Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fair Warning

Word's gotten out about the New Order. It's not just because of the miners we kill. We also make an impression on everyone in the ice fields and asteroid belts who sees someone else get ganked.

It's lately become fashionable among miners like Riku Ronuken (no relation to awoxer Agent Riku Klayton) to say that Agents should give proper warning before ganking a miner. Funny, they always mocked the warnings I gave before bumping them. Now they want to be warned?

Karma and justice go hand in hand. The miners have gotten all warning they deserve, and more.

It's no longer necessary to provide miners with any notice. When the New Order consisted of one brave soul bumping miners out of Halaima ice field, yes, it was called for. But now that MinerBumping is one of EVE's most widely-read blogs and the New Order is the number-one topic of conversation across highsec? All miners are deemed to have read the Code. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm famous and awesome and a rock star and everyone knows how cool the New Order is and that they should follow the Code. No one can act surprised when their ship explodes!

Times are changing. We're shifting from the way things used to be to the way they're going to be. The first phase of highsec's history was when the New Order didn't exist. The second phase was when the New Order was a small part of highsec. In the future phase, highsec is the New Order. We're not part of the story, we are the story.

The time to stop the New Order was back when we were a fledgling movement. Perhaps we could have been strangled in our cradle. But we weren't, and now it's too late. Highsec's fate is sealed.

Things will be uncomfortable for some people. The denialists, who are already accusing me of having literally hundreds of alts, will have an increasingly distorted view of reality until they accept the change we bring. Some people think the New Order is too prominent, or that it gets attention out of proportion to its importance. Some people are tired of hearing about "James 315", "the New Order", and "the Code". Those people are not going to enjoy highsec's future. Highsec belongs to the Agents of the New Order. Everyone else is just living in it--if we permit them to do so.


  1. When you think you have seen it all does someone come a long and crossbreds a NAZI with a troll. *lol*

  2. The New Order will never be as numerous to be everywhere at once.

    In the highsec area I'm in, I have not heard one peep about the New Order in local.

    James, 5 years of Hulkageddon did nothing to deter casual and AFK miners. You may be getting reactions NOW, but they won't last, they never do. You're merely the new thing. You'll last a few months, but you will fade; either by CCP's hand, or when your "victory" comes, you will cease to be interesting.

  3. We are all James 315! We are unstoppable! We are the Order!
    Our grip on Highsec tightens and the hit counter tops 300k today. :) Times are good.

    -Galaxy Pig

  4. I am Spartacus... I mean James 315.

    All hail!!

  5. At the very least anon could post his character name. Perhaps he should share this piece of empire so that he could enjoy Eve as the multiplayer environment it should be. Its nice when miners talk to each other in local but impossible when they are AFK.

    Embrace random chats with random people.

    1. Hello, my name is Daniela Shitrat. My name is more worth than yours.

    2. I find it hilarious that you think I would invite the Undesirable Order to my doorstep.

      We are free to try to play as much of Eve solo as we can.

      Emergent gameplay = play the way YOU WANT TO.

      Of course that's a double-edged sword. The negative side of emergent gameplay is you get people like James and his ilk who try to make others play the way they want them to.

    3. You want to play Eve your way which is good of course but afk mining is not playing the game.

      When you use materials you are in fact interacting with other people and you are inhibiting someone elses game plans. This is not a bad thing it is Eve.

      As for the difference between being anonymous and using an account is that I take responsibility for my opinions both in game and out and will defend my opinion in any way I see fit to do so.

      I hope you enjoy your eve experience as the afk mining mechanic will be changed before ganking or bumping will be changed (again)

  6. Should still warn of the code : I love this blog, but that one comment sticks with me. Remember James your a Savior spread your message don't start just pew pew no PR.

    1. That would be because James is a false prophet, and his message is heresy.

  7. They very well may be. CCP is preparing a statement.

    Now that could mean 2014 for all we know. CCP is a majority shareholder in 'Soon(TM)'.

  8. I doubt CCP will do anything at this time but to play the shepherd of EVE. They'll say something like it is all games and fun, and to see if this calms everyone down.

    Only when the shepherd strategy fails will they start thinking about game changes or other kinds of actions.

    I'd be surprise to see any real actions by CCP at this time.

    Though one never knows and they could suddenly try to clean up the griefer image, because they are now trying to get DUST514 off the the ground and want a better image associated with their games...

  9. "Everyone else is just living in it--if we permit them to do so."

    An excellent point! Miners, be sure to purchase your Mining Permits in advance. It's only 10 million ISK for a year of mining in New Order systems. As long as the Code is followed, you will be allowed to mine without fear of bumps or ganks.

    They also make great presents for fellow miners you wish to show the way of the Code. Contact any Agent in game (yours truly included) to make a purchase today!

    1. The new order..... The Code..........James 315, Such wisdom does not come down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, devilish. You are the evil in darkness, Depart from evil, and do good;seek light seek peace, and pursue it. For I am the messenger and your day of reckoning is almost at hand

      - The illumination

    2. Who are you receiving messages from?

    3. Errmmm ... look up James, verse 3:15.

  10. I think i'll start my own miner bumping website. one that actually tries to separate the bots from the real miners.


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