Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Order Rises, Highsec Melts

Brapelille, before the storm. Its ice field is the mining capital of Gallente highsec.

Gallente ice can be mined anywhere, but the exhumers flock to Brapelille to mine in communion with their fellow bot-aspirants. There is safety in numbers, they say. Then the New Order arrives.

Within two weeks, Brapelille undergoes a remarkable transformation. The miners have witnessed the power of the New Order firsthand. The Knights cut down Code violators one after the other. Gripped by fear, the population plummets. The best miners purchase a mining license, and they are allowed to continue living in their home system.

Refugees from Brapelille and its neighbor, Ardallabier, flee to Chelien. Already a popular ice mining system, the influx of new miners turns Chelien into the most populated mining system in EVE. No less than one hundred exhumers and mining barges sit in the ice field at one time. In years past, that many ships on one grid could crash a node. Chelien becomes a temple to bot-aspirancy: EVE's first mining supersystem.

But the party doesn't last long.

Locals are stunned by the impact of the New Order in their system. Haunted by memories of past attacks, refugees immediately pack their bags and warn their fellow miners to get out. Some listen; others die. Rebels follow us to the system, promising to protect the miners. But they are powerless to stop the destruction.

Panic spreads much more quickly now. What used to take most of a month now occurs within just a few days. Entire corporations of miners uproot themselves, hoping to escape without coming under assault. Chelien melts.

With each system taken by the New Order, its reputation grows. Having lost their homes--for some, multiple times--the miners scatter, bringing with them word of a terrifying new enemy. Wild rumors spread. But that's a story for another day.

Chelien succumbs. Look upon the ice field, ye botters, and despair.

Skeptics point out that the miners can move away, and even return after the New Order has moved on. Attacking the miners of highsec is like trying to punch water, they say. Not quite. Allow me to propose an aquatic metaphor of my own:

The New Order and its influence are like a rising tide. Progress does not take place in a straight line. Instead, it goes up and down. The waves roll in and roll back out. But each time, the sea rises a little further. When the waves roll back out, they recede a little less with each wave. Despite the up-and-down motion, the overall effect is to draw the water higher and higher. In time, the dry land becomes invisible, drowned by the progress of the tide.

So it will be for the botters, bot-aspirants, and Code violators of highsec. With each attack and with each home system they are forced to leave, they become more and more likely to surrender to the Order and its Code. Unlike the high tide, the New Order will last forever. In time, our enemies will be erased from memory.

The forces of the New Order grow. In the beginning, we could inhabit but one system. Now we operate from the Brapelille-Chelien-Jaschercis axis, from which we can easily reach six ice field systems at once. We will continue to educate miners in that area. When the time comes, we will move to a new set of systems. And when we arrive, who will stand against us?


  1. dammit james stop laggin up our systems with all these displaced ice miners.
    your efforts are futile if you can't be everywhere at once.

  2. I predict that, as usual, a few will stand against us, but never very well and never for very long.


  3. Hmm if I was a miner I'd actually find it quite fun to have to be a rebel miner, having to constantly move around, dodging the new order. Who doesn't like a good game of hide and seek. Anyway good work James and the New Order.

  4. Anonymous: we are currently just driving them away. But given enough Knights we can rise to the point where no ice system is polluted by bots

    1. You are saying that nobody is paying your fee and nobody is going to mine ice and you have to get into mining ships yourself.

      Good luck with that. *lol*

  5. CCP will try to destroy you. CCP Falcon, the poor man's CSO will try to crush your message.

    Your emergent gameplay will be punished for a handful of subs.

    You are nothing in the eyes of CCP.

    Protest will be your only weapon as CCP only want a compliant user base of casual gamers.

    1. What's funny about that is that CCP in recent years, has catered to it's players, because people were leaving.

    2. A compliant user base of casual gamers would bring an end to the publicity that EVE Online gets. People are drawn to this game because of the stories of emergent game play that they read about.

      Which gaming website do you think is going to run an article about a guy running some missions or another mining some ore?

  6. I don't see how allowing AFK miners to accumulate massive amounts of ISK and purchase PLEX on the in-game market is in CCP's best interests...

    I'm pretty sure ships blowing up is what keeps CCP paid?

    1. I pay CCP to play a game, not be harassed. If I am harassed, I will take my money to one of their competitors and not pay them until they have stopped you.

