Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Saviour of Highsec

In my quest to bring peace and love to highsec, I encounter all sorts of people. I also force them to encounter me. The New Order builds connections with players who might otherwise never have contact with anyone else. We don't believe EVE has a single-player mode. Some of the people we interact with are grateful, others less so. But no matter how famous I become, and no matter often people call me a "rock star", I always find the time to read my EVEmail. On occasion, I might even find the time to answer some of them. Join me, won't you?

KC Adoudel: I am Supreme Protector of five systems that I listed in my bio. As Father of the New Order and Saviour of Highsec (separate titles), I am also deemed Supreme Protector of all highsec systems.

According to Google Translate, this says "Come on dick jerk, and do not forget to fasten my bubble". shubras: highsec is a distinctly bubble-free zone. No need to anchor any.

Vailor: Please refrain from the use of colored text in EVEmail. It's hard to read, especially when I screenshot it in JPEG form.

ICE COLD CUBE: You carebears always tell me that either Concord is good for blowing up Knights, or bad for protecting bumper Agents. You can't have it both ways.

Hazmodan Amat: If you have enough self-control to cover your profanity with asterisks, it stands to reason that you could simply dispense with the profanity altogether.

Rampent: I agree with you on the "earthly" point, as I do have my feet planted firmly on the ground. I'm a pragmatist, and my efforts to build a paradise by ridding the galaxy of bots and bot-aspirants reflects this.

Nikola March: No dice. Those people you mentioned haven't said anything about free highsec in quite some time.

RICHARDofSCOTLAND: That's what she said!

Nexus Reign sent me this EVEmail in response to my notification that our gang killed his ship. To answer your question, we do our fleet comms in text. Some people are unable to speak or listen anyway, and our ganking operations are simple enough to coordinate in chat.

Civir Civirbl4: I'm still waiting on that radish.

Civir Civirbl4: Nice to hear from you again. But why are you trying to flip me the bird in the subject line with your ring finger?

A Diabetic: Yes, we charge money. But remember, it's the miners who benefit from paying us money. As far as CCP goes, I hope they are aware that MinerBumping has brought them far more subscriptions than they have lost. And the players who join the game are far better than those who leave it.

1strike: Yes, James 315 and Currin Trading both have bounties on their heads. James' bounty is over 1.6 billion isk and no one has been able to collect any of it. The only thing I want to know is, how are you going to collect bounties if you're busy mining "anywhere you want in the game"? In any event, the New Order has absolutely no intention of stopping people from mining. We merely require that if you mine in our systems (security 0.5 or above), you follow the Code. That's all.


  1. Hey folks,

    please stop insulting other players, you are making a fool of yourself.
    It's a game and James is doing nothing wrong. Just pay the 10.000.000 ISK and continue mining.

    If you want to stand against the New Order, use your energy to gank their supporters.

    Here on the left side is a list of shareholders. Gank their corp members and let them see if it was a wise decission to join James side.

    1. >Just pay the 10.000.000 ISK and continue bot mining.*

    2. You can make 10 mil by running Level 2 missions in a few hours. Seriously, how hard such low level PvE missions to finish? Oh I see, you cannot even run such newbie missions with botting script... figures. Heck, I would rather haul some cheap stuff with Orca to pay 10 mil and keep mining under 'protection' if I were an ice miner.

      AFK miners aren't different from Chinese gold farmers in other MMO games. And we still allow you to 'work' with a small fee. And this is your answer? Blasphemy!!

    3. You can make 10 mil in 1 hour with AFK mining and spend the time with your family instead of wasting hours with Lvl 2 missions.

  2. Lol, I find it funny these guys still haven't just moved to a non listed system. Then again 10mil is a drop in the bucket but I can see from a principle stand point I they dot want to pay. Still these posts are hilarious, keep up the fun!

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