Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Annexation of Sirseshin, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A fleet of 25 bumping ships took the party from Halaima to Sirseshin, our new system. A disgruntled miner from the past reappeared.

Like many ice miners these days, To'Kor pays for his subscription with PLEX. For some reason he feels entitled to AFK isk and a free subscription to EVE.

Despite the presence of so much positive peer pressure from my Agents, To'Kor remained a misfit in the new Sirseshin we were building.

Our fleet had barely introduced itself to the system, and we already outnumbered the miners in the ice field. Miners were fleeing in panic.

If you can't beat us, join us. And nobody can beat us, because we're Invincible. Therefore everyone must join us. Simple logic.

Thirty years of programming code, and To'Kor couldn't figure out how to get with the program by following the Code. The irony!

Agent Pootis Man reported the first victory. The walls of resistance were falling down.

As the New Order celebrated bringing another miner into the fold, To'Kor was still To'Kor.

Zak Fey was right. The bumper fleet brought shock and awe to the miners of Sirseshin. In less than 20 minutes, all Code-violating mining had been shut down, and all non-paying miners had been bumped to a safe distance from the ice field.

Only a few stubborn holdouts refused to celebrate Sirseshin's good fortune.

Unable to defeat our Agents in battle, rebellious miners prayed for a miracle from CCP. They just don't get it. You're not supposed to be delivered from good things.

To'Kor vowed to hire mercenaries against me to destroy the New Order. I'm still waiting for my wardec from Vengance Inc., but if they ever have the courage to start a fight with me, I'm pretty sure I'll win. With a kill-to-death ratio of around 31, 31.25, something like that?

The visit to Sirseshin was capped by an act of desperate violence against Agent Mallak Azaria. The perpetrator was Kaldar Andedare, who had been stalking our fleet with his gank brutix. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. Oh well, he blew up.

Kaldar suffered a loss of more than 50 million isk, and his pride. Sirseshin remained in good hands.


  1. I fear the only way To'Kor will listen to reason is through a more stringent re-education policy in the ways of the New Order. My tornado may have to have words with him.

  2. Well, it seems, as usual, that this guy has it all wrong. Again...
    1. Wrong - To'Kor pays for his subscription with PLEX.
    none of his business HOW I pay for my game.
    2. Wrong - Thirty years of programming code, and To'Kor couldn't figure out how to get with the program by following the Code. The irony!
    He hasn't a CLUE what 'code' I was even referring too! dude, get a clue before you attempt to match wits!
    3. VERY WRONG - To'Kor vowed to hire mercenaries against me to destroy the New Order. I'm still waiting for my wardec from Vengance Inc.
    if you had the brains to take a peek into my player info, you would have noticed that I am a MEMBER of the corp! why would I have to hire them to do ANYTHING! oh, and wardec? All you do is jump back into the NPC corp to avoid any wardecs!

    Seriously dude? I ALWAYS have fun firing jabs at you and our audience in local gets to have a few laughs! you take this game WAY to seriously. I picture you a chubby little teenager who will never get laid because he can't seem to pull himself out of the house.

    1. BTW, if I wasn't clear before, I pay for my game (ALL ACCOUNTS) with REAL cash! NOT in game purchased plex! and my AFK? I left to go to the bathroom! 2 mins! Deal with it and get your story straight before publishing on a BLOG built on a canned website.
      As you lied before stating that YOU created this site from scratch. WRONG, you just purchased it and starting blogging...

    2. You should know by now that if you need to go to the bathroom you can just ask for permission or dock up first.

    3. No lies, sir. I stated unequivocally that I always code my own Code, and I that I do!

    4. See, you can't even respond clearly! what the hell do you mean "I always code my own Code, and I that I do"??!? Oh, and didn't bother denying anything else did you!

      To BullMurry - 1. you don't pay my bills, I don't live under your roof, etc! I dont ask permission for ANYTHING from ANY of you! For one thing, You havn't earned it! 2, you weren't in the system when I left, 3 - you show me where in the GAME guidlines it says I have to ask your permission for ANYTHING!

    5. One more thing James 315 - you code your own code? Explain the "powered by blogger" at the bottom of this page. is owned/run by google. The only thing YOU did is answer a few questions and made a few choices and bam, a web BLOGGING page. sorry sir, NOT impressed. not in the slightest.
      I DO, however do give you credit in the content and quality of the blogs. Great stuff with screen shots, etc. If I had known you in RL, I would want to hire you for the blogs that the people I work for need written. Good job on that.

    6. James 315 did code his own code, or to put it a better way, he channelled the code from the ether where it was waiting for a great mind that could comprehend the awesome scope and scale of the code

    7. See, again, distorting the facts as usual. You talk about THE "code"; I'm talking about PROGRAMMING CODE. AKA computer program language. I am referring to him writing his own web site. IE. THIS site which he did NOT. This site is a "canned" blogger site that allows customization and is owned by Google.
      This is more proof that this group is more like a cult following a silver tongued devil that uses diversionary tactics in his language to persuade individuals to his "cause".
      Also, Silver Rook, you just stuck your nose in but have NO CLUE what you were talking about.

    8. Your PROGRAMMING CODE, as you claim, is a Computer Code. The only computers in EVE that I know of are Bots. Ergo propter hoc, the PROGRAMMING CODE is simply a botting Code. Don't let this PROGRAMMING CODE send you down the wrong path, come over to our side and follow our Code.

    9. After your 10 million ISK fee is paid, of course.

    10. Stick my nose in!!! How dare you sir I am a follower of the code and therefore all posts on this site are for me and my brothers and sisters of the code!! I say it is you who are sticking your nose in! And that is the last I shall say on the matter, I imagine you shall soon reply to get the last word in as is befitting of your station you blaggard!

  3. Silver Rook - Really, your going to try to add some of your BS that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever?
    I am referring to PROGRAMMING CODE aka a computer program. The script that a web browser uses to show that stuff on you screen to fill your teeny tiny brain full of the nonsense that's rattling around in that huge hole between your ears.

  4. To BillMurray - Sorry, regardless of what you think, I don't "bot"! You people just automatically accuse others of botting without ANY shred of proof. YOU have to prove that I bot. The problem is, you can't! The facts are this, it takes time and patients to mine ice. I most of the time, read a book or converse in corp chat while it cycles. THAT is NOT AFK mining or botting at all. YET, you people automatically come rolling in all high and mighty with your "code" and your blogging web site thinking you own the game demanding ISK from anyone and everyone. Even though it might be legal in the dynamics of the game, that doesn't make it morally right. On the other hand, botting is illegal by the rules of the game. Now, that being said, I have NO problem with you and your "friends" harassing the botters all you want. My problem was when I was accused (falsely) as a botter and harassed because I didn't pay your ransom.
    Maybe if your group is honestly trying to weed out the botters, you should rethink how you determine who is/isn't botting. If this is truly what your group is striving to do then I applaud your cause and would gladly donate some ISK to help as it hurts my efforts.
    Else, your just another group of scammers trying to raise currency the easiest way you can.

    back to silver rook, blaggard? you have NO idea who I am! As for me sticking my nose it? I doubt it since it was ME who most of that post was about.


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