Friday, January 11, 2013

Banning Spaceship Combat, Part 1

If you've been following MinerBumping for awhile, you might look at a comment like Slicks shadow's and think he's talking about our ability to bump miners. But you would be wrong.

That's right, our man Slicks wants CCP to close the "loophole" known as "suicide ganking". According to him, our Knights exploit the fact that someone with -10 sec status can fly into a highsec system and not immediately die.

Agent Lin Suizei attempts to educate him: People with low sec status are chased by faction police. Only if a criminal shoots someone does Concord appear. Slicks would prefer our Knights be Concorded immediately upon entering highsec--so they can never shoot miners.

Carebear Alexander Dragonking brought good tidings to Brapelille: The New Order's days are numbered.

We're all going to be banned! The basis of this rumor, as with so many other false reports of New Order bannings, are murky. Alexander didn't share his source.

I've often said that the carebears are not interested in balancing the game mechanics or merely making it more difficult to kill exhumers. Instead, I believe the carebears simply want to remove all ganking from highsec. After countless nerfs to ganking, they almost succeeded; the suicide ganking of miners nearly ceased after the exhumer buffs. When the New Order brought miner ganking back, it offered an excellent opportunity to test the beliefs of these carebears.

Behold, self-appointed carebear-in-chief Inspektor Cluseau, who feels the penalties for criminal activity aren't great enough yet. The proof? The fact that people still commit crimes. As I said, carebear whines will always continue for as long as their deaths do.

Miner Fruga MorDanKin holds the distinction of having petitioned both of the New Order's favorite tactics: bumping and ganking. When he shared his experiences, we got a rare insight into the petition system. Apparently petitions for bumping are dealt with in a very timely fashion these days. But Fruga also petitioned the ganking of his ship, because he assumed it was against the EULA for spaceships to shoot each other.

It doesn't take much to figure Fruga out: His bio is about as bot-aspirant as any I've seen. In the end, EVE can be a game for humans, or for machines. It should be no surprise that the carebears feel the way they do about ganking. Bots can't compete with humans when it comes to PvP, just as humans can't compete with bots when it comes to 23/7 mining. Therefore, bots and bot-aspirants want to remove PvP from highsec. In the same way, pro-human players want to remove bots from highsec. Which side are you on?


  1. Being against bots is all well and good.

    Being against humans that just like to mine? Extorting them? Bumping them?

    Well, players like that are probably bullies and not likable IRL. At least that's how I sleep at night.

  2. I notice that Fruga MorDanKin didn't say the outcome of his petition, just that he got a response quickly. Let me guess, it said that the New Order hadn't broken any rules.


    I suggest you all read this... and then after re-reading it, try and get all smug about CCP stopping any of this.

    The best line from Lead game designer Kristoffer Touborg :

    "The worst thing we could do is to stop it happening. It would be appalling for the game. It would be against everything we stand for."

    Put this in your entitlement pipe and smoke it.

    If you were under the impression that CCP doesn't fully support the idea of a cold and harsh universe where evil space thugs can kick sand in your face, you signed up for the wrong game.

    1. Never say never.

      Did you notice what happened to CCP's development plans after the Jita protests after Incarna?

      If enough of the playerbase gets angry, or subs dip enough, they'll change what they 'stand for' real quick. It's all about the $$$.

    2. Entitled because you're account is worth more than mine... get a new argument.

      I've heard that same drivel since 2004 and CCP has only ONCE ever stepped in and stopped ganking when they broke up a M00 gatecamp.

      Get a better argument... NEXT...

    3. So if ganking has been happening since the barges and exhumers have been introduced, if Hulkageddon ran so successfully for 5 years, and now this new order business, please tell me why there are still carebear miners? Hmm?

      If your playstyle was the "right" one, we'd all be playing some other game by now.