      To top that off, you keep "twisting the words of CCP devs." That doesn't help you at all. You belligerent's will be sent to the camps for re-education hopefully.

    2. Hahaha there's that carebear sense of entitlement we all know and love! :)

    3. Also, to make a point you pay CCP for the privilege to log into the game. If you're too much of a limpwristed nancy to not get harassed in game then that's your problem.

    4. He is talking about player harassment in high-sec. You do know that shooting noobs in high-sec for fun is only tolerated as long as it does not become a method. Well, New Order has made it a method and it is making a lot of high-sec players angry. You really need to take a step back from your computer and rethink what you are doing.

    5. Haha high sec player are angry. You must be new here, they've been angry since 2004 when I started and people were getting their badgers popped by suicide kessies in yulai.

      Also, when was the last time you saw a 'noob' mining ice? Hint: never. Noobs don't mine ice you idiot.

    6. Actually they do :/ I've only been playing for about a month and a half and I mine ice on the regular :/

    7. If you weren't afk then you wouldn't be a noob. 1.5 months is plenty of time to learn how this game works. Again, your own fault.

    8. Danks plays EVE since 2004 and still flies around in high-sec. Talk about a noob ... *lol*

    9. Lols. I guess that would depend on my home situation. I fortunately have a family to work and pay for, unlike some of you kids :) The reason I got into this game was because a buddy of mine has been playing since 2004. I'm pretty sure, a month and a half is still a noob. In fact, a vast majority of players, mostly older, refer to people a few months older than I, as noobs. Changing it to fit your argument, sad.

    10. True, not all of us work from home and can troll idiots :)

      When I started you had a month under your belt and your first million sp you were no longer a noob. Maybe older people are calling others that to make themselves feel better, I dunno. My point is you're in a barge in an ice belt you're no longer a noob and should know what could go down and how to deal with it.

      I guess that's just too much to ask of some people. Ta.

    11. Time alone does not make you a veteran. You with your 2004 char in high-sec are pretty much a noob in its own class, rest assured.

  7. Why is James reopening the same corp again and again? The last time I have seen this behaviour was in a zoo with animals held in too small cages. Is James rocking his?

    1. Closing and recreating a corp is often used as a tactic to escape a war dec.

    2. Ironically, he has an extensive employment history of jumping corps as well. Our corp war-decked one that he was in a couple of months ago, and a few days later he left it. Then the corp surrendered to us. :/

    3. Wardec evasion, in the manner that James employs, used to be considered an exploit until the volume of complaints was so high that CCP relented and allowed it without consequence. James posts about this in his blog to show the irony behind carebears' complaints about being unable to attack him, due to policy changes that they created.

    4. crab nicholson extremeJanuary 10, 2013 at 4:33 AM

      if carebears can avoid wardecs then so can anyone else, whos to say we don't like you hopping out of a corp and avoiding honorable combat? If you don't like it complain to ccp to get it removed. but that wouldn't make sense because you are the one who requested it. think about all aspects of game-play changes before you request them.

  8. Ships blowing up can only be a good thing right? And AFK botters (or any kind of botter) getting blown to poop is an even better thing right? Is it fair that I should spend hours running my missions on my ALT to pay for ships I lose on my main (PvP) account when some do it AFKing in a Domi? I don't think it is. Is it fair that REAL miners spend hours and hours mining to supply ores for construction of the ships I/we lose in PvP when botters AFK mine? No. It sure as heck isn't fair. I have zero affiliation with the New Order but I will say they're OK in my book (not that my opinion counts for much).

    Keep up the good work guys. You rock. DEATH TO BOTTERS!!!

    1. No, wrong. Passive incomes are as old as EVE itself.

      If it wasn't for the afk miners then you had to pay 2-5 times higher prices for POS fuel and jump fuel. The prices for all T2 ships would go up and you would have to run more and more missions to replace your ships.

      Do you then gank haulers, because they make ISKs afk with the auto-pilot?

      Do you gank every ship that warps to 15km off a gate, because it is on auto-pilot?

      Do you gank every ship near a planet, because PI makes ISKs passively?

      Do you shoot Jita 4-4, because of the traders inside who make ISKs all afk through trading?


      Your fixation on afk players is irrational. You cannot give a reason why afk players are a greater threat to your game than those who are at their keyboard.

