Thursday, September 13, 2012

Enemy Propaganda Intercepted

In previous posts we have shed light on the resistance movement among miners who flaunt their disobedience to the New Order, and how certain individuals seek to fan those flames.

Agent Xavier Bandar has intercepted enemy propaganda artwork that is being passed around by the insurgent miners. It is believed that rebel leader Heavy Met4l Queen is responsible for these posters, though others may be involved.

The first of these posters attempts to send the message that the anti-Order movement is fueled by "knowledge", "justice", and "freedom". Ironically, it's quite the opposite: The status quo represents ignorance, injustice, and slavery to the isk drip of AFK mining.

The second poster appears to be HMQ's favorite, according to our intel.

However, the most revealing of the posters is the third, which puts their nihilism and degradation on full display:

There is no future in resistance. The future is with the New Order and its positive vision of a better highsec. The rebel forces stand only for the death and destruction of highsec.


  1. Fear not, this so called "resistance" will learn the error of it's ways soon enough.

    1. I have a strong suspicion that you're right about that...

  2. Alrighty, pretty pictures. How creative the resistance followers are!

    Except, they're not. Those are some of the laziest copy-pastes, as a quick ~2 minute reverse google image search revealed.

    The first one, "Knowledge, Justice, Freedom" (oh, the irony), has been used in 2011 and is readily available on the web:

    The second one, "Resist the New Order", has been used in 2011 and is readily available on the web. Note though how the "author" went through the extra trouble of removing the "World" from "Resist the New World Order" (albeit sloppily):

    The third image, "Fuck the New Order", has been used in 2010 and is readily available on the web. Again, the "editor" did take the extra step to remove "World" from "Fuck the New World Order":

    I don't doubt that some or all of these pictures have been around longer. This is what a very quick search reveals instantly.
    I will not go into detail on which kinds of sites you can commonly find these images. It is quite amusing though, and i encourage you to check it out. I will go ahead and assume that the bot-aspirant(s) who so vigorously copy-pasted other people's work frequents said pages.

    Ladies and Sirs, if this is the kind of effort you are ready to put forth when facing the New Order - there will not be anything akin to a battle. Your cosmetic conviction cannot stand against a single dedicated Stabber, piloted by a true heart filled with passion and zeal.

    1. i never claimed to be a Photoshop expert. these were just a quick put together for some entertainment while we convince miners not to pay there 10 mil to your cause. and i think they do the job just fine.

      give me some more time and ill come up with something better. i haven't taken the time to dedicate myself to creating my own posters. and besides, there doing wonders for morale on my side.

      Heavy Met4l Queen.

      P.S. "Resist the New Order" is indeed my favorite. way to know your enemy james!

  3. On a sidenote; really, miners? The second one? The one that says how you're a slave to money when you shouldn't be? The one where a slaves shackles are broken? That is your favorite?
    This is an image that supports what the New Order does on so many levels.

    Temujin Nardieu: "more appeal to working class miners". Yes, it certainly should be most appealing since it is a call to *you* to break free from the shackles slave-bottery; the reason the New Order exists, and is able to exist with the Dogma given by the supreme protector is because you have been unable to break these chains yourself.

  4. Hello Heavy Met4l Queen,
    did you found the Apple of Discord from her great godness Eris ? - Did you her about the 'dwarf planet Eris' ? Dwarfs are well know as master miners ! I told you this is an Omen, you should try to make her godness Eris well-disposed to your movement with an eresian evocation.

    If all your miners sing all the time on Ice fields a cherfull song, then Eris maybe will support you mining Business.

    So please, i will read next time from a New Order Agents, reports to James315 the Ice miners are singing all the time:

    "We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig on our asteroid the whole day through
    To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to do
    It ain't no trick to get rich quick, if..
    If you dig dig dig with a Hulk or a Skiff
    On an Asteroid! On an Asteroid! On an Asteroid! On an Asteroid!
    And Jame315 can't avoid !"

  5. "We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night
    We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig up everything in sight
    We dig up Ice by the score
    A million ISK, sometimes more
    But we don't know what we dig 'em for
    We dig dig dig a-dig dig

    Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
    Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

  6. Did a breakdown and calculation of just how 'profitable' high sec ice mining is...what a joke!
    1 hour of mining plagioclase, refining and selling the results earns you 15-16 mill. The same amount of ice harvesting gets you a measly 5 mill.


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