    4. Hello carebears,

      CCP has a message for you: (yes its really sung by CCP staff)

    5. if you don't call players that endlessly fit themselves into the least tanky, hellishly expensive ships with negligible offensive capabilities for the sole purpose of gathering the materials to drive the great engines of war hardened...

      or rather compare to catfleet pilots who won't fit their best simply because it costs too much, who can't do anything without 20 other cronies, or this james guy who won't even accept a square duel without hiding behind this "code" bullshit

    6. harden the fuck up...

      do you actually understand the concept of it?
      it means stop whining and crying when bad things happen to your pixels in the game.

    7. Meh. Apples and oranges. Burn Jita was announced and then lasted for a weekend. Goons only hit freighters with billions of cargo in them, and cargo that was far more worth than it was reasonable. The motive behind it was profit and the gankers were in system and in space all the time. Anyone who wanted fought back and Goons did not hide.

      MinerBumping is grief play using dodgy methods and with no other reason. Have fun getting your rocks off by being an asshat.

    8. hurr hurr CCP let hulageddon go hurr hurr.

      And then the buffed barges. Your undesirable gameplay will be curbed, pleb.

    9. You crybears just don't get it. They buffed barges yes but did they STOP GANKING? The answer is a resounding NO THEY DID NOT.

      So, they stop bumping... okay... the ganking still continues... now what?

      You will continue to cry and cry and all the while CCP will not change the fundamental fact that ganking can and will exist as long as there is an EvE Online.

      HTFU... or leave...

      Before one more entilted asshat says but CCP will lose money. This has been ongoing since EvE began with some entitled douche bags threatening this. You know what? It's 10 years later and EvE is still here and most likely said douche bags have moved on to whatever themepark they currently cry in.

      Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    10. Why do you always talk about others crying? What is so special about it? It seems like it makes you cry, too. Or tell why do you try so hard to stop it??

    11. @AnonymousJanuary 11, 2013 10:11 PM

      I agree. There would have to be a mass unsubbing of thousands of players and tbh that's just not going to happen. EvE will survive and these miners are only being targeted in one constellation currently near Brapille with the order moving around somewhat often (I pay attention because I stay out of their way). This is no where near the scale that would cause a mass unsub.

      If CCP was willing to fiddle while Rome burned (an attempt on crashing the entire game economy aka Burn Jita) and said that'd be 'fucking brilliant'. I don't see a few miners leaving due to not being able to handle getting ganked changing their approach at empire security mechanics one bit. Think of all the freighter pilots, hulkageddon victims, players that threaten to and probably do quit every day, week, month. CCP hasn't budged on how ganking works in empire and most likely never will.

      If anything they've talked of removing concord entirely leaving it up to the players to police empire. While I doubt that will ever happen, it shows the thinking going on in Reykjavik towards how brutal they want their game to be. For players like myself (totally not a ganker but have been a victim) I enjoy the rush of danger lurking around every corner and appreciate that this is a game it's not 'serious business'. If they were to nerf that, how many people like me that feed off that rush would leave?

      Hello Kitty in space? No thanks.

    12. Ganks are happening all over high-sec, and not in only one constellation...

      You may not want "Hello Kitty" in space, but I also don't want "The Three Stooges" in space!

      EVE is a complex game and the most challenges can be found with an intelligent play style. Ganking for lols is for dumb people. Are you dumb?

  4. 23/7?
    rofl. no: 23.5/7 or bust.
    the fact of the matter is if they were really bot miners they'd mine asteroid fields. (far more isk per hour)
    the fact that they choose ice fields indicates they don't have ore-dropoff automation and auto targeting upon asteroid depletion and are forced to actually come back to the computer every 57 minutes or so(if they're using something like a mackinaw or retriever) to drop off the ice they've just mined.
    ice miners are just the pathetic underdeveloped form of a real orca/quadhulk botfleet asteroid munching machine.

  5. Fruga MorDanKin is a Very Cary Bear, and typifies the entitlement mindset that we oppose. He sits in his Skiff, diligently filing petitions against every slight inconvenience to miners, while voicing his smug certainty that enough of these will sway CCP to change the game in his favor. His corp, Omni-Galactic Resource Excavations, is a haven for entitled cary bears.