      Miner bumping is primarily anger play and to serve as a source for "tears" and so James can blog about it.

    2. I completely agree. There's no purpose, other than personal amusement. It's just an excuse to justify high sec pirating.

    3. new order also kills real miners. your argument is invalid.

    4. No, it stays anger play.

    5. > It's just an excuse to justify high sec pirating.

      High sec pirating requires no excuse.

  9. While I harbor no respect for the New Order, doing that to Local is impressive, and a bit lolworthy.

    I'm here, both on these forums and Eve, primarily for the entertainment. So it could go either way for me.

    If miners keep whining to CCP? Entertaining. If CCP actually cracks down on ganking and bumping leading to James and his Knight and Agents ranting that emergent gameplay is dead? Entertaining.

    I look forward to seeing where this goes in the coming weeks and months.

  10. You guys are against bots and AFK miners right? Then why do I get the feeling that even you're not afk, you will be bumped or ganked?
    Given a person is not afk, not a bot, and friendly, will you ask him to buy a mining permit, even though s/he is a role model of a miner that you want (except not paying for permit)?
    I think that if you do, you are using the code to extort money from good miners, even though it's a small sum, and that should be considered harrassment/extortion. Since you plan to cover all of highsec; when you do that, you'll try to get money from ANYONE that tries to mine in highsec. Therefore my point.
    If not, you have my support.

    1. Far worse, they want to profit of the alleged botters. They don't want them gone, they want a part of it!

    2. Whoa there, Determinor. James doesn't like common sense around his blog.

    3. Nice try. Let me make this simple for you. All miners in highsec are REQUIRED to buy a permit or risk bumps or hanks. Get it?

    4. Are we now being threatened with Tom Hanks movies?? :((

    5. No you are NOT required to buy permits, We the agents of the Order have seen the errors of our ways and are willing to extend or apologies to you and offer a refund to all those that have purchased permits, just EVEmail James 315 for a full refund plus 10% for the unnecessary distress we have caused you.

    6. No you are NOT required to buy permits, We the agents of the Order have seen the errors of our ways and are willing to extend or apologies to you and offer a refund to all those that have purchased permits, just EVEmail James 315 for a full refund plus 10% for the unnecessary distress we have caused you.

    7. > I think that if you do, you are using the code to extort money from good miners,

      How can a miner be a "good miner" without a valid Mining Permit? Is he not guilty of violating the New Halaima Code of Conduct, by illegally mining in such a fashion?

    8. *Lin Suizei aww you cut out the sentence before that, which had my definition of "good miner".
      Anyway, you answered my question of mining permits.
      First time you started, I was interested on how you guys declared war against bots and long time afk mining (such is the case for retrievers and mackinaws, with their huge ore hold). I thought this movement was in a direction that would force people to stop being afk all the time, at least stop botting, and stay on that only.
      Now though, I see you guys caring for the difference between bots and ""good miners" WITH ONLY THE RED PEN, as to get more money (prioritizing on killing that person is still good though).
      I'll never support you, unless you change your ways of charging EVERYONE.

    9. Hey Determinor,

      I'm not sure you understand the difference between bots and bot-aspirants, and good miners. The difference is that the good miner adheres strictly to the New Halaima Code of Conduct, while the bot and the bot-aspirant does not. Truly, the New Halaima Code of Conduct is so carefully crafted, that the behavior it outlines pretty much defines the "good miner", while at the same time being the antithesis of the bot and the bot-aspirant. If you have studied the Code in any depth, this should be clear and obvious to you.

      Furthermore, we're not doing this to "get more money". Infact, we would not need to perform any bumps or ganks if all Highsec miners immediately paid for a Mining Permit and followed the Code diligently at all times in both word and spirit - just like the police officer would not need to give out speeding tickets if nobody ever broke the speed limit. By breaking the law of highsec in their bot-aspirancy, highsec miners force the Knights upon themselves. "Getting more money" is not the goal here - enabling a perfect highsec is.


