Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MinerBumping in EVE Media

In the roughly seven weeks of its existence, this blog has greatly facilitated the rise of the New Order, the promotion of our values, and the recruitment of new Agents. I talked about this a little bit in the three month anniversary post, but basically, miner bumping has gone mainstream.

As word of the New Order speads across the EVE galaxy, my little birds keep me informed of what people are saying about us. Most of it is positive, though there are always going to be some whiners. Today I'd like to share links to two different voices in the EVE media that discussed the New Order in the past week. One is from a podcast, and the other is from a blog. I was actually informed of these by friendly sources almost immediately after they were released (i.e. within a couple hours), but as most Agents know, there's always a backlog of material for MinerBumping. Even with a two posts per day schedule, it's a struggle to get to everything in a timely fashion.

The EVE community produces many websites, podcasts, blogs, etc. If you haven't encountered many of these yet, you might enjoy today's post as a rare detour into that world.

The first link is to Episode 53 of the Voices from the Void podcast. Podcast host (and EVE Radio DJ) Arydanika and her guests discussed a number of things, including the New Order and this website. The conversation related to MinerBumping and the Saviour of Highsec begins at approximately the 53 minute mark.

Next is a post from the Diaries of a Space Noob blog. The author, Cheradenine Harper, describes himself as "mostly [care]bear", so I found his perspective interesting. His discussion primarily centers around a post I did for Speaking of MinerBumping, Cheradenine writes:
When I first read the authors own blog about his pursuit of hisec miners I was horrified. It was too early in my EVE career to understand. Lately I've come to regard it as a guilty pleasure, it’s cruel example of emergent gameplay but a lot of the miners he reports on are walking into the trap and digging themselves deeper when they are in there.... He's pointing out that the holes in the current hisec rules that allow him to escape any kind of response. He’s may come across as cruel or evil to some but he is intelligent (and god help me, very amusing) when he does so.
I suspect a lot of people would be surprised to learn how much of MinerBumping's readership consists of highsec miners. Remember, miners: The feeling of guilty pleasure you get when reading this blog is your conscience trying to break through, to let you know that MinerBumping and the New Order are good things. You have these instincts for a reason, now put them to use!

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