Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Expanding Operations and a Call to Suppliers

The New Order has been consuming non-compliant miners' ships and implants at an extraordinary rate. Well over 100 billion isk of property formerly belonging to Code violators has been evaporated. As we continue to do this good work for the people of highsec, we'll also continue to consume our own Catalysts and fittings.

The purpose of this post is to let potential suppliers know what kind of fittings we're using, and to tell them about the next stations in Gallente space to which we will be expanding. I say "expand" rather than "move", because they're very close to Brapelille. I intend to enable our Knights to operate out of three systems simultaneously, so we can exercise control over more ice fields. If successful, this will serve as a blueprint for future campaigns.

If you'd like to build/acquire stuff and move it (or arrange for it to be moved), take heed: The following is a list of our basic tech I Catalyst's modules:

8 x Light Neutron Blaster I
2 x Sensor Booster I
3 x Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
1 x Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I
1 x Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
2 x Scan Resolution Script
150 x Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S

The ammunition can be substituted with Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S, where cheaper. In addition, some of our Knights use a Warp Scrambler I instead of Sensor Booster(s).

There you have it. If you want to supply us, use that as your guide. In addition, if you're able to build or acquire tech II stuff, I'll give you a list of what we use for that, as well. Instead or providing a complete fitting, however, I'll just tell you what the modules are. Sometimes we use one type of gun, sometimes another. Sometimes we use tech II damage mods, sometimes not. Don't bother trying to supply large numbers of fully-fit tech II Catalysts, since they're more expensive and the fittings vary. Instead, you can supply sets of guns, damage mods, etc. separately:

8 x Light Ion Blaster II
8 x Light Neutron Blaster II
3 x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
150 x Void S

You can help us out by seeding the appropriate stations, or by creating private contracts to New Order Logistics, to keep it off-market. If you can't haul the stuff yourself, you can hire Push Industries or Red Frog Freight to move it for you.

And what if you have no interest in moving things to any particular station? If you just like building stuff in your own highsec system, or in Jita, that's not a problem. If you create a private contract to New Order Logistics, we can see what you're selling and buy it, from anywhere in EVE. (As opposed to the market, which is only visible when you're in the same region.) If the price is right, our Knights can buy your stuff and hire a courier to move it.

Here's an example of what the Knights in New Order Logistics see:

If you're in the corp, make sure to tick the "My Corporation" box. Note that you can see a contract that someone made to us from Jita, even though I was in Brapelille when I took the screenshot. Put your mouse over the "Multiple Items" contracts to quickly see what's being sold in each of them.

For obvious reasons, you're more likely to get your stuff sold if you put it in the apppropriate station first, but it's still possible to supply us from Jita, or anywhere else in highsec.

OK, now let's talk about the stations which we will be using as our HQs. We are still in Brapelille IV-2 Federal Freight Storage.

We will continue to operate out of that station for as long as there is equipment to be used and targets to be killed. In addition, we'll be using two more HQs:

The first is Chelien IV-20 Federal Administration Information Center. There's only one station in Chelien, so there shouldn't be any confusion. Chelien is located only four jumps from Brapelille--just a little farther than our Knights like to jump from one system when looking for targets.The last time I was there, the Chelien ice field had no less than one hundred mining barges and exhumers. Seed this station. We'll be using it.

The other HQ will be Jaschercis III-1 Federal Freight Storage. It's the top station in the system. Note that neither the Chelien HQ nor the Jaschercis HQ has medical services. You can put your clone in the Jaschercis IV-1 FedMart Retail Center. I told my Agents that I planned to use the Retail Center for our HQ in Jaschercis, but I had to change that due to problems with the undock--it's wonky and not good for our insta undocks. Remember it this way: "Retail" to revive you after your clone dies, "Federal Freight Storage" to store your freight.

Jaschercis is only two jumps from Chelien, so you can use the medical services in the Retail Center of Jaschercis when operating out of Chelien.

Above you can see our Brapelille map with an arrow for Chelien and two light-blue arrows pointing to Jaschercis, which you can get to either by traveling three jumps west of Ardallabier or two jumps south of Chelien. If we stock each of the three HQs, then we will have five ice field systems within 1 jump, and an additional ice field system (Misneden) within two jumps. And a lot of ore-mining systems within striking distance, as well.

In theory, we could just operate out of either Jaschercis or Chelien, since they're so close to each other. However, I would like to begin shifting us into the mindset of putting medium-sized caches of matériel in multiple systems, as opposed to one giant cache in one system. This will allow us to expand our influence over a wider area, give us access to more targets, and, in making us less predictable, make it much more difficult for enemies to counter our attacks.

Where is the New Order operating? In Brapelille, Chelien, and Jaschercis--as long as we can find equipment and targets there.