    10. Hey Lin,
      I think the problem is that you've established that a good miner must have to strictly fit into the code. You guys say that you represent highsec. Very well, then prove me that you do: make a kind of a vote upon what the role model miner is TO THE HIGHSEC RESIDENTS AND NOT THE ORDER ONLY. I'm pretty sure if done, it'll still have some parts of the code, but denifinetly not the one saying that you should purchase mining indugences. The way I see it, that causes the problem. To make everyone that isn't a bot to love you, you need to switch asking for money to asking for something else (I know and understand that you have to ask for something from them, as a proof of their support).
      Also, to the second paragraph you wrote: no, even if everyone bought their permits, you'd still fish out for people to invalidate their permits, put them into red pen list, and repeat, until they learn. You would always have a target, knowing how Eve Online is.

      My reason of not supporting you guys is where this will eventually lead, and some parts of the code. I refuse to be always at the keyboard, since it doesn't suit my home life. I may get called for something for 10 mins. I also refuse your thought that highsec mining is the bottom of the chain. I already wrote where this'll eventually lead, so I'm not repeating that part.
      The code on this blog is also a little old. I think you now are enforcing that the miners who buy permits should write something on their bio stating they support The Order.
      If so, pease renew that James315.

  11. @Determinator:
    New Order bumps and ganks anyone who doesn't pay 10m, regardless or bot or not. hence they are not really an anti-bot effort or a legitimate police force, rather more like a protection racket gang.

  12. Blue ice is at new low. Started the year at 350k and now it is at 180k.

    What the New Order wont admit to is that they know 99% of the bot/afk miners are outside high sec and they are never going to try this kind of thing outside of high sec because...

    A) they would not last 2 seconds.


    B) Most of the new orders funding comes from the goonies.

    Mittens: James!

    James: Yes sir, how may I assist you today.

    Mittens: We seem to be a little short on cash after that little incident of at the company party this year.

    James: Yes sir. But then questing after a life in the real world can be a little costly these days.

    Mittens: I know that now. Darn it. It would have been cheaper to convert my isk to dollars, order a mail order combat assault rifle and get you to do it. Oh well easy come, easy go.

    Mittens: So to make it up I guess I had better shift some of this damn ice I've been collection for years with my 50 bot driven accounts.

    James: But sir, I was checking the FT and it appears that the market may be a little saturated of late.

    Mittens: Well then I guess you'd better clear the high sec ice belts so that I can start to shift some of it there. Oh and we had better put it up for a good price as we really cant be waiting around for a return. We're nearly out of caviar and truffles.

    James: No problem, sir. I'll convince a bunch of idiots that they are doing themselves a favour clearing EVE of bot miners and such. That should do it. Although can I suggest we pay for the poor dears ships and set up a website to convince them they are fighting for a real cause. Nothing fancy, a template site and a few billion for cats and ammo should do it sir.

    Mittens: Oh well if we must. Check my coat pocket. There should be a few billion in loose change in there.

    Mittens: Oh and James, one more thing before you go. Do the truffle shuffle.

    James: Oh sir, must I? Really?

    Mittens: James remember who your boss is and DO THE DAMN TRUFFLE!

    James: Wibble, wobble, wobble.

    James(to himself): I hate slaving after you, you little fag. One day. One day this will all be mine!!! Mine I tell you...


    Miner1: Mine? Oh ok!

    James: HAAAHAH HHHA HA. Err, what?

    No I didn't mean you .. . you ... stupid BLOODY MACKINAW pilot. ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

  13. So many whiny butthurt carebears in here. OP success! "Belligerent undesirables" lmao. What a pathetic bunch of whiny moaners you lot are. If we are "belligerent undesirables" then your ilk is indeed a bunch of "limp wristed nancies".

    Whining miners and wannabe liberal social workers in here better HTFU! Adapt or die folks.

    1. You must have experience with real social workers by the sound of it.

    2. Sorry no. I'm not a member of the entitlement generation like you and your kind. In life, as in game, I HTFU, adapt and deal with adversity. I don't need to talk to some liberal arts major about my feelings and I certainly dont get all moany and butthurt when someone violences my space pixels.


    3. Sorry wat? I am filled with joy and gladness at the successes of my Supreme Protector and my brothers and sisters in the Order. Has your bot aspiration progressed so far that you can't understand human speech and emotion? Sad. You must seek out an agent and reclaim your humanity as soon as possible!

  14. love this blog. Keep up the great work man.

  15. Hey all o/
    "an advise from an old man that find this thread by accident"
    loose weight (i bet all of you are 120 and over fat sea lions!!!) LOL
    get a life
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