe, this, too, is demonstrably false. We didn't take data points and come up with a conclusion; we merely reported CCP's own conclusion from their own research. According to CCP Rise, CCP expected the opposite of what their research showed. Their studies pushed CCP in the opposite direction of their biases--repeatedly.
"We have tried and tried to validate the myth that griefing has a pronounced affect on new players. We have failed."
-- CCP Rise
It's true that people can spin. But CCP was predisposed to spin in the other direction. The evidence was so overwhelming that they were forced to admit that we, not the carebears, were right. And we in the New Order merely reported CCP's announcement; no spin or data interpretation needed on our part.

The carebears returned to the subject of Anti-Ganker organization. If you've ever wondered why, in four years, the anti-Code forces have failed to organize, look no further: It took less than a minute for one of their own to pour cold water all over the idea. Tailsko didn't enjoy hunting gankers as much as he enjoyed AFK mining.

Svipull had a vision of an entire highsec highway policed by Anti-Gankers. Imagine the possibilities!

...But Styx Saken joined in dampening Svipull's enthusiasm. He claimed that the Anti-Gankers already had plenty of security patrolling those areas. There was no danger of being ganked in Uedama. Not with the Anti-Gankers on the case.

Svipull's fanaticism was not enough to make him want to go to Gallente or Minmatar highsec, though.

More great intel from the Anti-Ganking crew: The New Order is preparing to invade southern nullsec.

The Anti-Ganking brain trust concluded their meeting on a pessimistic note. The triumphalism of previous days was nowhere in evidence. This is only to be expected. The anti-Code rebels have long been whipsawed by two contradictory ideas: That the New Order is irrelevant and powerless, and that it's so powerful and influential that it's ruining EVE. The truth, of course, is that the New Order is powerful and influential--and that it uses its power and influence to save highsec and honour the principles upon which EVE Online was founded. And it always will. Always.


  1. That chat is some lulzy downs.

    I dont even know where to start. (and apparently the ag folks don't either)

    How in the hell can a single group of players be so predictably wrong. I think the entire ag movement is just one big troll perpetrated by ganker alts.

    These is no way these ag people can be that stupid. I mean the dipshit with the skewed data theory, no one is that stupid. It's like a farce.

    1. Well, I'm not wrong. The data from the point of view of CODE. is skewed, and horribly. Now, the quote in this article is quite factual, the skewing I'm making reference to is where this very blog tried to claim that being ganked improves retention rates, as seen here,

      Now, I have in my back pocket two stories where people quit from a gank. This is two out of goodness only knows how many, but the real 'farce' is in claiming that getting ganked (even if that claim is shadowed by saying 'killed' in general) improves retention.

      -Tailsko of EvE

    2. You have an interesting killboard.
      It seems that the New Order has given you a purpose besides mindless mining in Hisec.

      On another note, you should publish those two stories on the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    3. Quoting you Tailsko

      "If i really wanted i could prove that eating peeps while mining and standing on your head improves retention rates for the game"

      No. No you could not, and if you think you can, prove it. Do a study on new players eating peeps while mining and whatever other nonsense you were spewing. Do it, or your opinion is invalid.

      You sound like a simpleton trying real hard to sound knowledgeable about something you 'think' should be possible. The fact is you have not the ecucation nor the I.Q. to do what you claim.

      I got as far as 'peeps' and then realized that you are just another lost carebear playing the wrong game.

    4. 1239
      Those 2 stories you have about the quitters, proof or you are lying.

      The only skewing going on here is your understanding of the data. But we expext that from hisec carebears.

      About the 2 quitters again (if you aren't lying), EvE is not for everyone, I got more respect for the quitters accepting that they were not able to play EvE properly than for willfully ignorant fails that just won't leave.

  2. I have been saying it for years, you cannot 'fix' or 'educate' or 'correct' carebears. They only way to make them understand is to gank them. Repeatedly. Until they quit carebearing and leave hisec, or just plain quit.
    Either way, they need a good killin!

    I'm doing my part, are you

  3. So OCD is a preferable trait for a CHODE. agent?

    1. Hey Corky! You so special ;)

    2. Ritalin! Daily! Ritalin is easy!

  4. In the 1930's, Germany began rounding up undesirables and deviants. They collected and placed them in concentrated areas, and soon had people working hard on a solution.
    The problem Germany had was that there were so many of those types, and Germany took a somewhat lax approach in dealing with them, that soon Germany was overrun and out of options.

