Monday, December 31, 2012

Shall I Compare Thee to a Nazi?

Rebel miners have a way with words. Normally they're AFK, so you don't see them use words. But when the New Order brings life into a system, you get to see the miners' talents for metaphor and imagery. Unfortunately, they usually direct that talent toward comparing the New Order to Hitler and Nazis. Today, let's celebrate the misguided Code violators who compared us to something other than Hitler.

One point to Ironfood TheHungry for the creativity of his analogy, but one point subtracted for not making the analogy clear enough. What's the point of comparison? Is selling mining indulgences like selling sex slaves?

MarAnt Antmar shows how it's done. Bizarre analogy, but he explains it.

A rebel miner compares us to Norwegian serial killer Anders Behring Breivik. He's not the first to be fixated on that comparison, and he misspells it. Did Breivik have a Code, though?

A sign of the times. Kim Jong-Un picks up where his father left off.

The fact that we allow miners to go AFK while using the bathroom is like making miners give up their daughters? Once again, the miner has it backward.

What? How did this get in here? No Hitler comparisons in this post, please.

It seems no matter how hard they try, they can't resist the Nazi references. Though I do appreciate Jean Pelletier's revealing comment at the beginning, where he implies botting is legitimate.

SPIONKOP can always be counted on to express his fury toward the New Order. I would advise against putting Amazon links like that into local. You're just going to encourage people to buy Hitler's book, and he'll get more money from royalties! Seriously though, let's get away from the Nazi comparisons and see if the miners can come up with some other way to describe the experience of being required to follow the Code. Just don't overdo it.

Whoa, dial it back!

Hmmm... Close enough.


  1. All these extortion claims. Can you spend a week actually extorting them? Charge 100mill for mining rights, or a billion. Show these fools what actual extortion is. Give them a strike system, for every stupid comment they make, it adds a zero onto the mining permit. Actually give these clowns something to complain about.

  2. Extortion is where you demand money & offer nothing in return. The New Order offers much in return, all for a paltry 10 million isk.

    1. it's like one of those guys at the chinatown stop light that clean your windows and demand 50 cents in return, and if you don't they key your car and run away. totally legit.

    2. 'Offers much in return' nope, they say they can still kill you, even if you pay

  3. [04:56:00] bigbud skunkafella Slicks shadow's Frozen Corpse comin sn to an auction near u

    [05:03:01] Slickfox > stinkin corpses... I have a whole locker of those

    [05:03:59] Baani > I like them frozen in carbonite .. hanging on my wall

    [05:04:29] bigbud skunkafella > get on to ccp to create a patch where u can hang em in capt quarters

    I was able to capture some disturbing conversations between bounty hunters in the system of Brapelille. These necrophiliac scumbags are playing with fallen Knight's corpses... Carebears are revealing their true unspeakable nature. I am sorry, that I cannot punish them on my own force due to lack of assets that I am allowed to spend as of now. They'll auction the corpses on Jita...

    1. Who says Slicks Shadow is a Knight?

    2. Oh my dear father. It is an honour to be replied from you. And it is also good to know that the individual was not a full member of the Knight. However, these rebels in Brapelille certainly hired bounty hunters, a.k.a. brutes to hamper the New Order.

      Please forgive me brining wrong information.

    3. they shall explode just like the rest of the rebels!


    Dear Great Savior of Highsec,

    I am a newbie player who has heard of your grand vision to save highsec from AFK miners and botters. Being a relatively clueless newbie i have done the tutorials, trained some basic skills in MWD and travelled 18 jumps to Brapelille to add my support for the New Order.

    While orbiting around in the ice fields and reading up on bumping guides on the internet, Slicks Shadow tried to suicide gank my Atron in his Catalyst. Luckily, being actually at the keyboard i heard the shield alarms and managed to easily MWD away from his blasters before Concord stepped in to purify him with holy fire.

    This incident involved no agents of the New Order, only an aspiring supporter, a rebel supporter and one smart vulture.

    Thank you very much for your hard work and all praise James 315, Savior and Defender of Highsec!

