Thursday, September 13, 2012

Intel Warns of Rebellion Among Highsec Miners

Agents of the New Order have picked up an increase in chatter among the insurgents who plot against us. This confirms what we saw in Elonaya, where highsec ice miner Heavy Met4l Queen has been attempting to organize resistance to the New Order.

Now it appears HMQ has been touring the other New Order territories to recruit rebels from there, as well.
Heavy Met4l Queen > i have support and people fighting back in elonaya. he just recently tried to ckaim it and were fighting back.
Heavy Met4l Queen > but i need to stop him altogether
Heavy Met4l Queen > im looking for corps and members that want james to get the fuck out of there syste
JulioGulio Valcores > oh yeah theres a storm brewing and the eye is focused on james 315
But our enemies always underestimate the omnipresence of New Order supporters, such as CorInaXeraL.
CorInaXeraL > As one of his investors, this disturbs me... I should make a report of this to the other investing parties and quell this rebellious uprising.
Heavy Met4l Queen > i cant say much in local. theres a good chance he has someone watching local.
I have eyes and ears everywhere. I usually know what the miners are going to do before they've even made up their minds to do it.
JulioGulio Valcores > he extorts isk from from the miners that come to this ice field
Heavy Met4l Queen > if my reaserch is right. hes bee doing it here
Heavy Met4l Queen > and im going to put a stop to it
Ren Ruyle > yup
It didn't take HMQ long to find miners familiar with our enforcement process. Until the day of final victory arrives, there will always be malcontents eager to join any half-baked effort against us.
Peter XZ > Ive reported his agents, CCP is looking into it'
JulioGulio Valcores >
It seems Julio made his own anti-Order propaganda artwork (pictured below) but it pales in comparison to ours. Note his use of the Hitler comparison, which we've observed is becoming more common these days:

CorInaXeraL > He loathes bots. But also AFKers. He is very systematic about ensuring the mining community is very aware of their surroundings to help eliminate unwanted ganks.
CorInaXeraL > It's for their own good. *sagenod*
Geri Louis > I go to the bathroom and he blows me up? For my own good? Sounds like what we told the cat ....
Peter XZ > Miner bumpers expect ice miners to be at keyboard and watch their cargo fill, like zombies, for hours, its ridiculous
Peter XZ > ice mining was designed by the devs to be semi afk
CorInaXeraL generously offered wisdom to the miners, but you know the old saying: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. You have to bump the horse into the water.
JulioGulio Valcores > yeah cause u guyz are bullies and until now noone has dont anything, its a win win for you, but that ends soon bud,sorry
JulioGulio Valcores > thats so fucked up , some pilot goes and get a drink of water and they come back and there suicide gank by one of john 315 lackys, ti guess thats why so many ar fedup with it and are finally banding together to stop the situation from getting spreadi
Meanwhile, the resistance has also set up its own series of secure containers next to my own in Elonaya.

When this was called to my attention by an Agent, I had to take a closer look.

The full text of the six containers' message is as follows:
To all those who listen to the preachings of James 315 i have a message. I quote James 3:15 from The King James Bible. "This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice." The New Order is false and its word and code ash. Deny them and all that they are. For Elonaya and her miners support Heavy Met4l Queen, Defender of Elonaya!
The offending corporation which anchored these containers is not HMQ's corp, but another:

My friends, I do not use this word lightly, but I know we're all thinking it. This is treason.


  1. Treason implies ownership.
    You have none.

    1. In your opinion. Day by day, month by month, yours is becoming a minority opinion.

    2. Only time will tell James. All things in due time.

      Heavy Met4l Queen

    3. Only time will tell indeed, HMQ.

      With time passing, the suffering of your people because of the vendetta you drag them into will change your mind. Nice cloaky rifter by the way, i'm totally scared. As soon as we log, half your corp dock. That's what is supposed to bring us out ?

  2. This is amazing. I think this is what James315 really wanted when he started this whole operation. He has forced semi afk hi sec miners to a completely new form of gameplay. Now they are actively cooperating towards a common goal, having to research ship fittings, defense options, and other game mechanics. All of which would not have happened without his actions. It has made the game more interesting for everyone involved.

    1. Don't kid yourself.

      All James did was create a hostile unfriendly environment for everyone involved.


    2. You make the mistake of focusing entirely on the negative, and by narrowing your focus further still by limiting it to the present, rather than the future. Before the New Order, did Halaima or Elonaya or any of those systems have any value?