    When James first wrote about how some highsec players wanted to remove all non-consensual pvp from highsec, I thought it was just hyperbole. After joining the New Order and spending time bumping/ganking dozens of rude and uncreative miners, I have seen that I was in error. Some players really do expect to achieve their goal of a perfectly safe highsec through endless petitions to CCP, and threats of unsubscription. If we all recall the previous minerbumping thread, there was a character named '81702-6' who, in fact, *did* unsubscribe after presenting his terrible and inane arguments. New Eden hasn't suffered much from losing players like that.

    1. But it will suffer if a LOT of players like that leave. CCP doesn't like dips in their revenue. Why do you think Barges and Exhumers got a buff?

    2. Buffed to give miners a chance to survive ganks (fit tank).

      Thats the rope CCP threw to miners. Either grab it and haul ass out of the snake pit (play smart) or use it to hang yourself. (unsub)

      Dun expect any more help to ride over the hilltop to stop these "evil players". You gonna have to help yourselves.

    3. But here's the thing, and I know it's really hard to understand.

      No tank in the world will help us survive a bored asshole who gets 20 more assholes in Catalysts, billions in donations from other assholes, and makes life hell.

      No, tanks don't do any good against that.

      Highsec needs change, and no, not the change James is trying for.

    4. holy shit local spiking! (warp/dock)

      i survived.

    5. The problem is miners choose to be victims because anything else is too much effort.

    6. you could fit tank but that's just more expensive and you're still not going to survive against 20 catalysts

      unlike most players, miners have pride, and that pride keeps them from simply paying 10m and submitting.

    7. Miners are stupid. They see local spiking with known gankers but insist on waiting out for that "one more cycle".

      Its like an idiot insisting on swimming in shark infested waters and bitching when a shark takes a bite out of him.

    8. "But here's the thing, and I know it's really hard to understand.

      No tank in the world will help us survive a bored asshole who gets 20 more assholes in Catalysts, billions in donations from other assholes, and makes life hell."

      It's unreasonable to expect a mining ship to be able to survive a sudden attack from 20 coordinated warships. Especially when you have no support from others. Ultimately, your complaint is that you can't bring of sufficient quality and quantity to help you. So why not try avoidance, instead of trying to tank?

    9. ...can't bring *allies* of sufficient quality and quantity ...

    10. Let's gank all noobs, because they didn't bring enough friends into EVE. This will surely raise the player numbers, because we only allow in the strong groups into EVE. If EVE cannot sustain the player numbers and it is the fault of the gankers, then EVE is weak.


    11. Another belligerent undesirable. How quaint. I'll be sure to call FEMA to have them pick you up :)

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    23. Sweet Amarrian Gods, anonymity is a beautiful thing sometimes...

    24. @January 11, 2013 5:36 PM

      Behold, a shiptoaster relegated to commenting while bursting a blood vessel against a currently afk miner in a peaceful system, raking in (now) 120mil isk from all the ice I'm afk collecting. Observe the absolute mad exhibited from this belligerent undesirable that they cannot stop me and has had his "argument" proven false.


    25. *News Flash*

      Good day.
      Miners across New Eden continue to explode by the hundreds as suicidal catalysts piloted by the New Order dive into the ice belts on a daily basis to seek out and destroy AFK miners in the ice belts of Brapelille.

      Military experts are flabbergasted at the lack of self preservation among the miners as they continue to be obvious to the danger presented by the New Order insurgents.

      ORE has issued an official protest against the New Order's actions, citing them as "bullies" for taking candy away from children.

      In other news, a raving anonymous miner has being seen mining ice on a blog called while randomly declaring passer-bys "mad". Local law enforcement authorities have determined this miner to be of unsound mind and is advising all citizens to take the necessary precautions when traversing this blog.

