Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Next Stop: Gallente North

We've had quite a bit of fun in what I call the southern cluster of Gallente highsec, along the Brapelille-Chelien-Jaschercis axis. In just a brief period of time, we have greatly enhanced the compliance quotient of the area. Once-busy mining areas have become wastelands. We have changed the topography of highsec in ways that have not been seen since the barge buff. It's time to advance!

Our southern Gallente campaign was a huge success from a logistical standpoint, as well. We proved ourselves capable of basing out of multiple HQs simultaneously, extending our reach and limiting the ability of our enemies to adapt to our presence. Market-seeding expanded, and the use of corp contracts with New Order Logistics came into its own. The days of having only one HQ system are over.

This is the map of our new campaign. Copying the successful blueprint of the last few weeks, we'll have three HQ systems. Since that's stretching it a bit, two of them will be primary (dark blue arrows), and one kind of secondary (light blue). The northern cluster of Gallente highsec should be even easier for us to deal with, thanks to the way the systems are laid out. Take the Angymonne HQ for instance: It can directly hit seven systems, including itself. It's essentially uncampable!

Remember Tolle, the homeland of Hero Miner crab nicholson extreme? The vast, unfamiliar expanses of highsec are slowly being stitched together. In time, all highsec will be as comfortable as your backyard. From Tolle we can hit multiple popular ice field systems. And Carirgnottin is arguably as easy to hit from Angymonne, despite being two jumps, since there are three separate routes--again, making it more difficult for enemies to camp.

For the next few days, we'll have a transition as our new HQs get stocked. But take note that this move isn't so far away: At its narrowest point (between Antollare and Vaurent), it's only four jumps to the southern cluster of ice fields. (Note the dark marks at the bottom, south of Atlanins--that leads to Vaurent.) If you have spare equipment left over in the southern cluster, you can move a gank gang during an aggression period and say hello again from time to time.

Deninard is a bit of an odd duck, isolated from the rest. Note the two systems with red borders around them. They're among the few Concord sovereignty systems, and it's my understanding that we can't fly ships through those, only pods. (EDIT: I'm told that this was changed, and the systems now function normally.) Deninard was already popular before refugees started showing up, hence the need for an HQ there. Let me briefly list the HQ stations themselves:

Tolle should be supplied via Tolle VI-19 Federal Administration Information Center. It doesn't have medical services, but other stations in system do.

There's only one station in the other primary HQ: Angymonne V-6 Caldari Business Tribunal. It has medical services.

Deninard also has only one station: Deninard VIII-1 The Scope Development Studio. No medical services there, so put a clone in Tolle if you're helping the miners of Deninard.

A quick word on insta undocks. Some stations require extra effort to make them. Pictured above is the Tolle HQ, with tactical overlay. When you select the station, a white line is drawn between the station and your ship. Note the crookedness of how my ship undocked (compare with the blue line, which would be a straight undock).

Above is the Angymonne HQ, after I adjusted my course to try to create a straight line. Done properly, your ship will not skew left or right when you line up the camera.

Here's another picture, with the ship and station lined up. The ship is centered, indicating a proper course for creating an insta undock. Some stations, like the Angymonne one, are supposed to have an upward tilt for the undock, so it's the left-to-right centering you need to do.

Insta undocks must always be tested before use in combat. The test is how long your align time is. Align time is the amount of time that you see the "warping" thing here, before it does the swipe and sends you to warp.

A proper insta undock will do the swipe in almost no time at all. But remember, the locations of insta undocks can be determined by campers. The trick is to have several different insta undocks, and occasionally warping to them at 100km (thereby doubling the possible insta undock locations). Avoid using the same location twice in a row, and leave the undock campers to rot.