    1. o7 Welcome brave Knight-aspirant!

      You may contact any agent in game if you wish to move things along on your induction in to the valiant Knights! My in game name is: Wescro, but I can also be found on my Knight alt Wescro2.

      See you in game.


  5. I liked the time when someone compared us to the Inquisition. But of course... because NO ONE EXPECTS THE NEW ORDER GANK!

    1. Yes, yes, yes, but apart from revelation, bumpification, education and purification, what have the New Order actually *done* for us?


    2. Our main weapons are fear, surprise and an almost fanatical devotion to James 315 and The Code.

    3. (sing song voice)
      The inquisition; let's begin!
      The inquisition; look out sin!

      Yes, Mel Brooks was awesome.

  6. And you would realize what a baby you are.

  7. He's a MLP fanatic, a furry sympathiser. Expect no less. If only he had a brain, then he'd have joined us & become a valued part of an extended family.

  8. I'm asking myself why AFK mining is a crime and should be punished? Can someone explain this?

    For me it's part of the game. You select an asteroid activate your lasers and wait. So why do you have to stare on the screen until it's finished?

    If you think that's cheating you are wrong. Again it's part of the game. It's part of the human nature to spend those minutes with other stuff and that's the reason why this New Order will fail, at least in this point.

    But however, if this is a crime, is it a crime too when someone leaves his pc until it's booted? Do you always stand beside your microwave until your meal is done? I bet you don't. But if I follow the Code, shouldn't this be a crime too? Some kind of real life cheating and has to be punished. - Really, people who don't wait in front of their washing machines pissing me off.

    If you guys could play missions by leaving you ship in space and after an hour it's done. I'm really sure you would play AFK too. Does that mean that you deep in your heart envy those peoples who spending their time more efficient? Is it hate because other peoples have it easier in life?
    Where you guys been attacked by a horde of AFK miners who destroyed your lifework?

    Don't let hate eat your soul. Live and let live.

    Praise James 315, except his AFK rule.

    Oh and yes. Kill all gingers and botters, they are the devil!

    1. Sorry, but why should you expect to be able to hover in space with your 100-200mil exhumer and earn isk without any danger?

      I exercise responsibility for the safety of my own assets. I keep an eye on my ship and the overview and that limits the amount of time i can stay online to mine. Why should i, as a fellow miner (and competitor) allow you and others (including bots) to afk mine and flood the market with ice and ore with impunity, decreasing my isk/hour?

      I don't put on a movie or go make coffee and expect to always come back to an intact ship with full ore bays. I chat with people in my corp via chat channels. I can assist answering newbies' queries in EVE UNI channel while my lasers are grinding the rocks. I INTERACT with players and do not just float in space like a fucking large collidable object on your overview.

      Thank you very much sir.
      Maybe you are the one that needs to get out of that comfort zone and find some friends to fly with.

    2. I never said that I expect to find my ship alive after being AFK.

      I do look on my ship too, that's why I never beeing ganked in my eve time.

      I don't know why you acting against me, I totally agree with you. The point I am talking about is criminalising players who making a coffee and didn't respond within 10 seconds to an agent.

      So the question is still unanswered, why is beeing AFK a crime and should be punished?


    3. No matter how many times this question is answered there are always more who want to argue with The Code. Below I copy my reply to the forum thread about the same subject:

      AFK mining is the entry drug to Botting.

      The New Halaima Code of Conduct, found at, clearly explains why AFK mining is bad and therefore, forbidden by The Code. The miner who would afk is looking for maximum gain with minimum player interaction. From an economic point of view this makes sense. If for some reason, CCP began to allow botting many of these afk miners would immediately begin automating their processes, thereby becoming bots. They are therefore, bot-aspirants and subject to New Order discipline.

      The ice mining, AFK miner who unloads into a nearby Orca has to hit one button and drag ONCE every thirty minutes. This is so close to botting as to be indistinguishable. And yet we have this thread where some miners actually argue that this is a good and necessary part of the Eve community.

      Well, its not.

