Friday, October 19, 2012

Bumper Fleet Assembling in Halaima this Sunday

Ever since our monumental gathering in Halaima to celebrate MinerBumping's two month anniversary, people have been asking me when we are going to do it again. After all, who wouldn't want to be part of a bumper fleet like this?

Well, it's time for another call to bumps!

WHEN: Sunday, October 21st at 20:00 EVEtime (4:00pm Eastern)
WHERE: Halaima ice field

Everyone is invited to this. If you're reading this post, send your bumper ship or your best wishes! We will bump miners in the Halaima ice field while people are still arriving, and then it will be time to get down to business.

During this operation, I will be making a Big Announcement. The substance of the Big Announcement is a closely-held secret. If you don't want to be the last to learn what's going on, show up in Halaima on the appointed day, at the appointed hour. Judging by our last outing, this will be a blast.


  1. I've upgraded Team Zissou a bit, just in time for the next belt clearing!

  2. What a bunch of strange people. I love the fact that you all bow down to a dictator and 'bump miners' haha what a waste of plex / rl money haha

    1. I agree...these guys are madder then scientologists.

  3. As a representing Agent from Amarr space, I will try to bring my Omen from my station in Martha to attend this occasion of Monumental Glory.


  4. I noticed during the last gathering that the "huge" fleet of bumpers were only able to keep about 4 out of 50 miners off the ice field. No one even attempted to bump my ships before they headed off to their newly "annexed" Sirseshin, which is a shame since I showed up just to give you some miners to bump.

    I am embarrassed for all the weak minded people following this ineffective group. You are only able to infuriate and intimidate those with even weaker minds than your own. I like your concept if you would only execute it with some real authority and skill. I hope your grand speech will be about your new focus on cleaning up 1 system properly before claiming to exercise authority over anything else.

  5. Hello...I am Capt Lynch and I am attempting to put together a Interstellar Correspondents story on the New Order...Both miners AND shareholders/agents/Founder. I would like to arrange a in-game interview at some point with one of the shareholders, agents or preferably James 315 himself. I will be online after the current emergency downtime until 11:30pm (UK time) and can be reached via the name included using EVEmail.

    I hope to get a reply soon and a productive beneficial interview as well.

    Yours Sincerely

    Capt Lynch

  6. I'll be showing up a bit late so keep the party going. :)

  7. Hrm.... all of eve's most useless people in one spot at the same time...... where's the nuke?

  8. I shall be in attendance! Looking forward to seeing my bumper bros again!

  9. You have my Stabber Fleet Issue!

  10. Long may the Stabber fleet fly true, my stabber is at your command :)

  11. Glad to hear that it's 8PM this time. It was a bit difficult to stick around for too long that time.

  12. Looks like you'll be able to celebrate 100'000 views of while you're at it. Congratulations all!


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