Thursday, October 25, 2012

EVE Community Recognizes Our Invincibility

Our successful operations in Gallente space have sent a shudder of horror throughout the carebear population of highsec. It seems when the New Order concentrated its activity within well-defined borders, the miners outside of our territory shrugged their shoulders and ignored us. Our incursion into the Tolle area has raised the possibility of the New Order striking anywhere, at any time.

In less than a day, two separate threads on EVE-O were created for the purpose of begging CCP to nerf the New Order's ability to bump Code violators. Pictured above, the OP for a thread entitled, "CCP allow miners to defend against bumpers?" This thread has grown to 17 pages and counting, with hundreds of replies.

Note that the OP completely surrenders to the idea that there is no counter to our bumping, and that miners "MUST" submit to us. Progress!

A second thread, "space anchor", began with the OP's complaint about his Orca being bumped, and quickly devolved into a discussion about nerfing the New Order by creating a "space anchor" module to counter bumps.

Two different ISD members chimed in on the "space anchor" thread, urging players to brainstorm ways of countering the New Order. This is particularly remarkable, because bumping has been in EVE for more than 9 years, and people are only now seeking a "counter" to it--the sincerest possible recognition of our power.

It may seem silly to the average reader that CCP would contemplate creating an anti-New Order module, or that miners across highsec would sacrifice yield/tank to fit it. Of course it's silly. But that's how desperate Code violators have become.

Disgruntled miner and presumed bump "victim" Tali Ambraelle took the lead in using the threads to repeatedly excoriate the New Order and the humble Supreme Protector. Pictured above is a typical post (with the body of the text moved up to fit on the screencap). Tali advocates banning me from the game. Judging by her other posts, she's trying to make "belligerent undesirables" become a new catchphrase.

Some of Tali's other replies shed light on the carebear perspective of the New Order threat.
Ah. Sorry. The thing is though, while you're right yes, they've moved and expanded their efforts. That is the concern. If it was in one system...they're still assholes, but fine. When it expands and multiple systems are being
This reinforces my suspicion that our temporary move to Gallente space has escalated the miners' fears. And here's the text of another of her replies, where she lays out her general theory of what miners are entitled to when they pay their subscriptions:
....Therefore, they interrupt, without consequence, the gameplay of those who choose to sit in a quiet corner to themselves, talk on corp chat, make a meal, or do whatever and mine their little hearts out. They do not pay to be griefed; they pay to play. I don't care if "this is Eve" or "working as intended" or "get over it." If I could kill you in the game to stop you, this wouldn't be an issue, but the current aggression tactics are not conducive to an effective counter attack.

That is why they are undesirable belligerents. That is why they should be removed. That is why I stand with the bears....

And don't bother with the "why should they interrupt my gameplay?" Your right to game play ends where it infringes on others' rights.
That's the difference. Our enemies believe AFK mining is a "right". I believe AFK mining is a wrong.

Tali's not alone in her open defiance of my authority over highsec.

Rebel NEONOVUS recommends placing me (and only me, apparently) into a "holy corp" from which I can never leave, so that others can wardec me. Fascinating, but pure madness.

Though our enemies like to spam the threads with lots of replies, our supporters are still the majority.

Noted forum warrior Malcanis, like many others, points out the absurdity of flagging bumpers for aggression. Just think of the Jita 4-4 undock.

In the end, whines to CCP on EVE-O won't work. But they will raise awareness of and support for the New Order. More whines, more bumpers...

That's the real reason the miners can't stop us: You can't fight an idea. Not with bad ideas, anyway.


  1. Space Anchor balance: Mining modules must be manually activated for each cycle.

    I mean, if they are not AFK and don't want to be bumped, then they'll be fine with this trade-off.

    1. Brilliant!

    2. nah. instead...once activated, can't be turned off. they just sit there unmoving for 5 minutes....watching as the catalysts saunter up, slowboating into optimal...15 seconds before the module ends, boom headshot!

