Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shareholder Vote in Progress

Shareholder Report #5 has been issued on the EVE-O Market Discussions subforum. There is also a shareholder vote taking place in that thread. As I mentioned in yesterday's heads-up post about the upcoming vote, voting will take place in the thread, or in EVEmail, if you prefer. Votes cannot be taken in the comments section of this post, since there is no way to verify the in-game identities of commenters. However, people may leave comments about the Report and/or vote on this post if they so choose.

Here is a link to the Report and voting thread: Link.

More information is available in the thread's OP, but here's the quick version: We are expanding New Order territory and it's up to you to decide where we go next. We're either heading to Sirseshin (which would be our first system in The Forge) or delving further into Lonetrek by heading north to Elonaya. You can view the planning map by clicking below:

September 4, 2012 (planning)

As always, older maps can be viewed on the Maps page.

Voting will end at 19:00 EVEtime on September 6th (3:00pm US Eastern). Get to it!

Shareholder Report #5 and Voting.


  1. Best of luck to the occupants of both systems

  2. oh James you are now over reaching, you can't even control Halaima

    1. Never said I was leaving Halaima, just that another system would be getting more love from the New Order. I know it will take time for everyone to pledge loyalty, but once they see we're the winning team, it won't be too long. :)


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