Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rumors About a James 315 CSM Candidacy Set the EVE Community Buzzing

Given the events of the past few days, I feel it is important to address something, make known my intentions, and put rumors to rest.

You may have heard the rumors circulating about a potential James 315 candidacy in the next CSM election. I suppose it was predictable that this would happen, given the perennial complaints about a lack of highsec representation on the CSM. In my position as Saviour of Highsec and Father of the New Order, it was only natural that people would begin to look to me as a highsec representative, especially since I am the de facto voice of the highsec community already. EVE's most popular news website,, publishes my columns in part because I can offer the perspective of a highsec resident, while most other writers live in low/null.

In any event, the idea of a James 315 candidacy caught fire and set the EVE-O forums alight this week. Beginning on this page of a massive thread about highsec CSM representation, posters began to debate the merits of my candidacy.

Many supported me wholeheartedly, but some doubted. Code violator apologist Asuri Kinnes was the chief forum warrior committed to attacking me, but she wasn't the only one.

With their enthusiasm unable to be bridled in a single thread, Petrus Blackshell created a new forum thread for the sole purpose of discussing and advocating for my candidacy. This thread quickly ballooned to twelve pages of replies at the latest count. Here's how Petrus opened the thread:
James 315 for CSM as hi-sec representative
tl;dr: The title.

James knows how hisec works and has written extensively on the psychological profile of hisec inhabitants, their activities, and how to improve hisec. He has also proven he is a man of action, not simply sitting behind his soapbox, but taking matters into his own hands and trying to make a change. His skill with written rhetoric, politically charged situations, keeping in touch with the community, and taking a stand for the area of Eve he lives in qualify him perfectly to serve on the CSM to advise CCP on matters pertaining to hisec space -- which the other CSM representatives so far may not have the background to actually do. James' presence on the CSM, or even his campaigning for CSM may serve as a wake-up call for hisec residents to actively participate in CSM elections.

Because of all these reasons, I unofficially nominate James 315 as a CSM candidate to represent hisec! Who is with me?

(This post is not endorsed by James, nor do I know if he is even willing to run for CSM; if/when you see this, James, please comment)
This thread also quickly led to a counter-thread started by Peter Raptor. The counter-thread thread was locked by the moderators so that the conversation could be concentrated in Petrus' thread. In the interest of fairness, here is the text of Peter Raptor's counter-thread OP:
James 315 For CSM representing Hisec??? Surely you jest.
Theres a thread supporting this. Ive decided to start a thread regarding the absurdity of this proposition.

The guy is obsessed with bumping hisec ice miners because he wants them to be at keyboard, staring like a zombie at their cargoholds for 40 minutes for hours on end, as they get filled with non-depleting ice roids.

This is public knowledge, because he advertises his unusual crusade in his signature.

I ask you, is that rational?
The debate continues to rage. I've noticed that those who support me tend to take a more fact-based approach, while those opposed to me are more emotional.

The discussions are interesting. They have also led to many people asking me about whether I intend to run for CSM. Let me be clear. I do not currently have any plans to run for CSM. When people talk about me as a potential CSM candidate, that is very flattering, and if called upon to serve of course I would have to consider that carefully. But I do not have any present intention to run. Right now, I am focused on doing the job that the people of highsec elected me to do, which is to serve as Saviour of Highsec and Supreme Protector of the various New Order territories.


  1. Good to know you're staying the course James. It's important to demonstrate commitment to the causes you lead, so ultimately your persistence with spreading the New Order now will stand you in good stead should you decide to run for the CSM later.

  2. At least when he becomes CSM we will have a real name.......

    1. What do you need my real name for? I hope you're not planning any shenanigans like what happened when The Mittani ran for CSM!

    2. How does "clear evidence to confirm whether or not you're The Mittani" sound? Or maybe he just wants to invite everyone with your name in your country over for dinner? The possibilities are endless. I'm just hoping it'll be something humiliating.

    3. No need to wait for any CSM stuff, I can confirm right now that I am not The Mittani.

    4. I've talked to both, and i assure you, James is not mittens.

      But if you really need a real name, you'll have to wait until he's CSM :D

    5. Just saying people have been killed over stupid stuff involving MMO's. And with James getting a "I'll get you at fan fest" some people might just follow through

    6. I have much more confidence in the goodness of human nature than you do, it would seem!

  3. I've got my share of mining experience, and I would absolutely vote for James 315 for CSM, without hesitation.

  4. I have never actually "mined," but you "miners" seem like a purely murderous lot. Why do you feel you have the need to leave EVE: Online and threaten a man on his internet website? What is wrong with having to be at your computer to play a game? When I am flying in fleets in zero-sec, I must be at my computer the entire time. Why should you be any different?

    1. 1.) Ever thought of the fact that some people have a life outside of Eve Online? Have kids, and a spouse that they may have to leave the computer for a few minutes to attend to and just want to enjoy a few hours of mining resources without the constant harassment of players asking them to pay for a "permit". People in those situations, people like me, probably don't have enough time during the week to make a substantial amount of in-game money, so what would be considered a "mere" 10mil according to your "New Order" really amounts to something for us.
      2.) I've hung around in local in the "New Order's territories" many times and watched, to see how this whole thing works. People are bullied, yes, bullied into paying for a permit, which isn't even an item just an "understanding" that a player will get to mine in that system. For a group that claim to be so diplomatic, some of these tactics are very forceful, which obviously is the point, as it's been stated. There's a place for that kind of behavior called zero-sec.
      3.) Now obviously if you're flying in zero-sec, you're going to have to be at your computer at all times, but that's exactly why there's high-sec, so that people like me can enjoy the game without worrying about being attacked or harassed. There's plenty of zero-sec areas out there, why not try your New Order out there?
      4.) This is directed at James315's comment about people who oppose him being "emotional". What would make you think this isn't an emotional problem? It's because you're not being harassed by groups of players, having your ships blown up and what not. Imagine this, sitting at home, mining or what have you may during your couple of hours a week that you may get to play, and your son needs help reaching a cup from the top of the cupboard, while your wife is tied up with the other child for the moment, so you rush to get the cup down and back to your computer, only to see that you're being attacked for mining. It would probably raise some emotion, anger perhaps, especially when you go out of your way to mine in high-sec. Here's a challenge: Create a mining toon, limit yourself to 5-7 hours(which is more than I get myself) a week on that toon, mine in your "New Order territory" without telling anyone who you are, and witness the conduct of your "New Order" members.

    2. 1)Nope. Your family does not exist in Eve, which is where all this takes place.
      2)It is not called zer-sec. It is called null-sec, but that's immaterial because we are talking ice fields in high-sec. Which is controlled by the Code. Sansha null has ice fields as well that are not controlled by the Code.
      3)Regardless of what level of sec, all have stations to dock at. Regardless, if you aren't at your computer, you won't even noticed you were bumped anyways since you weren't there to enjoy it. Out of sight out of mind.
      4)All your reasons listed are perfectly valid. This is why you were not able to avert whatever malady in game has befallen you. We do not have to be in your shoes when our own fit just fine thanks. And I don't understand your mention of "going out of your way to mine in high-sec" because last I heard, high-sec is where you start. Once you undock you're in high-sec. Nothing "out of your way" about it.

      Hope this clears things up. Welcome to Eve.


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