Saturday, September 22, 2012

Follow-Up Treatment for a Troubled Miner

Several days ago, I wrote about an altercation I had with a miner named ARCHANGEL141 ARCH. He disputed my right to mining fees and ended up getting one of his corpmates killed while trying to attack me. ARCHANGEL141 had difficulty speaking English and relied heavily on the use of profanity.

But when a miner fails to get with the program, the story is not over. If we're to create a paradise in highsec, we need everyone involved. That means rebellious miners like ARCHANGEL141 need follow-up sessions until they're cured.

Agent Undeniable Chuck was on the case.

There were no signs of improvement in ARCHANGEL141's condition. He still had anger issues, and he still bitterly clung to the delusion that an Agent of the New Order could be killed.

He also had trouble building and maintaining friendships.

ARCHANGEL141's efforts to deny the New Order mining permit payments failed. Some, like Iron Davis, believe the New Order's anti-bot program is beneficial to miners.

It's a matter of some controversy, however, as other miners want to keep to the old ways.

The language barrier may be slowing ARCHANGEL141's progress somewhat.

ARCHANGEL141 has a long way to go. By petitioning CCP to permaban Agents of the New Order, he has suffered a severe relapse. Diagnosis: Needs more bumps.


  1. I realy like to read some of the GM answers to one of this petitions.

    "WTF. .. eve isn't WoW with spaceships insteat dragons ! "

    I have to start Eve because i read and hear about this game this year... and yes I start the games because i know the 'real' monsters in Eve are not NPC.

    James, I realy hope I will ever learn to play Eve on the way you did, just with out bumping but with original SLACK.

    thx.. and Praise 'Bob'

    PS: There is still a lack of ISK in my wallet !

  2. Seems like the New Order needs a couple of guys who speak other languages than English, just to help the Miners who, like ARCHANGEL have trouble with the language barrier.

    1. Once we've converted ARCHANGEL141 to the cause, we'll have one!

  3. What will be hilarious is when HE gets banned after the GM reads the chatlog and sees the vast amount of profanity in local.

  4. Doesn't that put ARCHANGEL141 ( by their own admission ) on the Red Pen List™?

    1. Yes it does... It's a very unfortunate situation, really.

    2. *sigh* Your selfless dedication to your noble mission of enlightenment and freedom from their shackles is truly commendable. Especially in the face of the trials and tribulations which are hurled your way. You have the patience of a Saint!

    3. True, it's not an easy job. But when I see a wayward miner come to his senses and join the New Order, it's more than worth it.


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