Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Battle for Aridia, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... Unable to stop Agent Alt 00 from enforcing the Code, the United Systems of Aridia alliance and its feeder corp, U.S.A. - University, saw no alternative but to cry endlessly in local. They thought they could discourage our Agent, but instead, they only helped the New Order gain more supporters.

Contrary to Biven Padecain's assertion, more and more locals began to view the presence of New Order Agents as preferable to a bunch of whiny miners. freaknasty9 frakers' hostility further damaged the carebears' public image.

Earlier, Biven had declared her intention to quit the game. Now, perhaps, she had been inspired to take part in PvP at last.

Unfortunately, the miner still wanted to take the easy way out. She wanted to be handed a PvP victory the way she'd been handed highsec asteroids.

Code supporter zluq zabaa finally got a chance to interview the Aridian rebels about their recent catastrophic loss in lowsec. freaknasty9 offered only a feeble "our losses have already been replaced."

Despite the growing support for the New Order in local, Alt 00 knew that there were hidden threats all across Aridia. A random convo confirmed it--there was still much work to be done.

With the lowsec passage secured by friendly forces, Alt 00 made more supply runs. Back in Aridia, she noticed a group of tanked Procurers flying under the banner of the Empire of Archlilia alliance. The miners were tanked, but their hauler was not.

There was no doubt about it: Public opinion strongly favored the Code. No wonder everyone voted* to ratify the Code.

Several minutes later, Mira Hyacinth spoke up in local. She was responsible for the Empire of Achlilia mining alts, along with the hauler that had been ganked.

Many highsec miners live their lives wrapped up in a cocoon of delusions. Not Mira. She knew all too well that she needed a mining permit.

Better make that "mining permits", plural.

Mira was impressed by the top-notch customer service provided by the New Order. Buying five fresh mining permits only whetted her appetite for Code-compliance.

The New Order steadily added to its ranks. Aridia was Code country.

To be continued...


  1. This is such a good story; and I really do appreciate all the work that must have gone into making it so. Hats off to Alt 00!

    And of course to you James, for putting it all together so successfully.

    I hope you get the chance to take a summer break or two; you certainly deserve it. Here's to the New Order of Highsec!

  2. This story is so about little whining carebears giving into trolls , it hurts to read such blatant crap.

  3. "This story is so about little whining carebears giving into trolls , it hurts to read such blatant crap."

    And yet, Anon 4:11, read it you do, apparently, permitting yourself the perennially popular twin AG pleasures of masochism and hypocrisy...

    1. He tried to read the hisec milita blog but noone reads that.

    2. I tried to read it once, Snigie. D'you know I can't recall a single thing about it.

      What makes this blog so popular is that it's actually well-crafted and genuinely humorous. There's nothing to touch it out there, in the same field.

      Hisec militia blog? Not a chance!

    3. Even AG comes to our blog for their content!

    4. ag comes to this blog because they are our content.

  4. Aww man, this is so good. That moment when a new agent is born; pure glory. Can't wait to see how this all plays out.

  5. We are going for a part 10 \0\ /0/ \0/ \0\ /0/ woop woop that's the sound of the police

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. At your mum's? By the time he's finished there he's going to be ashamed to look at himself in the mirror in the morning.

  7. USA is a nullsec alliance in Period Basis. The University is not affiliated.


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