Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Curious Case of Capt Lynch, Part 4

Skeptics of the New Order question what we're all about. They have this idea that there must be some kind of ulterior motive at work. The answer is very simple: I am the Saviour of Highsec. As my title implies, mission is to save highsec. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes entire corporations, alliances, or systems full of miners see the light and join our cause. I celebrate that. But my goal isn't to save 80% of highsec--otherwise my title would be Saviour of Part of Highsec. To save all of highsec, I must be equally willing to chase down and rescue individual sheep. Hence the Capt Lynch saga. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

After I posted Part 1 of this series, Capt went ballistic.

I wasn't sure what Capt's objection was. He had never asked me to keep the conversation confidential, and he seemed to be familiar enough with MinerBumping to know that I occasionally post chat logs here. As the comment section of the post ballooned to more than 40 replies, Capt's additional comments provided illumination.
I consider being portrayed by James 'cherry-pick of that private conversation very offensive. Like I said...remove this blog or I will take action against you. This is your final warning, James
While I've been threatened in the past, I believe this was the first time anyone has ever demanded I remove a blog post. A relatively innocuous one, at that.
Just...please just leave me alone. I'm not even a miner. My brother isn't one either...I haven't done anything to deserve being tormented like this. Where does it say in your code that you should torment kids to tears?
Capt remained as sphinx-like as ever. What torment? And why did he claim he wasn't a miner when he had clearly mined ice in one of my systems?
Oh...and I concider the reposting of comments I made IN CONFIDENCE, IE PRIVATE a breach of my IP rights.
I'm assuming in this case "IP" stands for "intellectual property", though I don't think Capt's end of the conversation qualified as either property or intellectual. Things escalated when an anonymous commenter began encouraging Capt to sue me.

It seemed one of our space lawyer friends had evolved into a fully-fledged internet lawyer. Now the New Order was truly at risk--I had found myself under "lawyer jurisdiction"!
Crime? No. Slander? Open to negotiation. Anything is possible since the website is located on an American server. With current legislation as it is, stopping this website is not unfeasible.
Unimportant questions like how posting a chat log constitutes "slander" were brushed aside. But this wouldn't be the first time posting a log was described as slander. That honor goes to Eno Bray, a pioneer in internet lawyering.
Mr. Peterson would also be at risk as well should someone move forward in filing multiple complaints with ENOM in regards to his...choices. You can laugh if you please, but the law is the law, and if someone so chooses to bring it against Mr. Peterson and his venture here, it will happen.
I'm still not sure who Mr. Peterson is. It certainly can't be referring to me, since everyone knows my last name is 315.

Capt soon learned posting legal threats on blog post comments wasn't the panacea it first appeared. So it was time to go to the old standby: The in-game "Help" channel.
Capt Lynch > I want to report the illegal reposting of materials from a private chat
Capt Lynch > on a public forum against my wishes
Nacim Izcrius > Petition.
Capt Lynch > http://www.minerbumping.com/2012/10/the-curious-case-of-capt-lynch-part-1.html to anyone from the new order...warn james...if he fails t5o take this down...I will report him to blogger
...Because the Help channel was so helpful when he reported me for failing to protect one of my systems from a can-flipper.
Capt Lynch > he had NO right to report without my permission
Tzel Mayon > Capt Lynch umm. if its illegal, then report it to the police. CCP can't do anything about it. And I am sure its not illegal.
Capt Lynch > it is PRIVATE chat...for a reason
Capt Lynch > he should have asked my permission first
Capt Lynch > he has 24 hours to remove it
Dirathor > hes quaking in his boots
Capt Lynch > and then I WILL report him to the authorities
When it comes to highsec, I am the authority. As a matter of policy, I keep things confidential when someone asks to go off the record. Otherwise, permission is deemed to have been given, enthusiastically.
Nacim Izcrius > Telling us isn't going to do anything, :P
Capt Lynch > oh...some of his moron agents like to come here alot
Cerishe > copyright law says a dude can own stuff you give him but that does not confer a right to re-publish
Cerishe > on the other hand its safe if the information is a common interest and you are both members of some group that info is re-distributed in
Cerishe > all provided re-publication is not commercial
Internet lawyering continues to be a popular sport, but I prefer the bumping of miners. In any event, the 24-hour deadline elapsed, and no doomsday occurred.

