Saturday, September 22, 2012

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #4

Time to rummage once more through the Grab Bag: A collection of miner tears which are worthy of note and reflection, but which don't individually merit their own posts. Onward!

Miners have given me so many different excuses for being AFK. (For the Miner Bingo aficionados out there, this would be an example of "I wasn't AFK, I was just...")

Some miners claim highsec doesn't need a saviour, all while proving it does.

Ever since I became the Saviour of Highsec, I've gotten private convo requests from a lot of interesting people. This conversation is from several weeks ago, but Matthew O'Rourke should be thrilled to learn about my new player corp!

Some miners believe I'm here today, gone tomorrow. Miners, I will not abandon you like so many other people in your life. The New Order is here to stay, for as long as you'll have us--and then some!

juupke1 here wasn't necessarily insulting me. In fact, I'd bet moonspeak is his first language.

The preceding was a comment left in reply to "Intel Warns of Rebellion Among Highsec Miners". Our intel was right on target, it seems.

This may surprise some, but is one the most widely-read EVE blogs among highsec miners. Titus Blackhart is referring to his corpmate Danlo Fell aka Vin Fell, who was featured in "Major Miner Meltdown, Part 1" and Part 2.

I wonder... Whose website is, really?

As it turns out, botting wasn't the last temptation of Sara Economics after all. Maybe we need a Code provision about playing the market with your student loans.

From the perspective of a miner ruled by the drive to grind isk, someone who can stop you whenever he wants is god-like. Now let's end this visit to the Grab Bag on a lighter note:

Let it never be said that the Supreme Protector doesn't know how to cut loose.


  1. Dear God James.....

    Were you AFK while you were breakdancing?

    1. Of course I was AFK. I wouldn't want to risk toppling my computer by breakdancing at keyboard. Of course, there's no rule against bumpers being AFK, only miners being AFK.

    2. Maybe the code should be rewritten to have a rule against AFK bumpers. It's not that we are asking the miners to never leave their keyboards. We are asking the miners to never leave their keyboards while they are mining. Therefore I believe a fair addendum to the code would state that bumpers in order to set a true example for the lost and lowly miners will stay at their keyboards continuously as well while IN THE ACT of bumping. Now since you weren't bumping during your break dancing session you would still be following the rules yet the miners will see the example set here and may take it to heart in their struggle between the darkness that is mining and the light that is the Code of the New Order.

      Just a suggestion.


    3. In other words, if someone goes AFK while their ship is in the process of hitting another ship? Interesting. Given the amount of work that needs to be done to transform highsec into the paradise I envision, prioritizing is important. For now, we're concerned only with miners. After the New Order conquers all highsec and all the miners join us, I'll take another look at this issue of AFK bumping.

    4. Sounds good. It would just show the miners that we are holding ourselves to the same standard we hold them to.



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