      *News Flash end*

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    35. *lol* I am sure you are having a laugh. When you write it and accuse others of having obsessions and put a ":D" into each of your comments then you must be laughing, because you have gone insane!

    36. No. Why even the question? Am I driving you crazy??

    37. That's a yes.

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    39. i am surprised this bitter miner has not sic the FBI on the New Order for cyber terrorism yet heh

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  6. the situational unfairness is that miners have to be out there in space to mine, while the gankers can hide in station all they want. gankers have the advantage of picking exactly when, where, and whom they wish to engage.
    gankers also can focus on a single ship with many catalysts, compounding their effectiveness, whereas even if you have many miners working together, their individual tankiness does not increase.
    i mentioned ecm bursting could have some level of effectiveness since catalysts are by nature short-ranged.
    unfortunately since bombs(lockbreaker esp.) and interdiction spheres aren't available in high sec, high sec miners are missing out on many of the common counter-plays that low and null sec miners have at their disposal.

    to level the playing field, perhaps new modules (maybe like a low or mid-slot instant remote shield rep that repairs a significant amount but can only be activated once per 5 minutes. perhaps a "emergency ecm burst" that jams only aggressive targets(including self) for 5 sec with a radius of 10km with a 5 minute cooldown.
    perhaps some kind of auto-FOF homing missile with limited flight time that bounces from enemy to enemy, accumulating damage against targets close together.
    perhaps a beacon that could be used to preemptively summon CONCORD - or just modify CONCORD behavior to hang around areas where nonaggressors have been ganked before without despawning... maybe a bit much.

    what i'm trying to get at is that while fully afk and bot miners surely don't deserve to live, active miners deserve some way to fairly counter ganking so that gankers don't automatically win by numbers alone. that way ganking miners could actually be considered somewhat challenging pvp instead of pve where the "e" is the miner's shield, armor,and hull..
    i'm just an eve player with a hatred for predictability. when games get predictable, they get boring.

    1. When you are in a ship with no guns, you are Prey.

      The predator does not parade in front of their prey or call in to make an appointment before striking. The prey must be ever alert and watch for signs (local,watchlist,map statistics) of predators prowling around.

    2. the prey faces the tension, the threat that a predator may strike at any time.
      must the life of the predator so dull as to be without equal surprises, without the threat of failure?
      if the predator wishes for such a dull existence, then they are less interesting than the prey they farm.

      or yeah i suppose they could just dock up when they hear them comin' on local but where's the fun in that?

    3. "what i'm trying to get at is that while fully afk and bot miners surely don't deserve to live, active miners deserve some way to fairly counter ganking so that gankers don't automatically win by numbers alone."

      I provided methods you can use to counter ganking in the comments of the previous post. We don't need new modules or ships - miners have barely experimented with the ones already available to them.

    4. the lone prey flees or die.

      work together with other folks or you expecting to "win" vs a pack by yourself?

      life of the predator in eve is hardly dull. They get laughs off tears in local, killmails - blowing things up is their FUN. It is up to the prey to thwart their hunts not for "god" to do so.

    5. also i'm not really talking about specifically minerbumping ganking i'm talking about ganking "in general". what if the predator was not local chatting. what if the predator took safespot routes off of directional scan from direct warps from stations. what if the situation happens in null sec(what if the predator cloaks). what if the predator passive-targets and points with an innocent-looking venture for others to warp in on top of you?
      what if engaging the target is the only choice?
      if you're just sitting there, simply tanking while waiting for backup to arrive you might as well just be afk with hardeners on full time..