Agent Willy Bryan felt Capt's unsubstantiated allegations about Agent impropriety should not go unanswered. He challenged Capt to a duel.

Capt declined, preferring to spend his time on highsec missions.

Perhaps things would have ended there, but Capt wished to open communications once more.

Capt's manners hadn't improved. This silliness had gone on long enough, I felt. It was time to resolve the Capt Lynch situation once and for all.

To be continued...


  1. How does Capt Lynch expect to prosecute the Supreme Protector after he failed so many times to arrest the A-Team?

  2. Oh my god, the suspense... THE SUSPENSE!!! I get the feeling that this guy is going to threaten to kill himself & somehow try to blame you for it.

  3. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1146592#post1146592

    He knows all about the suicide laws too so watch out.

  4. OMG what have I done!!!!!!


    Orions Lord

  5. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

    I love how cpt can't seem to figure out where to take his complaints. I can imagine the guys in those help channels jsut saying, "just petition it" whenever he appears in the chat without him saying anything.

    In fact, right now I am imagining him trying to hire a lawyer in Jita local.

    1. "In fact, right now I am imagining him trying to hire a lawyer in Jita local."

      I am at work atm and my colleagues are wondering why i laugh so hard.

  6. I wish to clarify...this person calling James 'Mr Paterson' is NOT acting on my behalf and never was. In fact I told him to drop it in this very blog. If I wanted to pursue legal action, I;d use a real lawyer...not a space lawyer.

    Oh...and a personal message to Willy Bryan...stop trying to make me ragequit eve...

    -Capt Lynch

    1. The plot thickens... Capt Lynch has been removed from his corp after a number of ships were stolen.

    2. Well thats news to me cause I didn't even have viewing rights, let alone access...hell, I wasn't even based in a corp system...get your facts in order, Mallak before you make baseless accusations.

      For you info...I was kicked because one of your agents was repeatedly harassing me...and it seems he still is. Mallak, I have and never will have any quarrel with Goonswarm or their allies...nor do I have any quarrel with the New Order. Why are you doing this to me?

      -Capt Lynch

  7. "I was kicked because one of your agents was repeatedly harassing me"
    Oh sure .. absolut credible.

    I didn't believe you are kicked for the practices of an New Order Agent but rather for your immature manner to deal with this.

    You told every one to assign a lawyer because there are actions happend you didn't like in a GAME(!!!). I will bet there are more acquaintance of you who will start to deny any relationship to you.

  8. Lynch your taking this way way way way too seriously~ And not that im trying to justify it but so did your brother, tho Im assuming hes very young so thats understandable. But you should make an example for your brother and drop this, next time it happens learn not to take things too seriously, 10m iskies coulda made this all go away, and because for some reason, Im pretty sure they would still sell you a mining "permit". If its an issue about morality, dont forget this is after all, just a game, right now, they are playing the game the way they legally can, theya re JUST playing the game, its just that its EVE, we play EVE because its a fully player driven game with limitless possibilities, while I am a miner, and a very good one at that, I will be the first to admit that a risk-free high sec would destroy the very reason we play this game. If you just buy a permit you can continue to play the sandbox however you want, would it not be better if you just paid the fudgin iskies for a permit and let em do what CCP wont do? If high sec was full of bots, the game breaks, if there are no miners in high sec, there are no ships, period, so just let em do what they do and let balance be restored, eventually, all things come into circle, let it be and someday you will thank em, even if that day you are both facing guns against each other, you will thank em~ think bout it. O,..,O

    1. Well we would still have nullsec miners but we all know how that would turn out.

    2. But I didn't tell any laywer to represent me...that what I am saying...whoever this space lawyer retard is, he has fuck all to do with me.

      And I am NOT A DAMN MINER...I haven't ice mined since last april...hell, I sold my mackinaw and its modules a week ago and brought a typhoon with the funds.

      The closest thing to mining I do is some condensed Scordite mining when I get low on Isk.

