Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Secrets of the Resistance, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... When Capt Lynch offered his mail API to prove he wasn't guilty of putting a bounty on one of our Agents, a wealth of intel was made available. Capt's EVEmail record showed that he had been plotting against the New Order, tracking our movements, and sending frivolous complaints to CCP about how I handle my wardecs.

After Capt was ejected from his corporation (the first time), he complained that he was getting harassed by Agents. According to Capt's post on EVE-O, he had received "at least three evemails over the last week telling [him] to quit eve 'for [his] own good'". The API showed that Capt had received no such EVEmails, only this:
From: Benny Ohu
Sent: 2012.11.04 15:22
To: Capt Lynch,

"I have at least three evemails over the last week telling me to quit eve 'for my own good'" In seriousness, don't listen to mails like that.
A kindly word of encouragement from Benny Ohu. Capt did not waste the opportunity, replying as if he were hounded by Agent EVEmails--which never existed:
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012-11-04 15:24:00
To: Benny Ohu

I respect you actually replied...but the fact remains...James started this...he could end it with a word given i;ve paid over 3 times the usual red pen penalty...apologised and even agreed to put the pledge up. However, I see no point in placing a pledge when the harassment simply continues and he won;t even say on his blog that its all over.

All that does is piss the agents off more and result in me getting eve more grief...hense my posts on EVE forum...I;m not going after James...I;m going after the agents who are taking this too far.
Last time, we saw how the rift developed between Capt and would-be rebel leader Anslo. The relationship between the two enemies of the Order worsened when Capt sent Anslo the following EVEmail, totally out of the blue:
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:12
To: Anslo,

I got a bone to pick with you, you little shit
Talk about a diplomatic blunder! Anslo asked what the problem was, and Capt explained:
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:13
To: Anslo,

you seem to be online enough to reject Private chats...How dare you use my run in with the New order for your own groups gain....thats what James would do...hell its what he did do...
As it turned out, the cause of Capt's wrath was a remark made by Anslo in a screencap in the post I wrote about Anslo bumping Hero Miner crab nicholson extreme. Anslo had used the New Order's treatment of Capt as an example of why MinerBumping is bad. Anslo retorted that at least he was fighting the New Order, while Capt had paid me 100 million isk as a fine, and was cavorting with us in Abudban.
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:18
To: Anslo,

I didn;t have a choice...they were threatening ACE and my friends there. As for you...you seem to be all talk...I suggest afte retribution thatyou hide...I'll be looking for kill rights on you...and on James
The new expansion is out, so I guess our Agents are in danger of retribution now.
From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:21
To: Capt Lynch,

If they were threatening them, why didn't you report RL threats to CCP? OR, you know, fight them. Patience is a virtue lynch. If you really want to affect change, you'd be helping us, not throwing a tantrum.

As for your bounty threat, you don't seem to know how bounties work. Let me explain. You can buy kill rights on an individual so that the kill does not affect your status, but that does not mean you can attack in high sec. You'd still be Concorded. Now if you bought rights and aggressed in low sec, then your sec status would not be affcted, but gate guns might shoot you.

But in the end, shooting in high sec, kill rights or not, will get you Concorded.

From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012-11-20 12:22:00
To: Anslo

We'll see...in that case...stay out of low sec...cause I'll be waiting for you...plus...fight? If you wanted to fight...you'd fight...y9ou're all talk, no substance

From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:23
To: Capt Lynch,

They've had 4 months to get ready and build Lynch. I've not even had one. You have some serious anger issues. I suggest you take a break from Eve, friend. It's not good for your health :)

From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.20 12:24
To: Anslo,

You sound just like James...be careful...you're becoming that which you hate.
It's interesting to see things from the resistance's perspective. To the bot-aspirants and rebels, I am the manifestation of some dark force. But on our side, everyone knows that I am the champion of good in highsec that people should strive to emulate.

To be continued...


  1. I recall last week Capt Lynch was bragging in Abudban local about how he had set the private convo fee to 1mil ISK, and was thus raking in the money from foolish Agents who convo'ed him, until Tubrug pointed out that you don't actually recieve the convo fee. Oops.

    Later on he repeated his claims of Agents harassment him until I asked why he followed us to Abudban, to which he replied that he was there because "the prices are so good".

    Truly Capt Lynch is a serial fibber and attention seeker, it's fitting that your first ever post regarding him was about his lies.

    -Johnny Aideron

  2. I am disappointed. I'd sent a mail to Capt Lynch with only the best of intentions, but you have revealed that my mail was in response to a disgusting falsehood and was only returned by insidious deceits.

    A generous man named Powers Sa has offered to place a bounty on Capt Lynch

  3. Damn Anslo, you frequent the forums & still don't keep up to date with changes.

  4. And Anslo *still* doesn't understand how Bounties or Kill Rights work..."You can buy kill rights on an individual so that the kill does not affect your status, but that does not mean you can attack in high sec. You'd still be Concorded" is, like, the opposite of what a kill right does...


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