Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Friendly Wake Up Call

Another day in highsec, whose population is being rebuilt from the ground up by New Order Agents.

The New Order stands for change. Why change? Because the status quo is unacceptable. Look at Joanna RB, for instance. See all that room for improvement?

CCP Falcon has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs during his brief time as an EVE-O forum moderator. Less than two months ago, he officially OK'ed the bumping of miners. Today, he closes all threads related to miner bumping--currently the only forbidden EVE-related topic. Even CCP itself finds the New Order's power a bit intimidating, it would seem.

Am I the most hated player in EVE? Perhaps that depends on whether bots are capable of hatred. Yet even if I were hated, I would say let it be so, if I am hated for the right reasons. When the sunlight pours into a dark room at dawn, waking the slumberer, the sun is the object of much frustration. Yet we know the sun also sustains life on earth.

Those who are asleep wish only to remain asleep--until they have fully regained their senses. Highsec, arise!


  1. "Those who are asleep wish only to remain asleep--until they have fully regained their senses. Highsec, arise!"

    It's something like:
    "Unfortunately no one can be told .... what the EVE is. You have to see it for yourself."

    Unfortunately again it's very hard to tell this to bots aspirants but some people still try.
    GJ James.

  2. I would say James 315, you are the most loved player in EvE. You have amassed a small fortune and army behind you that grows with every passing hour. Blessed are we to have attained the focus and mercy of such a great entity as James 315!! PRAISE HIM!

  3. I don’t remember an EVE census asking which players I hated dose anyone else? This guy’s statements are based on opinion and can’t be verified. I tend to stay away from sweeping generalisations and anyone who doesn’t is a monster (Irony filter set to maximum)

  4. I agree, we are no worse than people who rape children. We are far, far better than that. Miners can actually fight back, but they choose not to.

  5. Methinks you must be running out of material if you are digging up comments from Osmon two weeks ago. You will be glad to hear local returned to its usual vibrant self very quickly; and more - with Solstice Project in town. I was there - best regards xinthorminaias.

    P.S. nice talking to you James or should I say Mittens? ;-)

  6. To be labelled a paedophile for blowing up and/or bumping seems a little extreme , if you want to insult us maybe start low like accusing Pig of lustfully staring at cats from afar, or stating that that Mallak once stalked a duck for a month before the authorities got involved. Then if those insults don’t work then go for something a bit harder. I myself would be grievously wounded if someone were to compare my genitals to equal size to those of a mouse in the snow. Come on angry miners pace yourselves, and work up to the “people who rape children”.

  7. Ban miner bumping.

  8. this is labeled as "tears".
    specifically, yours.

  9. oh and by the way you're not being censured because you bump bot miners. you're being censured because you gank miners that are not afk and simply don't pay up.

    1. It's being censored because multiple threads about miner bumping were being created on a weekly basis & instead of being capable of discussing their issue in a reasonable manner, miners filled their own threads with personal attacks & insults. A thread was then created to gather opinions of both parties for a review of bumping mechanics & suffered the same result until CCP Falcon stepped in.

      Ultimately I don't believe that anything will change. There are plenty of ways to mitigate the risk of bumping. The arguments against bumping basically consisted of 'remove bumping mechancis because Goons'.

    2. *lol* Posting with some name gives you entitlement now?

      Uhh, yeah! I can already see it working in my favour!!


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