      What I DO want is an end to these baseless useless accusations of ship stealing and bounty placing...all aimed to, according to a note from Willy Bryan himself during a chat with James 315, make me the 50th person he;s forced off of EVE...not that he'll succeed.

      Nothing you can say will force me off this game...I just want to play my game in peace doing missions...maybe exploring EVE's sights and wormholes and doing the odd Incursion.......why won;t you let me?

    3. One person suggested that you stole stuff from your previous corp, not all of us. Nobody said it was you that placed the bounty. By all means continue your tinfoil hat outbursts and fuel our lust for tears. If you read the CODE you will see that forcing people out of the game is the furthest thing from James 315 vision for the New Order. You sir are a drama queen of the highest order and I salute you!

      P.S I’m particularly fond of SPACE LAWYER drama so by all means keep that up!

    4. One: My reply saying I was innocent was aimed at Mallak alone and
      Two: This space lawyer thing is stupid...espetially when people again presume I asked him to do it.

      Finally, I never said that Mr Bryan was acting on behalf of the Order...far from it...he said he was doing it as a member of his corp and as such...I am not holding the New Order responcible for the actions of a single fool who takes things too far.

      What was NOT mentioned here and what Mr Bryan clearly forgot to mention is that shortly after, I accepted his challenge and am simply awaiting his choice of venue and time.

      To Mr Bryan...I am still awaiting where you want to duel...so please, to quote Monty Python...GET ON WITH IT...saying you are stuck in nullsec is an excuse that should get its own square in miner bingo.

      -Capt Lynch

  9. When I got a response from a CCP employee and I was told bumping wasnt against the rules, OH! OHOHO! I was so happy about that even being a miner and I even told the agent Tubrug1 who I now get along with quite well. The EVE world is no longer one color and the wind no longer goes in one direction! Dont tell me you dont find that exciting, even if you are a miner, you cant tell me that the fact that the only barrier that protected that realm has been broken down~ doesnt get your blood boiling, cuz it broke down yus! YUS! But that means there are now even MORE possibilities through it. Like I said think about it, I love this game. x3

    1. Agreed...I don;t see whats wrong with bumping much longer...even if I don;t agree with it...its your game, your choice, your story as the EVE advert goes.

      Plus...Tubrug1 is a pretty cool guy...best of luck to him organizing that PVP tournament.

    2. omg yus its gonna be AWESOME! ^(O,..,O)^

  10. Please post the follow up the suspense is doing my head in. He does seem to protest too much, you'd think he'd realise that the more he asks you to stop the more attention he's getting which I think he secretly likes

  11. Capt Lynch

    What happened to your corp ?

    I can 1v1 you, tell me where?

    1. No thank you. I only agreed to Willy Bryan cause he threatened to send his corp after ACE if I failed to agree...then he declared war anyway and got me kicked.

      Note: I do NOT blame the New Order for his actions for two reasons:

      1: He's a member of a pirate corp.

      2: He said 2 times that he was acting as a member of his Pirate Corp and NOT as a member of the New Order.

    2. Funny how you mention that you were kicked because of a war declared on your previous corp. I've been sitting in ACE for several days now & no war has been declared. I love your compulsive lying habit when combined with your tears.

    3. No...it was MENACE of a wardec. The details were thus: Willy Bryan gave the corp a choice...I take his challenge or his corp declared war. I took the challenge...the war never happened...

      Ypu should look up what 'lying' means. You seem to have it confused with the truth.

  12. "then he declared war anyway and got me kicked" - Why do you keep changing your story? This is the classical mark of a pathological liar. You should seek help for your condition.

    As you appear to be incapable of telling the truth, I would like to hear Willy Bryan's side of the story.

    1. No...what my CEO officer told me was that they'd gotten a wardec...clearly he is the lier then...I'll happily give you HIS name if you want but you're too busy treating me as if I am inferior and insulting me.

      I am sure I could dig out the chat logs but as I;m not a spying asshole like you, I;m not going to reveal ACE private conversations...tell me...how much is Goonwaffe paying for betrayal these days?

