Friday, January 4, 2013

Miner Tears Fill a Canvas

Yesterday, I made a post that mentioned Whitehound, a highsec ice miner who went AFK, lost his ship, continued to be AFK, lost his implants, and then wasted a billion isk on an alliance-wide bounty in retaliation. Although it would make far more economic sense to pay 10 million isk per year, he was too blinded by rage to make the right call.

Pablo Picasso famously painted Guernica after a Spanish town was bombed. Whitehound was similarly inspired by the coordinated strike against his ship and pod, but I don't think his work will be as celebrated:

This disturbing piece isn't the first time a rebel has been driven to creating anti-Order propaganda (Heavy Met4l Queen has since recovered). But Whitehound's painting confuses me. Why the "0815"? What's the rationale behind the "Don't Pay" slogan? (All miners should pay.) And why compare me to Adolf Hitler, who is practically my mirror opposite? The New Order are not Nazis, we're the good guys. I would have thought that we had all learned that by now.


  1. I wonder what level of butthurtness it's required to waste the time to make this shit?
    Very good job guys.

  2. I don't know if it's shady that I know this, but "88" is a popular codeword between Neo Nazis. The letter H is 8th in the alphabet sequence. "88" corresponds to "HH" which stands for "Heil Hitler." That explains the 0815.

    You'd need to have significant exposure to Neo Nazism to get that reference. I got mine while sampling all the national anthems of nation states (lots of 88's on the Nazi anthem). I wonder where Whitehound got his exposure, hmmm?

    1. You had probably too much exposure yourself.
      Yes, "88" stands for "Heil Hitler", but there is only ONE 8 in 0815.

      Google would have provided the information that 0815 refers to the first industrially manufactured machine gun "to denote something totally ordinary and lacking in originality or specialness."

  3. 08/15 (phrase) , meaning "standard, something quite ordinary, nothing special"

    Thats a wild pic though and Whitehound is a notorious idiot.

  4. The "0815" originates from a first world war machine gun with the type ID 08/15. It was a low-quality weapon and the term "0815" stuck and is still often used for everything that is below average, useless or worthless.

    Also know that you are only recreating the "U mad?" meme over and over again when you write of others only as being mad, furious or in rage after a gank. When you then keep drawing every of your victims as crying, infuriated, enraged and mad then who is going to believe you?

    I am playing EVE for four years now. You could give me some credit and stop making yourself look stupid.

    1. Part of those 4 years would have been better spent learning to Photochop. I can tell by the pixels.

    2. Uh, Whitehound ... are you mad?

      Apparently so. You are giving James 315 an enormous amount of rent free space inside your own skull.

      It would be easier to thank him for educating you, pay the 10M ISK fee, and go on about your business as a responsible citizen of highsec. Even the severely red penciled can seek to pay restitution for their crimes.

    3. That's a clever reference. I don't know what it is about that picture that made me think of HITLER of all things. Meh.

    4. Here is the full chat log.

      Wescro2 > Our last victim bountied us for 1b ISK.....
      Wescro2 > look at my bounty
      Whitehound > yes
      Whitehound > enjoy your new status in the top ten of the most wanted list :)
      Wescro2 > Wow that's very generous.
       Lamprey Uisen > i suspect James315 won't settle for anything less than #1
      Wescro2 > You sure you wont regret putting that bill towards a new mack and implants?
      Whitehound > I am sitting on several hundred of billions. Don't worry about me.
      Joe Varden > lol
      Wescro2 > Whitehound You are a strange man. Why are you mining if you have that much?
      Whitehound > because I can
      Wescro2 > Oh I don't know about that ;).
      Whitehound > Why do you gank miners?
      Whitehound > thanks, Jordan
      Wescro2 > We gank them to save them and the rest of high sec from the adverse effects of botting and afk playstyle.
      Whitehound > lol
      Wescro2 > We are humanitys last hope against the zombie bots!
      Whitehound > in other words, you are the nerd police
      MORFUSE > well put
      Wescro2 > Well considering you have billions of fake money, I don't know about that...
      Wescro2 > But alas, Whitehound, we do not hold grudges, saviours as we are! Will you not heed and join us?
      Whitehound > You want to distant yourself from my ISK by saying it is fake, but you shoot fake spaceships.
      Wescro2 > Well I was just responding to your nerd charge....
      Whitehound > don't, it just makes you more of a nerd
      Wescro2 > Let's put this fickle name calling aside and bury the hatchet.
      Wescro2 > Good fight, even if you were afk.
      Whitehound > Why would I want to join you when you just shot me? Where is the sense in this?
      Wescro2 > We freed you from your ISK bondage. You are now liberated of 2b of your ill-gotten ISK.
      (more below)

    5. Morgana Atreides > boring!
      Whitehound > Well, you will need to make 5b ISK losses to get rid of the bounty.
      Wescro2 > A man of your means is fit for more noble pursuits than mining.
      Whitehound > Sure, I stop mining when you go mining instead.
      Wescro2 > Here's a secret, we are suicide gankers, we plan on going kabloeey everytime we undock.
      Joe Varden > Jita spam aint that fun these days so lets watch local....
      Morgana Atreides > wescro = boring!
       Whitehound > Honstly, sounds like you are kablsomething with ot without undocking.
       Droopsack > Morgana Atreides purchased a replacement Hulk yet?
       Joe Varden > Begins to wonder if the entier CODE. alliance is just one guy in RL
       Whitehound > anyhow, the gankers have each 100m ISK bounty of them or collectively a 1b ISK on their alliance. The kill rights can be purchased during the next 30 days if anybody feels like caring for nerds who go kabloing.
      Wescro2 > Whitehound So far only we leech our own bounties by shooting our team right before concord kills us, so thanks for that.
      Whitehound > I am have to go and pickup my ice now.
       Wescro2 > I have 100 active kill rights, but yours is super special I bet.
       Whitehound > I would not know.
      Wescro2 > Oh sorry to keep a multi-billionair from his 3m of ice.
      Whitehound > Am I special to you?
      Whitehound > It is all fake as you say, isn't it?
      Wescro2 > Yes, as are all other miners.
       Wescro2 > We are here to SAVE.
       John E Normus > Whitehound o/
       Whitehound > well, I now know you mean nice, but keep trying.
       Whitehound > o/
       Shepard Reed > who died?
       John E Normus > Whitehound
       Whitehound > just a clone
       Wescro2 > The story so far: Whitehound has 100b ISK but he spends his days afk mining. He bounties his saviours for 1b ISK, not realizing they are suicide gankers meant to die anyway. He then proceeds to pick up his 3m of ice, despite claiming to be ultrarich.
       Morgana Atreides > wescro2, you sound even more ridiculous than jehova´s witnesses, all that saving-talk doesn´impress people, neither in rl nor in here
       Baby BadaBoom > Whitehound placed 100 000 000 ISK in bounty on your head.
      Baby BadaBoom > thx Whitehound

      As you can see, it was all good. maybe the recruitment attempt was odd, but that wasn't me.

      So why hate? Are you trying to ruin your own blog?!



      Who could not love that face??

  5. What an abysmal shoop, this blog continues to entertain.

  6. I'll have to admit, he synced up the mistake pretty damn well.


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