Sunday, October 28, 2012

Agent Organizing a PvP Tournament for Miners

Agent Tubrug1 is attempting to organize a PvP tournament for highsec miners and other players who typically don't engage in PvP. Will miners be willing to engage in such an activity? Who knows, but Tubrug1 is going to do his best to help them try. Since I support this worthy effort to get miners out of their routines (or in the case of botters, subroutines), I am post the tournament details here, at Tubrug1's request:
The New Order will be holding a PVP Tournament, open to miners and other people who might not have experienced PVP before. The aim of the Tournament is to encourage miners to change their ways. The Miner Open will be run in a similar format to the Alliance Tournament, with group stages followed by knockout stages. There is no limit on the number of participants, and we want as many carebears to participate as possible. For this reason, we have many a lucrative prize for you: (these are likely to change before the event ends due to donations from agents etc, please keep an eye on the forum post and website to keep up to date)

1st place: 150,000,000 isk + a copy of Agent Lin Suizei's bumping Omen Navy Issue, fully fit with a 100mn Shadow Serpentis MWD, the perfect tool for the aspiring agent.
2nd place: 75,000,000 isk
3rd place: 25,000,000 isk
4th-8th place: A New Order mining permit

More infomation can be found at this forum post:
The fixtures and groups can be found here:

If you wish to participate in the Miner Open, you must have a fairly bad killboard to ensure it is fair. If you meet this one set of criteria send an evemail or convo Tubrug1 stating how good you are at PVP and what times you will be avadible to play. All matches will be played in Tolle, the start date is yet to be confirmed but likely to be the 3rd November. We hope to see you there!
As stated above, all those who are interested in participating in or helping promote the event should contact Tubrug1. Good luck!


  1. I hope we will have some live streams from tournament.

  2. I am going to enter. The only non-mining ships I have are those frigs and the desty that the career tutorials give us though :P

  3. I'm going to be entering, just so that the haters have someone to concentrate their collective anger on. I will also be supplying somewhere in the region of 80 noobships for a last man standing demolition derby as a standalone event after the final. I'm going to try and get some t1 modules & drones together to chuck in a can for reships.

  4. Anon 1, I'll fraps each match and put it on youtube,
    Anon 2 could you send me an evemail saying what times you are free for matches and if you have any previous PvP experience.
    I've sent you an evemail Casa.

  5. I'll enter. Please eve mail me with what ships are and aren't allowed.

    -Capt Lynch

  6. Im so giddy about this omg YUS YUS YUS!! ^(x,..,@)^


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