Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hammer of Justice

This interesting piece was passed along to me; the artist is Dubious King, a fixture in Deninard:

Click here for the full-size version.

There's no question that people need someone to stand up against the beastly miners of highsec. I am proud to see more and more taking up this noble calling.

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  1. Sanguine s has a catalyst head! LOL

  2. A solitary, icy stone drifts through the sky before me. I would pay it no attention, but for the bodies lashed to it.

    Moving in for a closer look, I discover that its victims are still alive -- only barely. Each is attached to the rock by several glowing ropes, acting as both tether and umbilicus. The captives dare not stray from the rock, lest they part from the meager, frozen nourishment it offers them.

    I can't tell how long the stone has held them prisoner, but I know it intends hold them as thralls forever. I reach out, carefully, and take one of the prisoners, pulling him away from the rock; he struggles and moans with hunger as the wispy blue cord is stretched thin.

    Another tug, and the tether is broken, dissipating away to nothing in an instant. The former captive cries out in pain and grief, tears filling his eyes, flowing as freely as a newborn infant's. He will have to feed himself now, like any free man.

    1. Such poetry is seldom witnessed in the deep darkness of space. Well played, good sir, well played.

    2. That's amazing. Simply astoundingly good.

  3. James 315 protects.

    Gank the heretic. Educate the bot aspirant. Purge the unclean.

  4. Is Rippard standing? If he is, the article above will do more to gain votes for him then anything he could have written himself.

  5. Hammer of Darwin, more like.


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