    6. god can at least give the prey horns and legs to thwart hunts.
      as it stands, hunts can be successfully predicted simply by using EFT and calculating how much dps is necessary. there's no skill required for the hunters, and no matter how much skill the hunted has, there is no hope of escape.
      while it's unreasonable for an individual to triumph over a pack incessantly, there should first of all at least be a possibility of such an event and secondly there should be a system in which a pack of miners can triumph over a pack of gankers. as it stands, a fleet of miners will never triumph over a fleet of gankers since the gankers can single out individuals while the miners can't focus their resistance on a singe target. while you could say that you could get someone to run logistics in which case then they aren't mining anymore and moreover face the risk of being ganked in return. finally, said logistics ships must be active even when the gankers log off because the gankers could just log onto alts. hence the defenders are forced to be active indefinitely wheres the aggressors can hide in stations whenever they wish.

      like i said before.. mid slot remote shield reps.. even if they're weak.

      or maybe some kind of remote shield hardener?

    7. "while you could say that you could get someone to run logistics in which case then they aren't mining anymore and moreover face the risk of being ganked in return."

      You have to make concessions when others begin interfering with your gameplay. That may mean having one person forego mining in favor of a support ship. Support cruisers aren't easy to catch if you fit a prop mod, and don't need to be adjacent to the miners they want to protect.

      "finally, said logistics ships must be active even when the gankers log off because the gankers could just log onto alts."
      You want to AFK in perfect safety without having to pay attention, I understand. You can dock up. Also, we don't have an infinite number of ganking alts that we can switch between - you just to have to put in a modicum of effort to figure out which characters we use.

    8. 1) Ganker not chatting: still shows up on local.

      2) Safespot routes: 360 degree d-scan will show him wherever direction he comes from. Pressing that scan button more. You have some time to respond when he warp into grid. Set your overview properly. Do not AFK or tab out.

      If he bookmarked your spot and warp on top of you - that's the hunter springing a trap and he deserves that increased chance of successfully snagging the prey.

      3) Cloaky hunter: Bait him, kill him and continue carebearing or do it in a tougher ship.

      4) Forced to engage: Tanked ship + ECM drones to break his lock (and scrambler). Concord will do the rest for you. Sacrifice abit of yield ok? A dead miner mines no ore.

      5) Gankers in a pack. Work in a group. Snip their ships/pods at distance off gate/station when they undock. They using instant warpoffs? Probe out their staging area and warp in to them with your security fleet..Tackle them, survive and they will die without you squeezing a single shot as faction police will catch up and kill them (they have to keep bouncing to elude police, and yes if they biomass or make throw away alts for ganking you can petition to get them banned for it).

      6) Forced to be active. That's the point - alert folks stay alive. AFK ones die. Play the game ppl, not login and alt tab. For ALTs, as per point 5, they can only make so many per person until they get into trouble with CCP for alleged recycling of negative status characters. Make a watch list.

      7) Alone and unarmed? You win / thwart them by surviving. Not by kicking their asses single handed in a mining barge. *face palm*

      8) I agree with remote rep - spider tanking style as a way for miners to mutually keep each other alive in fleet.

      9) Reduced yield in hostile environment must be accepted.

      10) Go after their suppliers wardec contracts or hire mercs to interdict their freighters). Market PVP them. Infiltrate their gank fleets and compromise their CTA & safespots. Go after their supporters/sponsors. If they are stupid enough to have a corp hanger, you might be able to even rob them.

      11) They must make kills and have tears to post regularly to maintain support and interest in their agenda. Deny them tears, do not smack them in local or convos. Play smart and try to deny them easy kills. Lack of success/action/chat porn means less readers/agents/funding and you will likely prevail in the long run.

      There are so many ways to slice this beef. Its not rocket science jesus!!! Already there are so many posts on this blog even by the gankers themselves educating on how to survive/fight back. Do carebears bother to even read? FUCKKK!!!

    9. This is all nice and shiny but these points all have a common flaw: require the miner to be at the keyboard.

    10. Don't bother about being afk. Imagine for a moment everyone being at their keyboard, in fully tanked ships and with support ...

      Do you seriously believe this will make the ganks disappear? *lol*

      No. It is always the same. If it is not miners then it is haulers or frigates or shuttles or anything. The gankers will find the weakest, easiest targets and keep ganking them for some ill glory of EVE. Gankers are players who suck at EVE.

