Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Order Geography Update: Sirseshin

The New Order of Highsec moved to annex the Sirseshin system on Sunday, following a boisterous celebration of MinerBumping's two month anniversary. As with everything else the New Order attempts, this move proved successful. The Maps page, which includes current and past Dotlan maps modified to show our sovereignty, has been updated.

October 9, 2012

Where do we stand?

Halaima remains the center of our territory. Each of the other ice field systems within our borders are just a handful jumps away: Kamio (1), Uotila (2), Kino (4), Sirseshin (4), and Elonaya (6). New Order territory covers all three ice field systems of the The Citadel region (Halaima, Kamio, Uotila). We have two in the Lonetrek region (Kino, Elonaya).

Sirseshin is our first foothold in the The Forge region, which is home to Jita, the capital of Caldari highsec (and really, all highsec). The three regions I named are all Caldari highsec regions. There is one additional Caldari highsec region, Black Rise. It may actually be a bit of a stretch to call it a highsec region, though. It only has a handful of highsec systems, including one with an ice field (Uchomida). By contrast, The Forge, for example, has dozens of highsec systems, and quite a few ice fields.

Sirseshin's admission to our great empire has been a long time coming. In early August, our shareholders voted to expand to Kino and Uotila instead. In early September, shareholders voted to go to Elonaya rather than Sirseshin. But given the system's close proximity to Halaima, the annexation of Sirseshin was inevitable.

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