Friday, December 21, 2012

New HQ Station

As I just announced, our new headquarters will be the Osmon system. After consulting with a panel of experts, we have also determined which station we will be basing out of: the IV-5 Science & Trade Institute School. It came down to a combination of services, undock radius, and proximity to two of the ice fields (thereby making it more likely that undocking with aggression will pull Concord out of an ice field).

If you're planning to create insta undocks or a station inta, that's the one to use. If you're moving ships or supplies, or seeding a market or corp contract, send them to that station. If you already have a ton of stuff in a different station (as I did), the courier services I mentioned should offer a pretty good deal on a 0 jump courier contract. Just make sure to hit the "search" button when you enter Osmon into the destination field, and then select the Science & Trade station from the pop-up list.


  1. Thanks to your newest deployment I have seen the err in the ways of so many of my capsuleer brethren. I have purchased stock and plan on aiding in this endeavor to enlighten the people of New Eden to the salvation the New Order is offering.


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