Friday, December 28, 2012

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #17

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. I don't have a segue or anything here, so let's dive right into the Grab Bag of miscellaneous miner tears!

You know you've made it when you're immortalized in ASCII.

Perpetual rebel miner Rokmal Serala was hoping for a Christmas truce. But that would require the Code violators to put aside their violations for the day, and they didn't do it. So the New Order blew up several billion isk worth of their stuff.

Even fleets of half a dozen Catalysts and multiple bumpers operating simultaneously don't convince some people that we're not all my alts.

Statistically, the more often a miner reads my name, the more likely he is to follow the Code and live a fulfilling life.

MadeinUSA Sotken is more pessimistic about the movement than most.

What's wrong with the way we speak? Verily I say unto thee, followeth the Code and save thine Mackinaw!

The James 315 = The Mittani meme is still out there. Some people are still sore about that whole Fanfest thing, which appears to have taken on a life of its own.

A post about a disgruntled miner somehow resulted in the user comment above.

I forgot to send a Christmas card to the GM team, so I guess Vailor's screenshot of me bumping him will have to do.

KC Adoudel, like so many, completely misinterprets our bathroom protocol. It's there to help you. To help you!

At some point, the miners do begin to realize the New Order can't be stopped. They cope in different ways. Weird metaphors are one such method.

Can there be any doubt that we are the leaders of the civilizing forces in highsec?

Granuaile O'Sullivan is furious about something I've done, and she takes issue with my use of the English language. Somehow I'm not offended by her criticism.

Biggie09 does a good job of articulating the carebears' beliefs about the sandbox: You should only blow someone up if they give you permission.

Like so many others, Chi Sho compares blowing up or bumping a miner to terrorism.

Well, that does it for this edition of the Grab Bag. Have a happy New Year every--

...Yeah, have a happy New Year.


  1. oi james i need to go to the restroom.

  2. "Have a happy New Year every-"

    "MOTHERFUCKING terrorists"


  3. Chi Sho is my pick for the Tear of the Year award.

  4. "Being drunk makes you a drug addict" ~ A butthurt miner.

  5. If we dont meet us till new year again: Happy New Year!


    And gf for the kill before

    1. Ah one information

      At the moment i sell the killright, I know noone need them.... but lets see if someone is so stupid and dont know it hehe.

  6. Swwing as you're on your way out, may I have your stuff?

    Many thanks!

    Dr Tyler

  7. Now that's adapting for you. Or is it just running away? A themepark multiplayer game isn't a sandbox, so have fun mindlessly grinding for your next coloured clothes in a game that might as well be single player offline, but that wouldn't make EA and Blizzard any money at all.

    I'm not sure I want anything belonging to a whining bot aspirant boring person who can't adapt and instead have to join a queue to wait for content.

  8. I can certainly understand why, though. Theme park MMOs help you avoid the worst players online gaming has to offer.

  9. Hey a few rounds of PVP on bronze dragonflight server...I'd leap at the opportunity to slice and dice you like the rat you are...but then again...blizzard has strict rules against not letting scumbags like you play...or maybe a stroll through the red eclipse servers PVP only combat area on SWTOR.

    You guys CLAIM to be professional gankers and PVP...yet all I've ever seen you do is shoot people who can't shoot back. I laugh at wouldn't last 3 minutes on a PVP server (yes, shockingly enough...I have alts on a PVP (ie: 'all PVP, all the time' servers)...hell, if you find me and challenge me, on bronze dragonflight server or Red Eclipse (EU servers), I'll take you on without a second thought...but that would require the courage and skills.

    Yes, I wasn't a PVP pilot on EVE...but I was good at PVP combat on blizzards games...and for your info, Blizzard make the best MMO's out there...thats why they have more money then CCP and several medium sized countries (the country part is sarcasm in case your pea-brains cannot process that...which they probably cannot).

    There are no bots on the MMO's I play...WoW and SWTOR...we don't stop them...they just don't last long against actual humans.

    By all means...if you guys still wanna shut me up...come find me...come find an actual PVP challenge on a game where you cannot simply threaten people out of their corps like 3 year olds whining that they got the wrong happy meal toy...that is, unless you aren;t actually 3 year olds or mentally retarded.

  10. So this fish guy needs to go somewhere they hold your hand and have limiting rules in order to win? Dude sounds pr0 to me :)

    1. Who said shit about holding hands? Some areas fuck you right up if you go in alone and I've seen PVP battles that rival most medium nullsec battles (30vs30 battles are common in the wintergrasp combat area nowadays)...but you wouldn't know that, Mr're too busy being a cyberbully and seeing how much subscriptions you can cost CCP?

      Now there's a thought...Maybe James is working for Blizzard to tank EVE by making its players ragequit?

      And yes...I like rules that say you cannot verbally torment people in local or threaten to stalk them...and if your 'Dude sounds pr0' comment is the best you can do then please...don;t come to WoW...people with only half a functioning brain will find the controls too complicated.

      Ah well...all talk, no action...just like the miners you post about.

    2. Plus, PVP is allowed in both games...there are servers devoted to PVP where you can just attack someone without warning...but you'd know that if you got out your parents arse.

  11. Haha poke this guy and he sure likes to bleat. Doesn't change the fact you're too stupid to do anything about the 'griefers' in Eve so you have to challenge people elsewhere. Way to go dude, way to go.

    Drone on and on about other game mechanics, it really doesn't change the fact that this is an Eve blog and you fail at Eve.

    1. Why would I do anything about you? You can't cure stupid.

    2. I'm talking about the bumpers, not me. I don't even log in to eve.

  12. I always knew Lynch was a WoW player.
    Oh well good bye lynch, have fun as an elite WoW P33v33p33r.

    1. Not for a while, Mr stupid...but at least cyberbullies like you aren't allowed...oh...and try to have the balls to NOT hide behind anonymous

  13. I am deeply offended by Chi Sho's implication that I am a terrorist (or that I'm sleeping with terrorists; I'm not sure, the grammar got a bit confusing at the end there). Neither allegation could be further from the truth!

    Nonetheless, as a Knight who wishes to communicate the Code as effectively as possible to our beloved hisec miners, I have taken steps to ensure that this sort of misunderstanding won't happen again...


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