Thursday, December 27, 2012

Torarjan Collective's Resistance Collapses

Earlier this week, I declared open season on Torarjan Collective, a highsec mining corporation that kicked out one of its own members for following the Code. Their CEO, Jake Salvator, brought us into conflict after repeatedly refusing to engage in diplomacy. In his parting words to me, he declared: "We will never give you those 'miner tears' your supporters beg you to supply." It was a promise he would struggle mightily to keep.

Jake announced his corp was ready for all-out war against the New Order. Yet he found himself perplexed. Like so many other resistance movements, he couldn't figure out a way to inflict damage against the New Order. Our bumpers are Invincible. Our gankers are designed to die, only to be reborn and strike again. How do you attack the New Order?

After giving the problem some thought, Jake's solution was to create a one-man alt corp called Tolero Guard, and to supply EVE with bucket loads of miner tears. He went to EVE-O and posted more tears, hoping to rally support around Tolero.

The website for the corp, a near carbon-copy of Torarjan's, inspired laughter throughout the galaxy. This new resistance movement made Anslo's "Proveldtariat" look competent by comparison. Anslo at least came up with a number of different strategies for avoiding bumps. Tolero's advice consisted of "orbit", "nestle between rocks", and "leave the system". Having made the herculean effort to provide highsec's miners with this advice, Tolero invited the miners to show their gratitude by donating money to the cause.

It was a public relations disaster. After EVE-O mockery ran for several pages, Jake Salvator was forced to report to the thread on his main, where he admitted creating the Tolero website but denied creating Tolero Guard. He claimed he was merely "asked to build them a website", but that "this movement was going long before I knew who James315 [sic] was". Needless to say, no one believed him. Barely a day into the conflict, Jake and his Torarjan Collective became the laughingstock of EVE. And the New Order hadn't done anything yet!

Meanwhile, Aria Stane, who received the CEO of the Year award for requiring her miners to uphold the Code, declared war against Torarjan Collective. Aria politely engaged in peace talks, but Jake showed his usual diplomatic grace, calling Aria "crazed" out of nowhere and ending the conversation.

I paid a visit to Lirsautton, Torarjan's HQ system, which is two jumps from Brapelille. A few members of Torarjan had already been killed by members of Aria Stane's alliance.

Torarjan Collective's members docked up in Lirsautton, afraid to face further attacks, so we chatted with them in local.

During my private convo with Jake prior to the conflict, he described Torarjan as "a corp full of mature, adult players". Naturally, the Torarjan crew proved it by smacktalking in local.

The conflict with the New Order had brought Torarjan to the brink of panic. Jake cancelled all mining operations and ordered the corp to dock up, to deny us kills. But Bruze Wayne boldly declared that the New Order was not having any effect on Torarjan--and that he was mining freely, without interruption.

...Or not.

Torarjan was actually huddled together in their HQ station, including Bruze himself. He hadn't noticed that I was also in that station, able to see his non-mining status. Another self-inflicted humiliation for Torarjan Collective.

Embarrassed and exhausted, Jake ordered everyone in Torarjan to cease talking in local. He was tired of being made to look like a fool. Jake instructed his miners that if they stopped providing tears and encouragement to the "trolls" of the New Order, their enemies would get bored and go find someone else to grief. An impressive war plan, but hypocritical: Jake himself had provided more tears than anyone else so far.

Toarjan Collective shut down its mining operations--the chief reason for the corp's existence--but was not able to impede New Order activity in the least. Professor Billions, the miner who had been persecuted and kicked out of Torarjan for following the Code, rolled a ganker alt named Meth Sores. His Catalyst assisted the Knights in taking down multiple Code-violating miners in the region.

As is plain for all to see, the tyranny and incompetence of Jake Salvator and his Torarjan Collective are unable to squelch the human spirit and its thirst for freedom.


  1. A most excellent update to the crusade against the tyranny of Jake Salvator. This explains everything that I could not understand this morning. I went to their home system, and they all docked up as soon as they saw me. I implored them in local to show me proof that they were not afk, but they said nothing. I would have mistaken them for zombie bots had they been mining!

