Thursday, December 13, 2012

Romance in Moscow

The other day I wrote a little about how someone can prove their trustworthiness and join the Knights of the Order through the Baptism by Concord. In general, new Agents find themselves going through a different kind of rite of passage: Experiencing the rain of carebear tears that falls upon New Order territory each day.

Agent Wescro is fairly new to the New Order. He has begun to encounter the resistance that all Agents must face. For some reason, Russian miners seem to cross his path a lot.

Something always gets lost in translation, but if Kleptomanka really is a 90 year old who survived the Great Purges of the Soviet Union, kudos. Kudos are not the same as a free mining permit, though.

Kleptomanka thought a mass-EULA violation was the answer to the bumping problem. Luckily CCP's bureaucracy is not as corrupt as the CCCP's!

Kytren Virpio was still smarting over his recent loss.

He wasn't alone. Albert Vessker lost a mining ship, plus implants worth nearly 400 million. Quickdraw Agent Alana Charen-Teng smelled a juicy podkill and popped him.

The mature response would have been to admit his guilt and purchase a mining permit. Albert chose the "threaten Russian mafia retaliation" option instead. Talk about "powerful friends in nullsec"!

The Russian mafia doesn't care about money as much as principle. They'll help Albert defeat the New Order on behalf of everyone who was killed unjustly in highsec.

When Kytren randomly exploded in local again, Albert realized he'd found his soulmate.

The New Order has always been about bringing people together, not tearing them apart. Could Kamio's ice field become a new for Russian carebears?


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  2. Kytren Virpio sat outside station with a hundred faction police by his side. He messaged me repeatedly, demanding that I undock so he could engage in violent actions against an Agent. If I recall correctly, he had no lowslots fitted on his drake.

    1. Then why not engage him?

    2. "Kytren Virpio sat outside station with a hundred faction police by his side."

    3. > Then why not engage him?

      Our enemies consistently mistake the fundamental nature of their struggle against us. They seem to think that by parking ridiculous ships like Thoraxes (at first I thought this was a joke I missed), fail-fit Thrashers and Drakes outside the stations where Agents have parked their ships, that we are somehow obliged to engage them, and that we are somehow cowards if we don't.

      Fact is, there is no struggle, they have already lost. We continue to bring justice to the rebels and spread the truth at our leisure, at a time and place of our choosing. The activities of such enemies do not impede us in the slightest, and they effectively may as well not be present.

      Against such rebels, our armor is contempt and we need no more.

  3. Ah Russians, the one race more arrogant than Americans.


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