      It is unhealthy for the miners who do not AFK as they are competing against bot-aspirant mining machines. It is unhealthy for the interaction of real players that makes an MMO different from a single player game. It is unhealthy for the petitioning system as the entitled, selfish-minded AFK miners beseige CCP with complaints about the New Order. And finally, it is unhealthy for the AFK miner himself as he loses touch with his humanity and decends into the hell that is Highsec Ice mining.

      Despite the clear gain to everyone in Eve that ending AFK mining would bring, James 315 and the New Order are not asking CCP to ban afk anything. We are taking on the task of educating the mining community and the rest of our Eve friends on how to abandon their vices and move into a better way of life. We WANT miners to prosper. To this effect, we offer The Code and its path to enlightenment and truth.

      In the finest tradition of Eve Online, we, the players, are taking on this challenge ourselves. We ask CCP to do nothing but stand aside as we deliver The New Halaima Code of Conduct to each and every one of the mining community.

      You are welcome.

      Highsec is worth fighting for.

      Bing Bangboom
      Agent of the New Order of Highsec
      Belligerent Undesirable

    4. "why is beeing AFK a crime and should be punished?"

      Isn't that the same as asking why are ships being blown up ("punished") by the New Order (or any other EVE players) because they afk in space? For me, its because AFKers should not be allowed to generate income safely for long hrs unmolested. The smart player does not ask CCP to intervene and do all the dirty work. He takes a hands-on approach and handle the problem via direct action.

      According to the New Order's code they are "punishing the afkers." At the HEART of the entire matter however, it is simply making careless people pay the price for their mistake (leaving expensive ships unattended in a hostile/pvp environment).

      Emergent gameplay. Sandbox. A universe in perpetual conflict.
      ====> Working as intended. <=====

    5. Thank you Bing Bangboom for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it and hope you didn't mined while writing this.

      "AFK mining is the entry drug to Botting."

      I guess the same can be said about alcohol and cigarettes. But it's a generalization and like in real life mostly not true. Please don't make the error to judge about many because of individuals.

      Sure it's sad for miners who don't want to play AFK. But that's the game CCP made. Don't using it means throwing away the opportunities the game provides.
      It's like outlawing the big battleships because some players with their small frigs don't have a chance against them. It's ridiculous.

      I still like and support your effords to make New Eden a better place. But if you are really interested to lead the peoples of New Eden into a better way of life, why you don't fight for a time limit too?

      We don't want crazy nerds who playing 24 hours a day and ruining our reputation as responsible gamer.

      How about 2 hours a day. That would equal the chances for unemployed and workers. Here you can demonstrate your responsibility as a honest player to that world outside of New Eden too.


    6. You're equating out of game activities to in game activities. We don't have control over your out of game activities. By all means go smoke your microwaves or afk to warm up your cigarettes, your choice.

    7. Actually I'm reading the book "The makers of Scotland" by Tim Clarkson. I can recommend it.

      Btw. playing eve is one of my outside activities.

    8. "- No excessive mining. Miners should not fall into a routine of mining all day. I want well-rounded people in my system, not ice-mining machines."

      The Code does state that excessive mining is a violation of the rules of Conduct.

      "But that's the game CCP made."
      You realize the irony? Indeed, CCP also made the game to allow players to keep AFKing miners in check. Please continue to make use of all opportunities that "AFKing while mining" grants you. Just don't complain when others see an "opportunity" and blow your expensive mining ship + implants up because you were busy....elsewhere.

      Also, are you saying that if you find a glitch (an opportunity that the game provides, in your own words) you should help yourself to it? AFK mining does nothing good. Stop trying to justify it.

      You also seem to think that if you are in a bigger ship the small guys don't stand a chance?? That is pure ignorance there sir.

      Can't break the enemy's tank? Bring friends. No friends online or available to help? Point him and advertise a free killmail in local. Reship or upship and engage. Bump the capital ship to trap it and convo online folks in those 0.0 alliances and attempt to form fleet with them for a cheap kill. You might win or lose the encounter, but at least you try. Instead of wringing hands and complaining that its impossible.

      Thank you.