    11. Clearly you can't understand more advanced language so I'll make it clear for you.

      CCP no care about you hunt other player. CCP care about money.

      That make enough sense to you? I don't know if I can dumb this concept down enough for you if THAT didn't get through your thick skull.

    12. @Anonymous@January 11, 2013 2:16 PM

      I pity you sir.

      You wish death upon me (and probably others) because i/we do not share the same views as you.

      You are obviously more demented then all of these so-called "griefers" lumped together because at least they know there is a line that should not be crossed. You should seek medical help before you end up in the slammer or hanging from a rope.

    13. @Hull Miner
      I don't wish it at all, it's simply going to happen (if you're in America anyway). They will review your online activity, deem you a threat to the new Government, and they will take you away :)

      Your command of the English language is amazing.

    14. Sir, i am afraid you make little sense here.

      Did America morphed into China while the world wasn't looking?
      You are saying i am a threat because i blew up spaceships in a video game? Why don't you reflect on the american school shootings and spend your efforts on the real psychos?

      Sir, i think you are too stressed out from EVE Online. Please take a long vacation and look after your mental health.

    15. No. You belligerent undesirables are deserving of a TIME OUT from Eve, if not outright banning. I will take a vacation once CCP deems your little cult an exploit using group and BANS you. :)

    16. /shrug
      Good job lumping everyone that disagrees with you into "belligerent undesirables". You must be a fan of the inquisition?

      Here is some advice for you: If you actually possess any form of real clout or backing, use it. Constantly hinting about it and doing nothing makes you look foolish.

      p.s. I hope you are not some 12-year old kid pretending to be the president of the United States and promising to rain terrible things upon other folks? :)

    17. Heil Grammar! :)

    18. All of these carebear buffs you desire are un-needed.

      Stay at the keyboard. Warp out of system if local spikes. If you are not there, you are 100% protected from a gank.

      ow is this hard? Oh, I'm sorry, it requires you to be at the keyboard and paying attention. My bad. Blowing up players who never come to the keyboard makes me a Belligerent Undesirable, I guess.

  7. Go to systems where the gankers are not present, watch local, stay aligned, warp to safespot or dockup when you see local spike.

    Or are you too busy being afk?

    1. well, what is your response when a venture warps in at 15 km, passively target locks you, then points you as 20 cats warp in? will you warp out immediately as the venture warps in? or is the venture just there to mine, just like you?

    2. "well, what is your response when a venture warps in at 15 km, passively target locks you, then points you as 20 cats warp in? will you warp out immediately as the venture warps in? or is the venture just there to mine, just like you?"

      If a venture points you too early, then he draws CONCORD prematurely and places the entire gank at risk. He'd be better off trying to bump you out of alignment. There's also a tool called Dscan, have you ever heard of it? It's not like catalysts suddenly uncloak on top of you.

    3. Or you could just pay 10mil and skip all this :P

    4. Not exactly: permit doesn't allow you AFK mining. Yesterday we met a permit-holder AFK miner. We didn't gank him but he got a warning mail that if he does it again, we will.

      Permit is like driving license. Just because you have it, you can't speed or drive smashed.

    5. A scam is a scam.

    6. so what are you doing here? hoping to get scammed?

      like a moth to the flame *roll eyes*

    7. Enjoying the show of an emo-ganker making a monkey of himself.

    8. why would a ganker be emo? he gets t2 salvage, killmails, a good laugh and even some nice loot from time to time.

      Just by undocking and pew pewing a mining barge in less than 20mins.
      Sounds pretty profitable to me?

      You are not mixing up the miners with the New Order now are you?

    9. I don't know why he would. Why do you?

    10. That's just weak and you know it :)

    11. Does someone gets owned because someone says so? Or is being owned a state of being due to agreement between alot of someones? Discuss.

    12. You are being owned when you need to be told what it means.

      Keep bringing those questions!

    13. You got owned. :D

      Keep on posting captain!

