Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shareholder Vote Results: Elonaya to be Liberated

The latest shareholder vote (see the EVE-O thread here) has just been concluded. Thanks to all who made their voices heard by participating in this important act of democracy. I have tallied up the votes from the thread and from EVEmails (from shareholders who have been banned from the forums).

6,297 shares voted. 1,438 (23%) voted to liberate the Sirseshin system, while 4,859 (77%) voted to liberate the Elonaya system, with 0 votes (00%) abstaining. Sirseshin held an early lead, but once the votes started coming in for Elonaya, it became a deluge. Sirseshin voters pointed to its strategic location, near our capital of Halaima. Elonaya voters touted the system's large population, with a few voters also interested in expanding toward Agents' preexisting Lonetrek theaters of operation.

In the end, the shareholders' desire to bring the New Order to as many miners as possible won out, and Elonaya out-polled Sirseshin by a convincing margin. In a previous expansion vote, Kino beat Uotila due to Kino's larger population, though the count was closer.

So there you have it, Elonaya is next on the list. In the next few days I will make the move to Elonaya and share the good news with the resident miners. When the miners question the legitimacy of the New Order regime, we will be able to point to this free, fair vote as evidence of popular support. If the miners didn't vote, they can't complain.


  1. "00%", if you really want the significant figures you're meant to add a decimal place "0.0%", otherwise it's a bit silly :/

    1. Just being consistent. Double digits for Sirseshin and Elonaya, double digits for those (none) who abstained. It would look more sensible in some other format with the digits lining up, but oh well.

  2. Although I'm all the way out in Brapelille, I'm hoping to come out to Elonaya when I get some free time this weekend to join the enforcement. I did vote for Sirseshin due to its location, but the majority has ruled otherwise by a large margin!


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