Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mad Moon Rising, Part 1

Brapelille ice field, December 31, 2012. The new year is about to dawn. What does 2013 hold for the miners of highsec?

Moonsong Miner urges a temporary truce in celebration of the holiday, but her cries go unheeded. Brapelille is in the midst of a storm brought by the New Order. The winds of change are blowing.

Miners vow they will resist, but their will to fight crumbles. The miners flee to Chelien system, hoping they can find respite and undisturbed AFK mining. Among the refugees evacuating Brapelille is Moonsong Miner.

Chelien, too, is brought to heel by the New Order. Within days, the miners are on the run once again. They move north, to Deninard.

Moonsong is tired of running, and is determined to make her last stand in Deninard. For the first time, she fits a tank and begins to pay attention to the environment around her.

At times, she is willing to speak peaceably with the New Order. She occasionally offers a truce, but she's quick to change her mind.

Moonsong experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. She is baffled by our Agents' ability to be polite and friendly in local, but at the same time to commit what she considers atrocities.

In Moonsong's eyes, the New Order are a terrifying vision, a savage warrior race that bathes in the blood of innocent miners.

When the New Order's Agents leave the system to strike somewhere else, Moonsong assumes they have been killed by the rebels who promise to protect the system. But even then, Moonsong has mixed feelings. She doesn't want anyone to die in highsec.

The miners gathered in Deninard have been traumatized by being forced from one place to the next. Deninard becomes a garrison system, its miners hopelessly paranoid. At the slightest provocation, they accuse each other of being Agents of the New Order.

Complicating matters is a cultural barrier: English isn't Moonsong's first language. Then again, sanity isn't her first mental state.

Anyone could be a spy for the New Order. For Moonsong, anyone who appears too friendly or too hostile is suspicious.

She doesn't own an Orca of her own, so she needs to ask around for bonuses. But when no one will respond to her, she gets an inkling of the true nature of the carebears who surround her.

To be continued...



    i think we have a candidate right here.

  2. Jester's Trek offered some thoughts on non-consensual PvP.

    1. We all know that Jester lost his mind about a year ago. I should really start writing down all the stupid stuff he says.

  3. Misneden is another system in need of attention. Two in particular flout their defiance of the New Order in their names: 'afk mining ice' and 'afk ice mining'. It is almost as if they are BEGGING for Holy Antimatter.

  4. This blog is simply magic and full of winning joy. Funniest material I have read in a long time.

  5. this has angermerd me greatly, Moonsong is genuinely a nice person and you lot are bullies.
    Call to arms i think is needed. This basic money making scam needs the playing field levelled.

    1. We love Moonsong Miner very much, and we look forward to the day when she joins our cause.

    2. You're just bitter you didn't think to save high sec yourself. Insteaf you were quite happy yo play along at being afk without a care in the world.

      New Eden changes and the ones who adapt quickest profit sooner.

      How can a 10m isk permit that you can donate to any agent be a money making scam?

      Besides the Times is behind a paywall and you get this blog for free which is written as well as if not better than editorials and commentary than you'd find there.

    3. Moonsong is a truly lovely person. It only goes to show how impoverished your cause is when players such as Moonsong are victimised, and yes I saw you preparing to gank her. Fortunately she heeded the warning signs and docked. - Inspektor

    4. I like Moonsong, in the same way that I like Matthias Mecklenburg (everyone's favorite anti-ganker!). I think they're very nice people, and I hope they enjoy the times when our paths cross. Just because we've plotted the demise of their internet spaceships doesn't mean we dislike them or think they're bad people. :)

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