I noticed someone in New Order Logistics put some bookmarks in the "corporate locations" folder. This makes a bookmark accessible to the entire corporation. I took the liberty of creating several perfect insta undocks for all three HQ stations. I also created at least one instant redock bookmark for all ice field systems in Gallente North, along with tactical bookmarks for all the ice fields. There are limits to how many corporate bookmarks we can have, however, so don't start dumping yours into that folder.

If you're a member of New Order Logistics, you're good to go. To share the bookmarks with an FC who isn't in the corp, it seems you must first copy a bookmark from corporation locations into the personal locations folder, and then into your item hangar.

If you're in New Order Logistics, you can see corporate bookmarks just below the regular ones on the right-click menu.

If you have a lot of bookmarks of your own in a particular system, sometimes a sub-menu appears.

My initial recon suggests we'll see a lot of familiar faces in the northern cluster, since we drove the vast majority of Code violators out of the southern cluster. I am anxious to renew our acquaintance with them. Over the next few days, let's begin stocking the three new HQs, with priority given to the Tolle and Angymonne HQs.


  1. "compliance quotient" I love it.

    Onward and upward knights! \o/ Time to do what we do best, annex more of highsec and bring order to chaos.


  2. Glory to the New Order!

  3. Thank you so much James from rescuing my home systems from this plauge!

    Cloaky eyes (just got cloak level IV) and scouting ship at your service!

  4. I will be presenting myself for a proper baptism in the near future. After reading the CCP-initiated threadnaught on miner bumping, there was only one rational choice to be made: liberation of the anguished souls of AFK or bot-aspirant miners.

  5. The trick I use to create my insta-undocks is:
    1) Undock and begin pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR as you load grid to begin stopping your ship.
    2) Once your ship *almost* reaches a complete stop, set it for full speed. Don't allow it to come to a full stop.
    3) Drift fullspeed for your desired distance and create the Bookmark.

    If you undock without changing speed, your ship will curve as it drifts farther from the station. Manually changing your speed, as soon as you undock, avoids this. If your ship is allowed to reach a complete stop, then you won't preserve your proper alignment. This works for undocks of all orientations (ex: Amarr vertical undocks).

  6. Another good insta undock bookmark trick...

    Stop after undock and turn on your tactical overlay. Almost all station undocks are aligned on the grid axis. Turn the camera so it is behind your ship, looking forward. You will see the numbers of the tactical overlay going off into the distance; those numbers are along the grid axis too.

    Adjust the camera so you are staring at the back of your ship, with all the numbers on the overlay clumped up into one spot on the horizon. Get the camera as close as possible to directly behind your ship while still being able to see "over the shoulder" of your ship to the spot where the overlay numbers are clumping up on the horizon. Double-click that spot, MWD for a while, and presto!

    It's even easier for vertical undocks. If you select the station with the tactical overlay open you will get a very handy line from the station pointing straight down the grid axis that you can use :)

    - Melody

  7. On grid or off grid that is the question. Of course both is acceptable and space permitting shouldn't be a problem.

    1. I can't actually see any practical advantage to having ongrid undocks OR ice field tacticals in our operations, but I can definitely see some downsides. On grid undocks will make it that much easier for them to spot at least one of our undock locations without having to probe us down and on grid ice field tacticals would be just that much more warning for the oncoming gank.

      So I guess I vote off grid in all cases unless someone can make a compelling counter argument :)

      - Melody

  8. How to make station insta warps, honestly, where else are you going to learn this stuff except as an apprentice Knight of the New Order? Some of the best and most experienced people in the game are involved.

    Join up!

    1. Was this sarcasm? Honestly it's right at the very edge of my sarcasm detector range.

      I'm going to assume it was sarcasm and point out just how ridiculous it is to insult a group for being helpful and teaching people useful info about playing this game. It would make you pretty much the epitome of everything people hate about established "elite" players in games everywhere. Not to mention I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun playing the game by yourself when your bitter vet attitude manages to chase off every single paying customer less experienced than yourself.

      If this wasn't sarcasm then, uh... sorry. Carry on!

  9. Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes.


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