    3. Unless they're tanked and then you waste a ship and the guy has RR friends watching them :)

  2. The comments from the carebears are pants-on-head crazy. "It's my right to sign in to an online game, sit by myself, pretend that no-one's around and talk to someone in a different program". Maybe, but it's a bumper's right to go run his ship into yours while you're off doing that. It's an accepted mechanic in the game! If you really want to sit by yourself in space go play X3. It's on steam, it's got mining and industry, and I guarantee you don't need to interact with a single other person if you don't want to.

    One could make the same comment about ganking - you choose to go watch a movie while floating in space in an untanked tin can and think it's your god-given right not to have someone do something about it? I choose to break your ship! At the cost of my own! That's your defense!

    Then, they try to say they should have the right to SHOOT bumpers for BUMPING! I think gankers should have the right to shoot miners for AFK mining! We are defending our own rights and sensibilities from the offensive actions of bot-aspirants! Hey, maybe miners should have the right to SHOOT other miners for mining the same asteroid.

    It's also disturbing to see ISD weighing in on the side of the carebears. Why isn't there an equal response from an ISD member suggesting ways that miners can defend themselves without crying and trying to change the game? They should be ashamed of being so clearly biased to the carebear tears. Isn't ISD supposed to assist ALL gamers? Hey ISD, I want to figure out how to suicide gank better. Can you tell CCP that the buffs to miner hulls were overdone and now I can't gank in peace? FUUUUUUUUUUU


    Long Live the New Order!

    1. "Can you tell CCP that the buffs to miner hulls were overdone and now I can't gank in peace?"

      probably a bad time to try to tell CCP that, seeing as how we're in the middle of a huge miner ganking spree.

  3. As a share holder I would like to propose we fine this Tali Ambraelle 1 million ISK for each time she uses the words belligerent or undesirable. So says she calls someone a belligerent undesirable that's two million ISK right there!!

    Can I get a second??

  4. Any publicity is good publicity. One can hope this will encourage more wannabe bumpers to swell the ranks of the New Order in order to learn their trade in a safe bumping environment.

  5. My heart warms to see that others are also taking the time to bump Myles O'Bryen, as per the last screenshot. He is unfortunately afflicted by a specific brand of madness which causes him to deny the New Order's authority, not pay for a Mining Permit, and continue to whine that the practice of continuous AFK mining is not a heinous crime in New Order systems.

    I sincerely hope that with sufficient bumps, Myles may be cured of this madness, pay for a Mining Permit and take the first steps to freedom from his ISK-slavery, which the New Order brings.

  6. In one of the eveo threads someone say this:

    "Gankers complained about barge changes making highsec safer. Miners responded telling gankers to adapt. Gankers adapt, miners come crying.

    James 315 is my hero."

    The sums all pretty well. GJ James, GJ.

  7. >humble
    Pick one.

    Mr. Peterson you're walking on a very fine line. People will Metagame to try to find you. Be very careful where you go with this.

    1. Is that a threat

    2. >humble
      Pick one.

      Personally i think James it's easier both humble and supreme and if you can't see this you are really doomed.

    3. Shupremble is the correct term.

  8. On a funny note, even though I am not sure if it belongs here or not and I will find a way to crop my screenshots and send them to James, but well..

    I was mining in an ice belt, in my home system, and being bored (NOT afk!) I decided to enforce the code to the 2 miners next to me since they were not responding. I even waited 5 minutes in case they had permission (given by themselves since I did not announce myself not being in my Omen so no way to announce they must adhere to the Code and ask permission to afk).

    So I bumped a mackinaw and a retriever out of range.

    With my own retriever.

    So, reason for this post to be in this thread... who's side would I be on?

    The miner's of course! (Isn't that why we all follow the Code? For the miner?)

    ~Murk Paradox

    P.S- It really is not that easy to bump an exhumer with an exhumer, even with propulsion fitted. But it CAN be done!

  9. LOL, this james character is lame. Why would i listen to a wrod he says, lol, he could not even make it as a CSM, now he thinks people give a rat's butt what he thinks...yea right!!!

    1. Proving you don't listen to him by posting on his blog...well done. What's next, proving you'll never go near him by stalking him IRL?


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