    2. Wait what? I'm trying to follow this... ol Capt here is overloading information to prove a point and change directions but is refusing to relinquish said proof of information?

      He said she said but I can't prove a word....

      Awesome. Pure awesome.

      ~Murk Paradox

    3. Said evidence is ACE Private chat information. Would you post information given in confidence from your CEO to a load of strangers?

      Yes, I;m not in ACE anymore but I am not going to give out information chats between me and Members of the ACE CEO's without their permission.

    4. Firstly; It isn't betrayal when your intentions were sinister in the first place, it's obtaining your goal.
      Secondly; I'm not a spy.
      Thirdly; Where in the world did you get the idea that I was acting on behalf of my alliance?
      Lastly; You should really post these chatlogs. The only reason you have not to do this would be if you were lying again, which at this point would not surprise anyone.

    5. Why would I do that? So you can say I'm a two-faced spy instead of a thief? Please.

      Finally...what did I do to deserve all these baseless accusations? Last I checked, everyone was welcome to play EVE...not just people with no social skills.

    6. So far the only person to have shown a lack of social skills is you. Everyone is welcome to play EVE. This claim of people trying to drive you out is a figment of your imagination & you have somehow convinced yourself that this is the case when in fact, it couldn't be further from the truth. Everything that has happened to you has been brought on from your inability to both let things go & tell the truth.

      Posting the chatlogs would not make you a two-faced spy, it would give you credibility if they back up your claims. Or you could always just pay your fine & become a proud member of the Order.

    7. I want to sit in Mallak's car =(

      ~Murk Paradox

  13. CPT Lynch , If you pay the fine and join us your problems will go away .

    I don't know who else threatened you corp , I can tell you I did.
    The reach of the new order is limitless there are many of us from many different backgrounds, Some of us serve the order in different ways not just bumping.

  14. So I was going through the EVE forums looking for a new Corp to join as my old corp has up and died. I seen the minerbumping.com addy on someones tag line and decided to see what it was about thinking that maybe I might find some new material on mining. Yes I am very nubish in EVE. All I can say is wow. Never heard of any of this bumping before. Pretty crazy.

    My thoughts on it skim both sides of the fence. It is a form of extortion and no one should have to suffer such indignity. However, botting can and does cause problems with the economy of the game and shortens the list of profitable avenues in which a player can take in the game to become successful. A double edged sword indeed. I might even go as far as saying that the system is not a bad setup to weed out the botters, if not for one clear problem. What happens when the botters fork up the isk for the permit? In this situation, the only winners are the extortionists. Mind you I am not cracking on those that do. EVE is a cut throat game and that fact alone is what drew me to it. If thats what you want to do, have at it and enjoy it. I personally have never ice mined so I have never had to deal with the situation. Maybe one day I will have to and I will have to deal with the dilemma of what to do then.

    As far as this blog goes...... BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! FUCKING GREAT SHIT!!!!! This has to be the best laugh I have had in a while. CPT Lynch...... You deserved every ounce of shit that was shat on you for the retardedness you brought forth. It's a damn game! It is supposed to be fun. Get over yourself. As for your supposed story of what supposedly set this off.... Boo Hoo your brothers ship got blown up. Obviously you being the wiser and much more experienced EVE player forgot to mentor your brother on the golden rule of EVE that I heard day 1 in this game. If you can't afford to lose it, don't FLY it!

    Dr. D.

    1. I got over this weeks ago...the only people still bringing it up hang around on this blog.

      Again, as I said in another comment...who's the one supposed to be taking EVE too serious again?

    2. It's a serious game! /nod

      ~Murk Paradox

    3. Wow dude. Get all butt hurt why don't ya. When I posted what I posted, it was the first time ever that I had been to this site. I thought you would have figured that out. I was just commenting to the fact that I thought it was hilarious. Too bad for you that you end up being the butt of the joke, but you did in fact bring upon yourself with your whiny and deceptive attitude and approach. Sorry about your luck and thanks for the laughs.

  15. @ the anonymous nub, well said sir, you accept Eve for what it is, ganking, extortion and scamming are all part of the game.

    You shall go far with that attitude :D


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