    Don't let Germany's mistake repeat itself! Kill all carebears! Now! Before we are overrun with them, and their lack of morals kills EvE!

  5. These were great episodes!

    AG are wackos!



  6. antiganking chat is always good for a laugh

    1. Stick to the Ritalin daily regiment bud. Ritalin is easy!

  7. "New Order spies infiltrated . . . Anti-Ganking channel"

    Must be incredibly hard, and require a great deal of cunning and skill, to "infiltrate" a public, open channel. Kudos to your ninja spies!

    Just wondering how toxic CODE's channel must be . . . oh . . . wait . . . *that* channel is private. And so is their forum, the one with the sub-forum named "Tear Jar", where they discuss ways and means of intentionally provoking rage in victims, and then riotously laughing over the responses they provoke.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is CODE.

    1. Our in game channel is only private by the most literal definition. In reality if one were to read the "Become An Agent" tab by clicking it on the navigation bar of the minerbumping homepage they would see in big bold text the channel name and password for access (

      I remember the gold ol' days when we didn't hand out the password so openly, it at least took 2 brain cells to work out what the password was. Oh well, time marches on :)

    2. Lol this guy couldn't crack our top secret password! Lmao


    3. We really need to increase our security! This is a major breach! What if they get a hold of the schedule!?!

    4. Holy shit! Anon941 is that stupid! XD

      I posted earlier that i could not believe that ag carebears were that stupid, and he had to try and convince me.

      op success 941. I now believe.

      You know what else you can do to get the secret password 941? You can evemail James! I did a couple years ago when i started, and he replied promptly. Been in that chan ever since.

      I joined ag chat at the same time, voiced the opinion that ag should try harder to get folks into player corps and working as teams if they wanted to fight CODE effectively, and got kicked out all in less time than it took to decide to join the ganker community.

      You ag people deserve each other.

    5. What about the forum? What is the password for that?

  8. Keep posting retarded shit ag. Don't worry, we all expect you to be wrong, and indignant about it.

    Give us our daily bread!

  9. But where oh where is Ming?

  10. Grifing doesn't scare people off eve, its people non stop talking about it that makes anyone I try to get to get into the game think its much much worse than it really is.

    1. Yea EVE's bark is much worse than it's bite.
      If only the ag carebears could stop being so toxic, EVE might grow much larger. CCP is gonna wake up one day and realize that highsec was a huge mistake.

  11. If carebears want to be safe in hisec i say hell yeah, give them pvp immunity! But not on Tranquility. Risk free isk does not belong in Taanq's market.

    Give the carebearz their own server. No pvp, no rats patrolling belts, no contract scams, no can flipping, MTU's can't be shot, no war decs, nothing. Let hem mine unmolested with bots forever!

    Just keep them off Tranquility! Remove hisec from Tranq and give it to the carebears on their own server, but get them off ours!


    Hisec ag are the reason people read about EVE and think it's full of anti-social psychopathic behavior. People read about the death threats, the murder/suicides, the foul language and think "well i can't let those ghetto dwellers into my life. No thanks!"

    Or "That Foxbolt guy needs institutionalized before he hurts someone, but CCP wont protect their players from him. Fuck that, my family won't play eve!"

    Or "That Kalynn Shardani character is completely nuts, threatening to kill his wife and kids if he fails to stop another gank is a bit much, i dont want to play a game that caters to murderers!"

    What will it take before CCP acts responsibly and removes hisec and it's criminal element? More death threats? More crazy suicides? More families exposed to hisec miner's foul language?

    More child murders?

    No more excuses CCP! Remove hisec today!

    1. You are delusional.

      #1. Risk free ISK does belong in the Tranquility economy.

      #2. Carebears will not have their own server as CCP does not have the resources to put another server together.

      #3. CCP will not remove hisec space from Tranquility.

      #4. Wrong again. Scams and battles are what gets EvE face time with a camera.

      CCP has said that they will shut down the game before they remove hisec and carebears from it. Just like they said that they will shut it down before they remove pvp from it.

      You are either a very piss poor troll or you are delusional.

    2. #1 wrong
      #2 wrong
      #3 wrong
      #4 wrong

      You must be ag. Predictable.

  12. I'm not sure what is worse, the ag guy who killed his child, or the ones believing this had anything to do with eve. At least the murder suicide guy can no longer hurt anyone.

    1. Unlike all those AG criminals left in highsec.

  13. No, but I have some white dick for you to suck.

  14. No, no you dont. You're a vag.


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