Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Order Returns to Kamio, Part 1

Another fine day in Abudban, vacation home of the New Order.

Agents assembled and chilled out next to the pool. How things have changed in Abudban! When we first showed up, it was one of the most popular ice mining spots in EVE. Now? Well, there are fewer miners but more permit-holders, so it's a win.

I began a brief, but inspiring (so I'm told) speech about how our vacation was coming to an end.

Though we all cherished our time in Abudban, everyone was ready to return to our homeland.

We took 21 jumps to Kamio (except for the daredevils who chanced the lowsec route). At each stop along the way, we celebrated our noble cause.

All of Kamio breathed a huge sigh of relief. Their Supreme Protector was back.

There were some new faces, though.

Agents gasped in horror at what the ice field of Kamio had become. It was a nest of bots and a den of bot-aspirants.

I immediately began bumping Saede Riordan, and told her to buy a permit.

First miner bumped, and first new permit sold. Just like that.

Ace' Rimmer threated us all with month-long bans, but his GM friends didn't come through for him. Maybe next time.

The plan to assemble an army of gank alts had New Order Agents excited.

My own gank alt was parked in station: Currin Trading, an upstanding Gallente gentleman that I've kept on my account since January 2006. After a long sleep, he had a purpose again.

Agents X'ed up for a gank fleet. I wasn't sure if we had enough gank alts to kill a Mackinaw yet, but we were going to try. But first, a daring plan.

Uneducated locals sported bad attitudes. A dangerous thing.

They had no idea what was going on in the secret channels of the New Order.

In a quiet corner of Kamio, nine Agents in rookie ships opened fire on a container.

Concord reacted swiftly, devastating our rookie ship fleet.

Was this the end of the New Order? Or was there a method in the madness?

To be continued...


  1. To be continued.....lame please please James kill a mack

  2. Just when it was getting exciting! I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight in anticipation.

  3. Crap, I think I left before the fireworks started.

  4. There should be more fireworks tonight.

  5. Belitch: *SPOILER* To my knowledge at least four macks have already been brought down.

  6. I think it's better to say 4 non-compliant miners had their ship privileges removed.

  7. this so dumb. this would never work where i am, around emo. i guess you've never met miners who are also pvp guys, bucause if you had, i doubt you'd ever post on this shitty little blog about it. i love how you think you're important too. such nihilism. Those who think they are important usually aren't.

    Princess Minmitan.

    you should watch out for those of us who are used to gankers. some of us are actually just bait. something tells me that wouldn't make it into your blog :)

    1. U don't seem to understand what's at stake here... This is a fight for the soul of Hi-Sec, this is some Crusades level of Zealotry. He's beginning an elite suicide squad of paladins to educate EVERYONE, this isn't some fly-by-night operation. He's got a warchest of 25b and at 2mil a pop for catalysts that's 12500 and I'm willing to bet he's gonna use every single one of them, and then some... Until everyone in hi-sec learns that there's only one way, the New Order way. It's gonna rain!

    2. you are indeed correct.
      the storm is coming.
      the ducks are moving.

      expect us.

      Monkey D Dragon

      p.s. when he reaches 150b, then be worried.

    3. Thats what we want, read the code, we want good fights, and interaction your chest beating is useless

  8. Pretty genius you already have an Orca giving boosts to miners no reason it can't also hold Cats for your gankers who pod around the systems waiting for your bumpers to give them warp in points.

    Although your Orca can't cloak while boosting so scanning can get the location of the Orca and lots of incoming vulnerable Agent pods. My guess is a dedicated Orca would probably be best. ;)

    Warp Orca to safe, cloak up. Wait for a target, tell ganker pods to warp to Orca, eject ships, then move to next safe just in case you were pinpointed while the pods where grabbing their ships.

    So there you have it Miners probably the best thing you guys can do at the moment is get a team of scanners looking for safes, and killing pods before they get ships. You will even be able to do it without CONCORD harassing you as most of these agents will be -10 in just a few hours. ;) Chances are though the pods will probably have safes in nearby systems not in the ganking system. At least I would.


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