    9. What is no excessive mining? Please give me a number of hours a day or week it is allowed.

      Yes I also realize a lot of irony here too.

      I also never complain about losing a ship.
      Btw. my first ship I lost was a Myrmidon. A good and beautiful ship. For the time then it was a really heavy loss, spend all my money for it. However, wrong time, wrong place. Now can I laugh about it. Bought me a new one, just to have it.

      No serious guys, a lot of your "suggestions" are reasonable and worth to be supported. As I stated in my first post days ago, I'm currently not involved in any actions with or against the New Order.

      I still adore James 315 for his brilliant tactic to gain money and influence. Hundreds of billion ISKs, devotees who really think that they are fighting for a greater good. I really think about becoming a shareholder. What's a good amount? 6.666.666.666 Isk?
      The irony here is, that you can use your botted money to buy shares and vote that the new order goes into the territory of your enemies instead of yours. (I still don't use bots.)

      It's just a game and you make it fun like this praise James stuff. Just too funny. Keep it this way!


    10. so the only ships that should ever be attacked are mackinaws and retrievers because they are the only ones with ore holds capable of afk-mining.
      also you can't really punish someone for just wanting to be a mining machine... it's a legitimate career choice.
      lol i dunno... i just hulkfleet around.

    11. I am a mining machine, and a proud non afk permit holding member of the New Order. Every single breathing human player who mines in Hi-Sec needs to purchase a mining permit. That is all there is to it. That is the only way to know for sure who is human and who is robot. It's so simple even an ice miner can understand. Why can't you?


      Winchester Steele
      Agent of the Order

    12. Miners with permits in the belt will still need to respond to random checks from Agents.

      So your point on paying and continuing to afk/bot is meaningless.

      The end justifies the means. Even if James 315 meant it as a troll or get rich scheme, this project, while still active and executed will transform highsec mining in the direction i agree with. Until he deviates from it, he will get the support that certain people are quick to dismiss as a "cult following".

    13. Are you kidding me? If you think my point is to pay and continue afk mining you are sorely mistaken. Human miners pay and mine responsibly as the Code states. Afk and bot miners deserve their fate regardless.

      The ends justify the means you say. I say the means are just regardless of what happens in the end.

      Btw, try and find a single shareholder who thinks they got scammed or trolled my The Father of Hi-Sec. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

      Stay Frosty,

      Winchester Steele

    14. I am responding to Anonymous @ December 31, 2012 4:49 PM

      Not you Winchester.


    15. Dear brothers and sisters,

      "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

      Really, why? I know where blind faith leads us, that's why you should be proud of my questions.

      "Btw, try and find a single shareholder who thinks they got scammed or trolled my The Father of Hi-Sec."

      I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, I don't have a doubt on their honesty. I'm sure they are kind human beeings just like any other humans on earth, who never would do anything to harm us.
      There are just too many options to use your club against yourself and myself if I join.

      Back to the question:
      What is no excessive mining? Please give me a number of hours a day or week it is allowed.

      Before I sign a contract, I read it and I use my right to ask questions about points which aren't well defined. Obviously you don't do that. Please give me your address, I have some papers you can sign for me lol.

      Anyone who can answer me this question? ... No? ... So why I have to follow an order which isn't even existing? And you are disturbed about my lack of faith?! Wtf where am I... rofl


      I should name myself Elected Pope of High Sec. I think you guys like such names. You are all sinners who left the path, but for 5 mil ISK I can provide salvation. But only this week, next week it's twice of that. :D

    16. You can be the pope sure :)
      You want me to pay you for salvation?

      Ok! My isk is right here at Brapelille - come and get it~

    17. You want me to come into 0.7 space?! I'm not suicidal. :P

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. CODE is actually code for a bunch of sadistic, murderous, suicidal recluse who, God willing, will never take their twisted desires into the real life.

      With that said though, CODE does add "Content" and they do make the HiSec experience exciting. I used ti be scared of them but now I just pity them.

    20. Wow. That's some tears there AnonCoward. So if I understand you... in game activities = RL. So in RL, you must be a guttless coward? Hmmm. Interesting.