    3. How is there value now?

      None of the miners are benefiting in any way from your so called order. What are you bringing to the table apart from your disillusioned idea of being the protector?

      I say none. Every other miner says none. You might want to re-evaluate your achievements.


    4. These miners finally have a reason to interact with each other, and the wider EVE community. They now have a reason to band together and fight, and do something other than stare idly at a rock as their mining lasers bore into it - a task more fitting for True Slaves and automated drones.

      James 315, in his boundless mercy, has not only taken it upon himself to directly fight this degenerate, bot-aspirant behavior through bumping, but can also find it in himself to patiently explain to miners the truth of their ways, and to show them a better life under the New Halaima Code of Conduct and the New Order of Highsec.

      What more value could James 315 add to the systems of the New Order? Can you, Kandoren, say that you have achieved a hundredth of the things that James 315 has?

      Long live the New Order, may the rebels see the truth, and the profound error of their ways.

    5. "All James did was create a hostile unfriendly environment for everyone involved."

      Which is what we call eve.
      Congratulations, you finally got the game...

    6. Truer words have never been spoken sir.

    7. That's actually a really cool take on it. "Emergent gameplay". James's actions here have created an entirely new type of gameplay. High sec territorial control between miners and those who would seek to force them to follow the code. Obviously, the miners will eventually lose, and all of high sec will eventually be brought into the light of the code, but it will be fun to watch and participate in the ongoing conflict.

  3. Because bumping people in a game is the same thing as killing millions of people in real life.

    Gosh, some of those miners are fragile things.

  4. Stupefying !
    Sometimes I suppose this anonymous posters are paid by James315 for this kind of 'hope someone will kill you' messages. All this hate & anger just because they are bumped in love ?

    With the words of the St. Gide:
    'It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.'


    1. I'm afraid you'll find there are no depths to which some highsec miners will not sink, in order to secure their ships' place next to the ice.

  5. If by "great celebrations" you mean "endless mourning", then I agree. I must decline your invitation, if only for the EVE community's sake.

  6. James you seem to be focused way to much on mining and highsec. There are actually only 2 types of EVE players, and they are not PVP or PVE. They are those who pay for the game and those who dont. As a Null Sec player who does lives and makes ISK in Null I can tell you the only reason I am in Null is so i can make enough money to play each month. I am not into this idea of big gigantic fleet actions of PVP as there is way to much Ego involved. I am an Industrialist and a PVE'r and I can tell you there are a lot of people in null who are there for the money because there is so much more ISK in null than anywhere else. This is why people fight over Tech Moons. As industrialists we make ISK from selling people the ships, ammo, and other bits and pieces they need. In 1 hour of mining in in null you can make 4-5 times what you make crushing rocks in hisec. As for ice mining its the same thing, more isk from null than hisec.

    Exhumer buffs were incredibly helpful in null because it allowed us to feel a little safer when mining. and if you think all miners are afk you are incorrect. mining in a fleet is very social and even if i was to do it in highsec i would always keep an eye out for whatever is going on around you.

    The biggest problem in EVE in my opinion (granted I have only been playing for a year and a half) is that people dont want to come to null to deal with the politics and BS you get from these alliances. And the bigger the alliance the worse the BS. Most of the carebears in eve would like to come to Null for the ISK generating possibilities but are forced to have join alliances. Where they have to put up with the Egos, Politics and BS forced upon them. Yes Eve is a Game and a Hobby but a large amount of people have moved to highsec to get away from whats going on in null and lowsec But the general opinion is why after a long day of work should i play a game i like only to go through even more stress? If you look carefully you will see many null sec systems that are empty because not everyone wants to get in a fight all the time (figuratively and literally).

    People say eve is about PVP, i disagree with that premise. Eve is about whatever you want it to be. thats why people can be scammed, bumped, podded, Make isk, mine, build things, etc.. and CCP has done a good job.

    Like any business if you cater to just the core constituents then your business will fail. you need an influx of new people, roughly a turnover of about 20% per year in order to grow. if you dont get a new playerbase then you end up becoming stagnant and die. i think what they needs to change is the null sec alliances need to be more welcoming of bringing and protecting industrialists into their territory and not submit them to the politics and harassment of these gigantic alliances and coalitions. I also think that the walking through stations if handled correctly will allow a new playerbase to be introduced to EVE and Dust 514.

  7. Just find the right Corp, The CFC may take you, but don't try to join TEST or Goonswarm, they will scam you, but only because they don't accept members who aren't from Somethingaweful, and so forth.


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