  2. Well, this little resistance movement seems to have already figured out their cause is lost, how disappointing.

    That thread was hilarious, did anyone else notice how there were a lot of "Best of luck!" and "Go get 'em!" posts but not a lot of "I'm with you!" posts?

    I think it may be sinking into Jake's brain how impossible it is to organize a resistance movement consisting of people who neither know how to play nor enjoy playing EVE Online.

    -Galaxy Pig

  3. Funny how the Code transforms miners behaviour from ignorant singletons to a human copy of nullsec miningbots that dock up whenever a neutral enters local.

    Who'd imagine that agoraphobia would be the go-to solution for miners without the Code.

  4. As a regular reader of the blog here and a faithful servant of the New Order, this is sadly my first comment in a very long time. At this moment we've successfully prosecuted approximately 600 million ISK worth of damages against Torarjan Collective, a figure that, if one remembers the generous offer James made to Mr. Salvatore, is in excess of the 500 and some million ISK it would have taken to get Torarjan Collective "right" with James and the New Order.

    And we're only two days into this.

    Torarjan Collective appears to be the corporate level version of an independent miner who is willing to give up a Mackinaw and pod worth anywhere from 200 million to a billion ISK over the minor cost of a mining indulgence. It is poor leadership indeed when you let silly "ideals" get in the way of effective governance, and the pilots in your organization end up paying the price. Mr. Salvatore, after all, has not been seen in space even once while his exploited underlings have been losing ships and pods.

    Also, as a side note, the internal corp mails are quite... entertaining. We shall be happy to share corp chat screenshots and corp mails after the war has come to a conclusion.

    1. How interesting. It's no secret that Jake likes to push around the members of his corporation, but to stoop that low? To the current Torarjan readers of this blog I say, take a stand. For the small price of 30m ISK and a small, sincere apology you can cast away your bondage and take that stand firmly on the foundation of the code.

    2. Aria,

      If they are planing to undock...

      I have some 'special' pilots that will be very handy.

  5. I also underwent Baptism in a self-funded ship yesterday in Brap.
    I was on a Retriever KM, and solo killed the pod.
    This was not merely my first gank for the Knights, but my first gank ever in EVE and my first time earning a negative sec status.

    So eager was I to assist the Order, that I hastily did all of this on my main with reckless abandon.

    I am now training up a fresh alt, Ross Adams, who is destined to become an Order Knight. He should be ready for Baptism in the new few days.

    1. Welcome to the New Order, good sir. I hope you enjoyed your first ever gank, and I hope those many ganks that are to come are as equally enjoyable.

      I would be fascinated by a page somewhere or a forum thread somewhere that collected stories of first time bumpers and gankers and other assorted New Order folks. I've found the presence of the New Order in EVE has improved the game dramatically not only for me but for so many others.

  6. as a somewhat bored wormhole miner i must say how incredibly ridiculous...

  7. Before you declare our resistance "dead" you might want to have a look at the recent list of allies that have joined us in our war(and their killboards if you are inclined).

    1. jake it's a bunch of alt accounts in catalysts. nobody cares if they die or get podded.

    2. Hello Jake,

      If there is really some nice resistance I would be a very hapy man.

      Maybe I even join up with Aria's corp.

      But as always it is probably just blablabla.

    3. Resistance creates persistance...

      Hi Jake (waves) If you really want to see the end of James 315 and the New Order, then yes, your resistance is dead.

      When pushed, pull :)

  8. i'm just looking forward to when these peepz grow some balls and come out to my neighborhood in nullsec. then again i fly capships and probably can't even hit a catalyst...

    1. This is the New Order of Highsec, not the New Order of Nullsec. I'm not sure how to make it any clearer for you.

    2. If you really wanna these guys to go to your null playground (wich imo exist only in your mind), you have to post with your main.

  9. Really this is very great and awesome good job brother.


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