  9. I know some folks join up purely for the tears, isk or killmails.

    But i do not care - why?

    Because i firmly believe in the big picture and the outcome of this project will be beneficial to highsec and EVE.

    Praise James 315 and long live the Saviour of Highsec!

  10. what dream world are you in Mallak? MLP and furry sympathiser? You're protesting a bit too much, I think and trying to shift the blame.

  11. Haha holy shit dude dial it back and remember you're talking about video games :)

  12. Just because the gaming mechanic encourages AFK behaviour it doesnt mean people should be large silent collidable objects floating in space.

    I've had the unfortunate experience of joining corps where you seethe same four characters on all day and never talk to each other. Its a sad state of affairs when wih 40+k characters online, 30% or more are floating in space acquiring assets with the minimal amount of interaction.

    Its a bad game mechanic on its own, however CCP has enabled parties to take their owm course of action as they see fit.

    The game mechanics allow you to do a lot of things AFK, it also alllows others to interact in ways you may not like but you wont know being AFK.

    So you're afk mining when someone offers to buy ore at a competitive price, you've just missed out. Or the friendly bonus fleet? Again a missed opportunity.

    Eve is better as a group. Ask anyone who has met up with a griup of knights and bought down a few exhumers in an evening how much more enriched their eve time was made.

    1. I agree Daniel - my first corp joined advertised itself as a null sec pvp + highsec indy corp with regular mining ops. 30+ members seems ok but shit man, turned out it was over 50% inactive characters (last log in more than 1 month ago), and the remaining at least 3 characters belong to the bloody CEO alone.

      No conversation (besides the customary welcome), no help and no instructions on even how to move stuff to 0.0 via their JF. No instructing a new player on finding his role in the corp and the fleet. Not even a email or convo telling you about ops.

      A few months after that disaster i finally got in 0.0 for the first time via a corp in providence. Recruiter gave me 2x Myrmiddon and told me to rat there. Ratting and salvage for over half a day i paid him 100mil isk within the day to thank him for the battlecruisers. On day 2, asked me to "loan" the spare battlecruiser to a 15 day old character they recruited and teach him how to survive EVE in 0.0.... the blind leading the blind woot! (the noob got blown up 30mins after undock by a roaming gang because he didn't bother to see intel channel or see local for flashy reds. RIP my dear Myrmidon)

      Fast forward 3 years i seen so many of this type of corps - just afking wankers multiboxing. It screwed my first character's corp history so bad i looked like a fricking awoxer - i retired him to become a mission runner in highsec for income incase shit goes down in 0.0 and we get station camped.

      I had to use a throwaway alt to scout out prospective corps before i apply for real with my new character. *roll eyes*

    2. Why retire the old character, when you can give him a new career as an awoxer? Then he can be what he looks like!

    3. it becomes too obvious to basic background checks :P

    4. Sorry anon there is no such thing as too obvious in Eve. Like the corps we've described there are always ceos and recruiters who just want to pad the numbers, never taking into consideration their ability to look after the new recruits, not necessarily eacjing people to play, but introducing them to corp concepts, history and reason the corp exists.

      When I was a recruiter they new recruits would be on my belt loop for the first week or so, just so I could introduce them to other members and how, why and where we did things.

      I didnt have thieves, a few drama queens sadly they seem to be unavoidable but thankfully easily dealt with.

  13. Sure...I'll do that when James Dials the fanatic cult RolePlay. Till then, I'll continue posting just to piss you off (and man, is it easy)

  14. I'm not pissed at all and what you're saying has nothing to do with roleplay. Again, I'm not angry it's fun to laugh at the irony of someone who says they're smart posting what you actually post.

  15. If the masses compare your "code" to Hitler then maybe you should realize something or is your own ignorance blinded you? Maybe much like Hitler didn't see the error of his ways even up to the moment he killed himself out of cowardliness he told his wife to take a painful death and he took the instant painless one... much to learn from people who call you hitler. means you are doing something wrong and being a coward for your actions


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