    14. You wish you could own like I do. One day you will but first do you need to close your mouth. You might catch flies with it.

    15. so said mr stinky :D

      naughty naughty! change your panties!

    16. No, I don't. And going insane won't change it.

  8. Oh yeah, we're all making soooo much money off this... Derp.

    But anyway, yes, unfortunately for the "rebellion" the carebears will never do any of those things. They think confining themselves to an exhumer is a "play style", and don't even consider the many many options they have some of which actually involve flying other kinds of spaceships.


    1. I still remember all the sighs of the many players, when CCP changed the mineral distribution and all the prices doubled and tripled. A time when PLEX was sold for 250m ISKs.

      Who is going to mine for you? Who is going to turn all your ISKs into spaceships if not the high-sec miners?

      You still haven't thought it through.

    2. A pvper can touch a mining laser you know.

      In addition, Null sec alliances do have large industrial corps supporting them (hint: Capital ships construction).

      Even if we assume that 0.0 alliances are behind this movement (that's damn tinfoil btw and i don't believe it myself), after removing the highsec competition they can manipulate POS fuel pricing?

    3. *lol* I'd like to see you mine.

      And you are wrong about the 0.0 industry. Most of us only mine the high-end minerals and trade parts of them in high-sec for low-end minerals, which can be had in abundance and for cheap because of the high-sec miners. Nobody mines Veldspar in 0.0. Many players, like I, then have alts in high-sec to mine and chill out. I only dock up now and wait until the prices climb. ISK-wise is MinerBumping not a loss when I can get better prices afterwards. What sucks is the decline in player numbers and before I play with only a bunch of asshats do I leave, too. ;)

    4. holy shit batman.

      Read again man - did i say null sec alliances have folks mining veldspar for them in 0.0 systems? Good reading comprehension there man.

      I am saying 0.0 alliances have their own miners (and industrialists) to support their military. They do rely soley on solo, unaffiliated highsec carebears to mine for them.

    5. Apology accepted.

    6. relax on the weed bro. Its making you see things.

    7. Don't be sad now. I am here to help.

  9. In conclusion, you carebears are powerless to resist!
    Just pay your dues and be passed over, do not stand against an unstoppable force.
    If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em.
    Join the New Order, place the BumperSticker in your bio, mine in peace.
    As these carebears have demonstrated, both through their verbose shitposting and their repeated deaths, you have no options but to follow the Code, lose your mining ship, or unsubscribe to EVE Online. CHOOSE!


    1. Please. The New Order is hardly big enough to be everywhere at once.

      Stupidity is never in short supply. Sure the stupid AFK miners will be bait. They always have been. The smartest miners know to dock up and just train skills until the New Order passes over, or jump to a clone 20-30 jumps away.

    2. Or vote with our wallet :)I'm sure CCP will be happy to see all their surveys saying they left because of the thugs.

    3. go ahead :D
      cya! woot~~

    4. i mine asteroids and nobody ever bumps me.

  10. Yeah this is definitely a better blog:

    1. i didn't bother to click your link.
      moving on...

    2. My blog is better than that, probably because I can actually write in a half decent engaging manner.

    3. Yeah, but you're a bumper. He at least find ways to help us against you. The database tool he has here is so useful. I have alts in empty safe high security space mining afk while I tend to RL stuff so....

    4. and you're not Anslo


    5. So? I'll still post his/her website :)

  11. Anon @5:43

    I would love to see that happen. Really I would. I truly would LOVE to see ganker tears when suicide ganking is impossible in highsec. But I doubt that will happen.

    I don't think CCP will let their revenue take a hit like that, but I also don't think enough carebears will leave because of this. I mean, Hulkageddon was probably the most successful ganking event of all time, and it went for 5 years (I think). Population never suffered, and that was New Eden-wide.

    This New Order Business is merely excellent trolling hidden behind some truly pathetic role-playing. And it's not New Eden-wide. They concentrate on one system so they can post blogs about Local dissipating within hours.


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