Saturday, December 22, 2012

Truth in Advertising

We moved to Osmon to see what was going on in The Forge region. It's a pretty system. The sunlight makes the ice sparkle, the stations are neat and clean...

...And the miner tears fall gently in the night.

Sasami Zwilling was a little perturbed. The New Order had put new rules into place in Osmon, and she was having trouble adjusting.

Failure to comply with the Code can be a fatal mistake these days. Sasami lost her Mackinaw and her Capsule.

Ouch! In the blink of an eye, over 600 million isk worth of implants splattered a rainbow across the pavement. Our Knights take the Code very seriously.

Soak in that bio for a moment. For reasons known only to herself, Sasami had been proudly advertising her implants. In fact, she had upgraded some of her implants since that bio was written. Sasami, I think it's time to update your bio again. You can use the extra space we freed up to put a pledge of loyalty to me and the New Order.

Luckily, Sasami's clone was set to one of the Osmon stations, so she had been able to provide tears in local, rather than being podded to Jita or wherever.

It was time to get Sasami off the wrong path and onto a pattern of behavior more consistent with the Code. A "gf" in local after being ganked is a good way to start.

...Yeah, no you won't. On to the next miner.


  1. "I will have my revenge"

    Your avenging tears are delicious.

  2. Ignorance of the code is no defence, besides I like things that go gank in the night.

  3. "why cant you leave miners alone"
    This one reminds me the famous: "leave britney alone"
    the same tears but this time in space errrrrr in station i think after pod.

  4. It is to Laugh.



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