  1. I would gladly serve this cause but this site sounds too much of religious fanaticism. My sister was raped and murdered by scientologists and simply reading your "code" makes me throw up in my mouth.

    1. I thought the word was House?

    2. Catain Lynch? Is that you?

    3. No...but something like that would have been in the news. Anonymous could maybe show the news article.

  2. Contracted you a few ships. Go forth and do your thang!!

  3. Just a stupid question: Isn't it time to rename the 'New Halaima Code of Conduct' to, well, the 'Empire Code of Conduct'?

    First, it is not 'NEW' anymore. The code is established and will not go away. Second, the code 'IS' enforced in all of Empire Space, and IMHO that covers low sec too.

    It is time to stop to treat The Code like a novelty.


    1. The Code applies beyond Halaima in the same way that the Geneva Convention applies beyond Geneva. Also, I still consider both the Code and the New Order to be "new", as I take the long view of EVE, which began in 2003.

    2. As you command.

  4. I encountered a bot fleet of 10 macks and 2 orcas in Jaschercis tonight. All I had was an Invincible SFI, a firm confidence in our cause, and a local filled w/ curious onlookers wondering what the New Order was all about. Since all the Macks were orbiting 1 of the orcas the answer was clear... bump momma out and all her little ducks would waddle right along with her!

    Several bumps later the orca was 30 km off with 10 macks and another orca in hot pursuit. You could almost hear the collective gasp from local as 20 mining lasers started going out. VICTORY! While I was composing an EvE mail to the orca pilot about what had happened to her fleet I was rewarded w/ 50 million isk from an appreciative Jas local.

    There was an outlaw/refugee miner from Brapelille in the Ice Belt who was critical of our tactics and kept calling us "bullies" ...wouldn't "heroes" be a better discription?


    1. Well, one of them certainly recognized the heroic nature of your calling.

  5. I set buy orders in Jita for high meta guns (Anode light neutron particle cannon, 56 DPS vs 49 of Neutron I) and high meta gyros. It will take some days to fill up since people are 0.01-ing and I have to find the sustainable price. I'll haul them to the stations when I have them.

    I will also seed the markets with REMOTE sensor boosters (they cost reprocess prices as no one uses them). A skillful agent can boost the sensors of a selected podder by large.

    I will podjump my nullsec industrialist character back from K6 after his current remap is over and will make him a dedicated trader on the ganker stations, providing local buy and sell orders. Buy orders are great because it allows people who loot a few to instantly get rid of the surplus which will be re-seeded soon to supply the others. This char will soon fly an Orca offering free boosts to code compliant miners and tractor beam illegally obtained canned ice in.

  6. It is interesting that while this started as bumping miners for a little bit of amusement (to the bumpers) and annoyance (to miners) combined with some religious sounding role playing nuttery and toungue-in-cheek neo-fascism i.e. the code; its focus does now seem to be shifting to ganking operations.

    Perhaps due the fact that most players find the nutty roleplay quite unsavoury, increasingly, the focus is on the mechanics of ganking, and minerbumping is revealing itself to be a ganking and griefing machine.

    Griefing hi-sec miners will in the long run be very toxic for Eve's abiility to attract new members, who, will not want to join a game where they will be bullied by more experienced and better financed players.

    It is just a matter of how much damage CCP will allow before action is taken.

    1. To answer you totally OOC. I for one really enjoy RP'ing the quasi religious nutter while doing this. I think a lot of the other players that participate in The New Order do as well yet I can't speak directly for them. I don't do this entirely for the ganks. I do this mainly because I have fun bringing an element of chaos to a rather boring aspect of EvE, which is high-sec. To me personally I would think that new players might be attracted to this emergent style of game play versus being put off by it.

      Now back to who I 'really' am... ALL HAIL JAMES 315 OUR SAVIOR OF HIGH SEC!!

  7. I'm surprised no one has pointed out to some of these miners in local that instead of thinking of paying 10 million as 'blackmail', they should instead look at it as a 10 million isk investment towards funding a corp whose main objective is to hunt down their competition.

    Maybe if that message got spread around you might end up with miners approaching to make payment before they even get contacted.

    1. There's a few miners and corps that figured that out for themselves, they get to annoy the hell out of their competitors with bumps and ganks, and have fun doing it. One such miner has moved to null so that he can pewpew most of the timne and still satisfy his mining and industrial urges.

    2. That notion only works provided those who pay do so out of a sense of personal satisfaction. The market is so huge that no miner can ever hope to gain financially ths way. He will just be down by the payment he has made.
      It might work for minerals where the supply is limited and belts become exhausted, howeveer there are usually loads of untouched mineral belts in hi-sec as it is.

  8. A technical note: the map from the post is not in the "maps" section of the blog. The new aspiring Knights need to know where to come to get baptized

  9. This is extremely helpful info!!


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